I'm not upset with Joe Biden. I think he's a good man. I think if he had a Congress he would be one of our great Presidents.
When Manchin laid it on the line, my heart sank.
I can't prove any of the anti-legislation bloc in Congress work for Putin, but if they did their actions
2. would be exactly as they are.
This process has one clear purpose: to make of the United States a paralyzed, failed state, while extracting and privatizing everything remaining of value. The news chooses to discuss this in terms of tactics, but the strategy is clear. #FailState
3. Now that Joe Manchin has said his peace, as far as I'm concerned he can sit down and shut up.
Failed state, privatized, kleptocracy.
I'm so tired if hearing about Donald Trump.
Do you think if he died tomorrow Mitch McConnell would stand up and say, "Joe Biden Won, already."
4. If Donald Trump died tomorrow would Jim Jordan say, "My God, they conquered and sacked our halls of government!"
5. Le Roi et Mort, Vive le Roi!
The King is dead, long live the king!
Quit focusing on him except as a chess piece.
6. I'm upset with Merrick Garland. What a dick.
When the talking heads start saying, "He's an Institutionalist," you know you're fucked.
When Obama tried to appoint him, he intentionally picked someone no living Republican could actually dislike or disapprove of.
The Perfect
7. I wrote an article about this whole mess back then. I still pretty much stand behind it. nopackagedeals.com/2016/12/15/cou…
7. It was a two part article - here's part 2. nopackagedeals.com/2016/12/16/cou…
8. We've moved well on from then, but the road hasn't changed much.
Presidents aren't enough.
Advertising and money work.
Preventing most legislation except tax cuts has given us pretty much a failed state.
That's why the insurrection leaders are walking around loose.
And Arizona
9. I don't think it is possible to fix it in the current information / advertising environment.
One of the most depressing things about modern people is the assumption that we're other than biological creatures. It's madness.
10. I tweeted a while back that our food and water are full of hormone imitators and hormone inhibitors, and huge numbers of developing humans - young people - are freed from gender and floating in space, and I see them as related.
This lady said, No, we're just more enlightened,
11. they feel free to honestly express themselves, and I thought, Yeah, they're expressing lowered sperm counts too.
We are not mystical free of Earth superbeings.
The people running the scientifically proven behavior modification program known as the American Information Machn
12. know we're not superbeings, and they manipulate us at will.
"Education," we say. "Education will fix it!"
12 years of college and a PhD does not trump 3 million years of evolution.
We are shot full of hormones and lies and slanted stories and bullshit without cease.
13. Before mass media we absorbed information ceaselessly, from our environment. For most of the 3 million years since the stone age began, the information we absorbed meant live or die, today, right this minute. We learned to absorb it through all our senses. Every nanosecond.
14. Where I sit, I look at this: my yard, bird feeders, chicken yard, turn of the seasons. This pic is right now.
I don't have a TV.
They look pretty much the same, except tvs in America are wider than my back door. Twice as wide. More real.
Don't kid yourself.
Donald Trump is product. Joe Manchin is product. Mitch McConnell is local distribution manager. January 6th was product.
The entire thing - the whole story - appeared on TV as news before it happened. Only the details remained to be seen by January 6th.
16. We are biological creatures at every level. There is no other kind. That's the whole point of Gods - to separate us from Them. The whole rest of life.
No Adam and Eve, no Adam and Steve, just Adamevesteveherm the 1st spark of living DNA from which all the rest of us descend.
17. All the information that goes into your brain stays there at some level. I seriously recommend you not let people fill it up with poison.
18. Everyone who regularly drives a car has elevated levels of stress hormones in their blood. Driving a car is dangerous and our bodies know it.
That hormone is real.
We are biological creatures.
It changes our behavior.
I feel it when I have driven the car, now that I look.
19. Americans - all the people of the developed world - allow and reward people who fill our water, our air, our soil, and our bodies, with various poisons, hormones, toxic dusts, and corrosive liquids, heavy metals and long chain molecules like never existed in nature.
Reward it
20. The people we reward for that behavior are the people who control easy / available access to information. If advertisers won't fund it we don't see it.
Hell, they own the networks too. No difference.
21. In a nutshell, that's how we got this Congress. And - Presidents can't make things. They can break things, as has been so horribly proven, but it takes a Congress to make them.
Reporting has long had this flavor like, Congress is a thing without controls,
22. and - people don't give a shit. Democrats don't vote for squat on non-Presidential elections. "Off year."
Off year my ass. These are the people who control what the President can do. "Congress changes parties..."
It's nobody's direct fault but voters.
23. When I make these points I always get a lot of pushback - Oh no, it's the Nasty Rednecks. They're Racists!
They elected Roosevelt. They elected LBJ. When I moved here Reagan was President and Missouri was Blue.
