I hope it's true and that there are people in the Biden admin who see Putin clearly, and how to deal with him. But that still wouldn't mean they will be listened to enough at the top, which is all that matters. cnn.com/2021/06/08/pol…
The American people should know why President Biden is meeting with a man he correctly called "a killer." What is on the table? Ukraine? Hacking? How will we know if it's a success or not? Putin already got what he wanted, and may get more; what about the US?
The Biden admin's talking points about a "show of strength" in person are absurd. No matter how tough Biden acts in Geneva, he already gave Putin the status he craves and depends for his power and money. Even a win-win with a hostile dictator is a defeat.
If you want to show strength, tell Putin you'll meet with him if he shows up with Navalny and Protasevich on the plane, alive and well. Tell him to end his war on Ukraine and leave occupied Crimea or he and his oligarchs will be treated like pariahs and criminals.

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9 Jun
Biden calls climate change the most dangerous threat to US security right before sitting down with Putin, the actual most dangerous clear and present threat to US security. foxnews.com/politics/biden…
One, you can do both. You can fight climate change and stand up to dictators at the same time. The commander and chief calling the climate the #1 threat is another unforced error. And for what? To impress whom?
Two, who is running the show? Is John Kerry, who never met a dictator he couldn't appease, swapping vital security issues for absurd climate talks with authoritarian regimes that will never honor them?
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3 Jun
Great headline the NYT gave my new piece on misinformation & intellectual orthodoxy. Those of us who grew up in authoritarian states are used to being told that what we see isn't reality. nytimes.com/2021/06/02/spe…
America failed to cope with Trump's assault on truth, from the media and GOP officials who refused to call his lies lies to his supporters who embraced him not despite the lies, but because of them. Groupthink is empowering, a partisan loyalty pledge.
Unfortunately, the equal and opposite reaction from the other side was as predictable as the laws of physics. Reflexive contradiction, a chilling of free speech; it's not the right way to respond to the threat.
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25 May
And I'll keep saying it. You don't get what you want from dictators like Putin by giving them what they want. That only shows them you aren't strong enough to stand up to their aggression.
The US doesn't need anything from Putin. This summit is a huge gift to him, conferring credibility that no dictator earns by elections. Normalizing relations with a dictatorship only normalizes dictatorship.
Who is running the show in the Biden State Department? Blinken talking tough, Biden offering summits impromptu to "a killer", Sullivan talking normalization with Patrushev, caving on Nord Stream 2. Now the RyanAir hijacking, obv coordinated with Russia, and what?
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12 May
The January 6 insurrectionists would have killed politicians who disavowed Trump and the Big Lie. Now the GOP is destroying them by other means. latimes.com/opinion/story/…
To those talking about how the Republicans are "destroying the party" or themselves, that's not how this works. This IS the party now. They are destroying those who oppose them and the US system of democracy, which relies on the people's faith in it.
Purging the insufficiently loyal is a key part of every undemocratic movement, which is what the Republican Party has become. If you cannot win enough votes and can't change candidates or policies to attract voters, attack the system.
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29 Apr
Predictably I'm also concerned about any big government! Biden had a good tone (the key to his election) but I'm worried about the agenda. He barely beat Trump and I'm worried 2022 & 2024 will be a disaster if the Dems embrace culture fights & far-left economics.
Obviously by "barely" I mean the handful of votes in key swing states, not the misleading electoral margin or popular vote. Dems can't rely on demographic shift alone ongoing. Biden ran on unity; abandoning it now would be a mistake.
Instead of planning for the long-term, Biden's agenda sounds like he feels he has to cram everything into the next year or two before the Dems lose their majorities. But acting that way is how they will lose them! Build up strategically, don't panic.
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28 Apr
Not mentioning any names here, but one of the dangers of committing crimes to win an election is losing and not having the friends in high places to cover them up!
Autocrats and would-be autocrats use this as leverage. "We all go down together if I fall." They make it impossible to hedge your bets. It's a mafia technique. This is why it's so important to clean things up, so there's no impunity.
If such people win, they write the pardons, the laws, and the history books. An example must be made of them when they lose, so others do not follow in their criminal, treasonous footsteps.
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