So. You don't think Critical Race Theory "should be taught in our schools" and want to ban it. Please answer the following questions or I will assume you're a clueless lemming who's angry because Tucker Goddamn Carlson told you CRT means you go to jail if you're white. /1
First question: describe Critical Legal Theory's arguments about systems vs. individuals when it comes to juridical harm and how those influenced the development of Critical Race Theory. /2
2nd question for all you CRT experts: which one of Derrick Bell's arguments do you disagree with, and why? /3
3rd Q: CRT asserts that race is a social construct, not a set of consistent biological differences corresponding to "black", "white", "Asian", etc. If you think this is incorrect, explain your opposition to the overwhelming consensus of the entire field of Genetic Science. /4
4th Q: If CRT is wrong about systemic racism and inequities, explain why you believe the plaintiffs' argument in the case of Gary B. v. Whitmer was incorrect and refute their statistical evidence of inequitable outcomes in statistical detail. Show your work. /5
5th Q: Define Kimberlé Crenshaw's concept of intersectionality as it relates to legal outcomes, as her original article did. Discuss why you think those legal biases exist if structural racism isn't a factor. /6
6th Q: since Critical Race Theory is apparently being taught in schools, to the ruination of your children, those poor delicate flowers, identify every curricular instance of CRT, as well as any assessments or course materials that reference the work of CRT scholars. /7
7th Q: Probably the most sweeping argument of CRT is that racism is structural, not individual. In other words, racist outcomes issue from systems and not simply "a few bad apples." If you think this is incorrect, explain *waves hands at all of American history* /8
Final question for you anti-CRT warriors: if white privilege doesn't exist, explain how you can hijack school board meetings, act the fool, dictate pedagogy and curriculum to experts in those areas--yet literally, fundamentally, not know what you're talking about. /9
I know this is a rhetorical exercise, and that these people aren't acting in good faith at all, but JFC would it be too much to ask for a school board chair or a journalist or someone to actually ask a follow-up question instead of ceding the entire debate to these clowns? /X
PS: so folks have been asking where they can go to learn more. Awesome! I love it when ppl want to do the reading. A good, short I review of CRT as it comes out of legal theory and education is this:…
And this LibGuide, from the good folks at the UNC-Chapel Hill Law Library, is an excellent aggregation of key works, further reading, and a good general map of the field. Librarians rule.…
And finally, the best collection of CRT writings I've come across, in terms of getting the sense of the field's breadth as well as the key works, is this volume. A steal at 20 bucks!…

• • •

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9 Jun
Have had some folks tell me my CRT thread is too snarky or condescending to "convince the other side." But what if that wasn't my point? What if I'm just pissed off at all the cynical bad faith tactics of the racist right? Why is our side held to such different expectations?
Them: CRT wants to put white people into jail if they can't define intersectionality.
Me: That's an absurd accusation
Them: *hours of demonstrable lies*
Me: soooo frustrating here's a sarcastic Twitter thread
Them: nay, sir; you must adhere to these lofty standards of discourse
Them: Critical Race Theory wants to turn Peoria into a gulag for whites
Them: No, really. That's what they told my kindergartener. FIRE THE TEACHERS
Me: JFC you people are delusional
The Discourse-Havers: Hey Kevin if you weren't so elitist maybe they'd listen
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9 Jun
So I'm at the airport, traveling for the first time in 16 months (when I was doing 2-3 trips a month pre-covid) and I am pleasantly surprised at the 100% mask-wearing rate. It's weird being back in this space, though, not gonna lie.
Welp, engine trouble and we're turning around back to Des Moines. Now this is the type of fun travel experience I remember. 😕
Our airplane today
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1 Jun
are...are the beefs going to go away
"u know that monopolies in meats producer sector make u more vulnerable to ransomware disruptions like dis, right"
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30 May
Time for the smokey meats feast
Pupdate: smokey meats were acquired; all is well with the squad
By the way, the Beaumont BBQ Rub I used is *fantastic*, and part of the Black Smoke bundle from @SavorySpiceShop, which includes the fascinating book by @soulfoodscholar Highly recommend both the spices and the book.
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20 May
Strongly disagree with the way the @chronicle framed this headline. What "cost" her tenure was the Right-wing outrage machine and its hysterical refusal to even acknowledge racism exists. The Project itself won a Pulitzer, for crissakes.
I mean, here's the very next article in the newsletter, with one of the same co-authors! This is exactly what happened with UNC: the Board--packed full of right-wing zealots--was the entity that denied the tenure portion of NH-J's offer. Let's assign agency where it belongs!
Full disclosure: I write for the @chronicle (my editor probably wishes it was more regularly 🙂). I've worked with many of their reporters and editors, and every single one is an absolute pro. That's why I'm disappointed here-a bad hed choice undermines the good journalism within
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20 May
I've now seen Matty Y, Calipers Sullivan, and Conor F. all weigh in on the UNC/Hannah-Jones issue and I swear to god these people are living breathing proof that white male mediocrity has way too much of a platform
I mean, Friedersdorf literally said, "I don't know if it was a political decision." Mind you, a member of the actual board said, and I quote, "politics" was the reason for the rejection of the tenure offer. For someone who treats higher ed like he does, this naive pose is a joke.
Literally two minutes of research would've kept ol' Conor from showing his ass on the internet, but he's so sure his glib assessment was correct because the case is about a Black woman, and he is a Thought Leader™ after all
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