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1 Jun
Yes, the #Bitcoin car placed 8th. However, #Bitcoin won the Indy 500. We won this race before it even started.

The first community-funded car.

Shattered merchandise records.

Most importantly, we raised millions of dollars for #Bitcoin open-source development.
Yes, the race is over, but the #Bitcoin Car still has one more week.

We are still accepting donations that will go towards supporting #Bitcoin open-source development.

This will be one of the biggest #Bitcoin open-source funding events in the asset’s history.
The #Bitcoin Car is being shipped to Miami as we speak and will be present at @TheBitcoinConf.

The entire @ECRIndy team will be at @TheBitcoinConf.

I will be announcing the total amount raised and the initial allocations at the @TheBitcoinConf.
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16 May
@elonmusk @EmperorBTC @CryptoWhale You sure love to lean into the brand that you're the smartest and richest guy in the room.

The #Bitcoin community doesn't owe you anything. We fight for what's best for the world and to protect what is arguably the greatest creation in human history.
@elonmusk @EmperorBTC @CryptoWhale In fact, it's the Fed's monetary policy that has perverted risk tolerance across all assets and has put you into your position in the first place.

Your wealth has come from over marketing your brilliance to retail, smoking joints on podcasts, SNL skits, and so on.
@elonmusk @EmperorBTC @CryptoWhale Tesla loses money. SpaceX loses money.

You live on Government subsidies.

In fact, no company you've ever founded has made money.

For all the talking you do you forget to mention that to all your shareholders on Robinhood and SNL.
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23 Apr
Today we released new Request and Receive functionality within' @ln_strike!

At Strike, we're building the best financial experience and the world's first truly global and open checking account.

Request P2P, cross-border payments, and native #Bitcoin all in one feature👇💃
When clicking Request, users are now able to specify another Strike user and specify the amount they'd like to request.

Here I request:

- @mrfelton in Spain
- @crypteauu in Chicago
- @RomanMartinezC in El Salvador.

Different countries. Different currencies.

Doesn't matter.
Pending requests will be available on your home screen.

Here I have some pending requests from:

- @crypteauu in Chicago using USD
- @mrfelton in Spain for EUR
- @ottosuess in Brazil using Brazilian Reel
- @RomanMartinezC in El Salvador
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17 Aug 20

Firstly, this comment:

"The important thing about Ethereum is that it is freedom. It's a platform where people can go and build things"
Well is Bitcoin then "freedom"? Is node.js "freedom"? Is RoR "freedom"? Can you elaborate on the above quote and why it's important to keep in mind? To me, that quote means absolutely nothing in an attempt to create an attractive soundbite.
Furthermore, it bothers me what that quote was in response to. @PeterMcCormack was voicing his lack of confidence in Ethereum because of the hundreds of millions (maybe now $1B+?) that has been lost due to "smart contract bugs".
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6 Aug 20
1/ Running a massive set of Lightning nodes for @ln_strike has been fun and really interesting.

With Strike rapidly growing, we were seeing spikes of payment failure rates for the first time. Investigating lead us to some interesting insights 👇
2/ Leaving our nodes open to any incoming connection allowed anyone to open channels to us. Almost all of these channels were bad channels and resulted in difficulties for our nodes.

Our nodes were struggling and encountering memory spikes correlated to payment failures ImageImageImageImage
3/ So, first things first, we deployed @lightning's "Channel Acceptors" feature, allowing us to only accept incoming channels from peers we are interested in.

Secondly, we tweaked our payment probe logic to be more in line with MPP, which can return multiple HTLC attempts.
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13 Mar 20
1/ Anyone relatively familiar with money management and markets should not be caught off guard by Bitcoin's recent move to the downside.

When a crisis punches you in the face, you find shelter in your winners. When cash begins to disappear, you run and grab your rainy day fund.
2/ BTC is the best-performing asset since its inception, still up 50% YoY today. It has gone from $0 to $20,000 since our last financial crisis.

For many, cash is disappearing. The world is very illiquid right now. Bitcoin's generational performance is a rainy day fund for some
3/ I'm hearing many popular (non-crypto) hedge funds are completely blown out and traders are being told to close down their positions. They need cash. This is the reason Gold is down as well.

BTC is still a tad bit too young to absorb such a global liquidity crisis without pain
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