How do you back up your data?

I've been using Backblaze since 2013, and have copies of over 2.5TB of files stored in the cloud. Runs unobtrusively in the background, constantly backing up.

Use my referral link below for a free month of unlimited backup!
NOTE: Backblaze is my 2nd backup. In other words, I keep a local backup of my data on an external drive.

Backblaze provides an extra layer of reassurance on top, so that even if e.g. there was a house fire, I'd still have my data.

(Got photos & docs going back to the late 90s.)
Is my data valuable? It's valuable to me - and that's what counts.

I see footage of people who've suffered a flood or other disaster and all they've got is one family photo they grabbed while escaping. Seems such a cruel thing to contend with, especially with everything digital.
(An alternative, if you have a friend or family member you really REALLY trust, and they live nearby, is to store a copy of your data at their house. Offer to return the favour if they like. You can walk a new copy of everything over on HDD or SSD periodically - sneakernet.)

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8 Jun
Huge chunks of the internet are down, companies that you would never think had any relation to each other...

Except that, behind the scenes, they all depend on some of the same cloud service firms to power their websites.

Scary, no matter what the reason for the glitch.
If you're one of their competitors (like a newspaper that stayed up when another went down) the very last thing you want to do is gloat, because next week it could be your cloud provider that throws a wobbly instead.

Deep deep down there are lots of weak points to the internet.
Here's more info about today's outage...…
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7 Jun
How the Express fans the flames of hate

1. Publish "attack" article filled with lies and distortions
2. Mine comments for juiciest responses
3. Use comments as basis of 2nd inflamatory article
4. Poll readers, referencing 2nd article
5. Publish 3rd article, based on poll results
6. Trawl Twitter for aggrieved "enemy" responses to poll
7. Publish 4th article based on the other side's Twitter comments most likely to anger their base
8. Mine comments to 4th article
9. Publish 5th article based on reaction to 4th article

Seriously, that's what they do!
So you end up with something like this (fictional):

- EU say UK cheese stinks of feet
- Aggrieved Britons vow to boycott all EU products
- Poll: Would you boycott EU products?
- 97% of people would boycott EU products.
- Remoaners mock patriots for threatening EU boycott.
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7 Jun
The Express has published 94,096 articles about Brexit. That's an average of 52 articles per day since the referendum!

They're still putting them out at a furious rate. Key tropes: attacks on the EU, and on Remainers.

A veritable avalanche of brainwashing.
To give you a taste of the scale of their assault on truth and reality, here's the headlines from the 30 - yes, 30 - Brexit-related articles they've put out so far today...
So whenever you're having difficulty understanding why Express readers can be so wrong on all matters Brexit, just think of that relentless, endless cascade of corrosive filth they're being exposed to.

With brainwashing of that intensity, no other outcome is possible.
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6 Jun
Let's talk about COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths in England - and the effects of the vaccine.

Here's a look at how many cases it takes per additional hospitalisation (assuming a 7 day delay) and how many hospitalisations it takes per death in hospital (ditto).

At the beginning of the pandemic, we were in the dark as far as case numbers. It was only at the end of June 2020 that we passed 100,000 tests a day (indicated by the vertical green line on the graph).

That makes drawing conclusions about cases early in the pandemic v hard.

The blue line represents the number of new cases it takes to produce one new hospitalisation (after a 7-day lag).

As you can see, that's been anywhere between 2 and 25+ new cases.

We're at or close to the best ever ratio. That is likely to be the effect of the vaccine.

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6 Jun
Brexit is like quitting Netflix to build your own streaming service (because theirs is rubbish and doesn't match your sensibilities) while simultaneously demanding Netflix allow you to keep accessing their content because you're BRITISH.

(🎩 @jamesbaconx for the metaphor idea.)
And when Netflix refuse, on the sensible grounds that you're not a member of their service any more (and plan to be a major competitor to boot) you accuse them of bullying, bloody-minded punishment behaviour.
After you've quit their service, you use the fact that Netflix don't let you access their content any more to retroactively justify your decision to leave.

"If they're that selfish now that we're no longer a member, we should never have been a member at all!"
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6 Jun
There are not enough core Labour supporters for Labour to ever win an election again.

To have any chance of winning, they have to attract voters from outside their cosy base.

And that means Remainers. Even in Leave areas, most Labour voters voted Remain.…
That was a key mistake of the Corbyn era...

Sure, Labour membership grew to its highest ever.

But there will always be far too few Labour members to deliver a General Election victory.

Instead of appealing enormously to a narrow group, they have to better appeal to a wide one.
It's like a book that is always in demand in libraries, but nobody wants to buy from a bookshop.

Initial sales to libraries alone won't ever make it a bestseller.
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