Here's how technological "progress" works:
First came the Otto Cycle - internal combustion. Heat engine.
Then they put wings under it. Heat engine.
Then they polished them all up. Cadillac Escalade, Airbus A380, so forth.
Exact same principles. Heat engines.
2. They had electric cars from the git-go, but electricity isn't able to be stored at the high densities available in fossil fuels. We wanted to go farther faster. Fossil fuels.
Still all the exact same principles we've understood since about 1700. We just got better at execution
3. None of these things have changed at all. A Tesla represents a high level of development of principles we've understood since the 18th and 19th centuries.
Those principles are sound. They work every time. You can apply them using thousands of different techniques.
4. All the promises of "innovation" and "future tech" are based on the false idea that we will suddenly discover new principles, that the laws of energy and motion that move cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes, will be magically superceded between now and <your imaginary year>
5. And therefore we will miraculously attain Net Zero by <imaginary year>.
The principles that make an A380 able to take off at OVER A MILLION POUNDS are not being superceded. They are so valid and so absolute that they enable a million pounds to fly ten miles a minute. They work
6. This guy either totally fails to understand these long known and established principles of energy and motion, or he's lying to you.
Or he really believes in out-and-out magic. He believes in Warp Speed.
Why not? It's on TV!
7. This is why nobody ever takes me up on my offer to listen to their energy budget. Why nobody ever responds with facts to my challenge.
They have no facts.
8. They have no fact. All they have is make-believe and a firm message that all the principles which made the 20th and 21st centuries possible are not absolute, are not firm. All we need is for Elon Musk to wave some money at it and there will be an ENTIRELY NEW SET OF PRINCIPLES
9. Y'all think I'm a Luddite, but what I really am is a hardboiled technician.
I have spent my whole life applying the known principles of energy and motion to machines that didn't work, thereby making them work again.
The principles are sound.
10. I officially give up.
Since they know, just like I do, that under the principles of matter and energy as we know them, they are lying, but they go right on doing it, and since they are better at lying than I am at telling the truth, I accept the following:
11. Developed societies are not going to fix climate change. They are not going to try. They refuse to apply the principles that caused / are causing it to solving it; instead, they promise you new ones.
They call this "innovation."
My advice: don't beget children.
PS I left out steam, but it's still the same principles. Heat engine.

• • •

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10 Jun
I took the chihuahuas out to potty last night, and there in the back yard were three donkeys.
This is not ideal. Image
So I went and got Abe's halter and lead rope. He's always good as gold, stands and waits for me to halter him.
When I led him back to the barn the girls placidly followed.
I stopped at the feed room and got a pocketful of goodies.
I gave Abe a goodie, then led him on through the barn to the stall, and gave him another one.
Missy came through the door and said, "Where's mine?" So I gave it to her.
I heard clunking around in the barn - Clara was exploring.
So I took Abe's lead rope, looped it around her neck
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8 Jun
I'm not upset with Joe Biden. I think he's a good man. I think if he had a Congress he would be one of our great Presidents.
When Manchin laid it on the line, my heart sank.
I can't prove any of the anti-legislation bloc in Congress work for Putin, but if they did their actions
2. would be exactly as they are.
This process has one clear purpose: to make of the United States a paralyzed, failed state, while extracting and privatizing everything remaining of value. The news chooses to discuss this in terms of tactics, but the strategy is clear. #FailState
3. Now that Joe Manchin has said his peace, as far as I'm concerned he can sit down and shut up.
Failed state, privatized, kleptocracy.
I'm so tired if hearing about Donald Trump.
Do you think if he died tomorrow Mitch McConnell would stand up and say, "Joe Biden Won, already."
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6 Jun
I look at the questions of race, of Israel and Palestine, of extreme wealth and poverty, and I am completely without a solution. If I could flip a switch and make a world with no race wars and massacres, what would that be?
I don't understand what drives people.
2. Look at the Tulsa massacre. Beyond abstractions like racism, what causes this? If you have it, how does one cure it? Jealousy, hate, resentment - I am without solution. I see what happened. I see Rwanda and their genocide in similar terms.
This was an attempted genocide.
3. We have two votes already for greed & power, and yes, but it's connected directly to otherness as well. To my white person's eyes, Hutus and Tutsis look like the "same race" and yet there was an other-ing which led directly to slaughter, as in Tulsa and other places.
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6 Jun
There was a time when I thought our Constitution was, overall, tolerable.
I would now say that, counting the base document and 240 years of court decisions and habits, it's pretty much done. I doubt we can get back to "Of, by, and for the people" from here, on that feeble reed.
Few understand this, but we were really, honestly, 13 separate nations which "United" as a "Federation."
The Senate gives each "separate nation" a voice equal to the voice of all the human people in the "Federation" put together.
3. We are told, over and over, that this thing, these areas of land with lines drawn around them, given the power to pass or block legislation, these sovereign states who have an equal voice in, among other things, electing our Presidents, is our "American Exceptionalism" working
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6 Jun
Clara and I did several brand new things together today. She's really a sweetheart, and she's done quite a bit of team work on rolling loads - cart, road wagon - but had never been driven alone since she learned to drive sensible. Never pulled a load alone. Never pulled dragging.
2. Dragging loads make noise. Dragging loads cause the traces to rub the sides of their legs when they turn. It's a lotta hassle for them until the get used to it.
I didn't take any pictures, so all a story tonight.
I'll use some old pics of other people for illustration. Donkeys
3. The traces hook to the singletree, which transfers the pulling force from their shoulders to the load. This is Abe, back at the beginning in November of 2018.
You can't see it here, but there's a 12' log chain folded double, hooked on to drag & be a load and noise.
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5 Jun
My friend Gozo and I see the world differently. He sees disparate elements, I see component parts of one thing.
2. Since it's all one thing there is no starting point, but as it goes around let's enter at "high levels of imported energy."
Amount of work done in any system by any means requires energy. There is a ratio. Einstein mentioned it.
3. When Homo Habilus invented the stone knife, it was a means of concentrating energy.
You put energy into the knife over a large area - your hand / its handle number of square centimeters.
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