They did it with propaganda and I FUCKING WATCHED THEM.
24. That propaganda was not called propaganda. It was called news. And entertainment. Rush Limbaugh.
The radio stations had all changed hands. Suddenly all the programming was different. Even NPR was different.
Bob Dole talked about "defunding the left."
Boy howdy.
25. The dominant global belief *among the climate concerned* about renewable energy, CO2 emissions, industry, transportation, infrastructure - is based on a systematically assembled false promise based on carefully edited true facts.
What they are promising you is impossible.
26. Now we're going to do the impossible by 2030. 8½ years.
4½ years ago Donald Trump took office.
We have just officially returned to failed state status. There will be no useful legislation.
Lisa Murkowski could save America. Otherwise, failed state.
Figure out how to survive.
27. Me, I'm going to take a hot shower while they're still available. Later.

• • •

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10 Jun
I took the chihuahuas out to potty last night, and there in the back yard were three donkeys.
This is not ideal. Image
So I went and got Abe's halter and lead rope. He's always good as gold, stands and waits for me to halter him.
When I led him back to the barn the girls placidly followed.
I stopped at the feed room and got a pocketful of goodies.
I gave Abe a goodie, then led him on through the barn to the stall, and gave him another one.
Missy came through the door and said, "Where's mine?" So I gave it to her.
I heard clunking around in the barn - Clara was exploring.
So I took Abe's lead rope, looped it around her neck
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9 Jun
Here's how technological "progress" works:
First came the Otto Cycle - internal combustion. Heat engine.
Then they put wings under it. Heat engine.
Then they polished them all up. Cadillac Escalade, Airbus A380, so forth.
Exact same principles. Heat engines.
2. They had electric cars from the git-go, but electricity isn't able to be stored at the high densities available in fossil fuels. We wanted to go farther faster. Fossil fuels.
Still all the exact same principles we've understood since about 1700. We just got better at execution
3. None of these things have changed at all. A Tesla represents a high level of development of principles we've understood since the 18th and 19th centuries.
Those principles are sound. They work every time. You can apply them using thousands of different techniques.
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6 Jun
I look at the questions of race, of Israel and Palestine, of extreme wealth and poverty, and I am completely without a solution. If I could flip a switch and make a world with no race wars and massacres, what would that be?
I don't understand what drives people.
2. Look at the Tulsa massacre. Beyond abstractions like racism, what causes this? If you have it, how does one cure it? Jealousy, hate, resentment - I am without solution. I see what happened. I see Rwanda and their genocide in similar terms.
This was an attempted genocide.
3. We have two votes already for greed & power, and yes, but it's connected directly to otherness as well. To my white person's eyes, Hutus and Tutsis look like the "same race" and yet there was an other-ing which led directly to slaughter, as in Tulsa and other places.
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6 Jun
There was a time when I thought our Constitution was, overall, tolerable.
I would now say that, counting the base document and 240 years of court decisions and habits, it's pretty much done. I doubt we can get back to "Of, by, and for the people" from here, on that feeble reed.
Few understand this, but we were really, honestly, 13 separate nations which "United" as a "Federation."
The Senate gives each "separate nation" a voice equal to the voice of all the human people in the "Federation" put together.
3. We are told, over and over, that this thing, these areas of land with lines drawn around them, given the power to pass or block legislation, these sovereign states who have an equal voice in, among other things, electing our Presidents, is our "American Exceptionalism" working
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6 Jun
Clara and I did several brand new things together today. She's really a sweetheart, and she's done quite a bit of team work on rolling loads - cart, road wagon - but had never been driven alone since she learned to drive sensible. Never pulled a load alone. Never pulled dragging.
2. Dragging loads make noise. Dragging loads cause the traces to rub the sides of their legs when they turn. It's a lotta hassle for them until the get used to it.
I didn't take any pictures, so all a story tonight.
I'll use some old pics of other people for illustration. Donkeys
3. The traces hook to the singletree, which transfers the pulling force from their shoulders to the load. This is Abe, back at the beginning in November of 2018.
You can't see it here, but there's a 12' log chain folded double, hooked on to drag & be a load and noise.
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5 Jun
My friend Gozo and I see the world differently. He sees disparate elements, I see component parts of one thing.
2. Since it's all one thing there is no starting point, but as it goes around let's enter at "high levels of imported energy."
Amount of work done in any system by any means requires energy. There is a ratio. Einstein mentioned it.
3. When Homo Habilus invented the stone knife, it was a means of concentrating energy.
You put energy into the knife over a large area - your hand / its handle number of square centimeters.
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