I really do recommend you read the whole thread, but if you refuse:

* The Uranium 1 "scandal" broke just as Q was starting
* Q clearance is a Department of Energy clearance involving nuclear stuff (1/4)
* U1 was central to Q's early mythos, BECAUSE it was the *mechanism* by which anons (in the sense of 4chan users, not in the sense of Q's followers) hoped to "lock her up."

* In fact, though this is NOT in Fox's thread, U1 is also prominent in Q's North Korea storyline. There...
Q hinted that Hillary Clinton had used Uranium 1 to funnel nuclear-bomb materials to North Korea for Reasons™ (big if true, right?).

* But GO READ THE THREAD bc it has details on HOW ANONS RESPONDED to all of this stuff, & it quotes a Q drop that is, IMO, an actual smoking gun.
Why am I shouting at you about anons' *responses?* Because the feedback loop between Q and the anons is absolutely critical for understanding how the story evolved early on.

So TL;DR: "Q clearance" made sense because the Uranium 1 nothingburger was all over Fox @ the time.
... OK, no, I have to come back to this thread to praise Fox.

Lots of us have read drop 48 and just... not picked up what Q was puttin' down

Partly that's bc Q drops are rarely read in their 4chan context; partly it's because Q drops are long & dull & make your eyes glaze over.
But Fox did good and I am exceedingly proud of him. GOOD JOB, @ResearchFQX.

You're not just an Internet nerd. You're a *talented* one. :D

• • •

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5 Jun
I spend a fair amount of time in conservative Christian spaces online.

One of the biggest developments in recent years, especially in the Southern Baptist Conference, is a move towards acknowledging widespread sexual abuse & coverups.

So here's how SOME men are takin' it: Image
To be clear, I have no indication that this particular dude is a QAnon fan. He's just an obnoxious little piss-streak of a man.

But also, note his reflexive defense of patriarchy -- his need to go on the *attack* and say that advocates for sexual-abuse survivors are Satanic.
This is 100% a QAnon behavior -- and not JUST because he's going "anyone who I am ideologically opposed to must be a Satanic monster."

Rather, I think it's the way he *deploys* the accusation, defending patriarchy against a threat from a population that "should" be subordinate.
Read 5 tweets
3 Jun
OK, so. I've talked a fair amount about /general/ threads on 4chan -- for instance, I'm almost certain Q was a regular reader of, and probably a poster in, /PTG/ threads (that's President Trump General).

/HTG/ ("Human Trafficking General") threads were a QAnon precursor, too.
So they're a big deal.

What I WASN'T aware of was: there's high-quality research on them already! And not only is it high-quality, but it reveals the fact that I have ONLY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE of how /general/s work.

In particular, this blew my mind:…
I'm gonna talk about /why/ in a second, but I should also note that this OTHER article is a 3,000% more comprehensive data-science-y look at these threads than I ever dreamed of taking.

It earns the coveted rating of "Can't wait to re-read this."…
Read 11 tweets
2 Jun
Two members of Ammon Bundy’s organization are planning to break into a federal facility,

fuck around with equipment I very much doubt they understand,

& have an armed standoff with the feds.

Why? Because the California drought has resulted in a 0% water allocation for ‘em.
It sure seems like anyone who publicly announces “HEY, I’MMA BREAK INTO A FEDERAL FACILITY” should at the very least be met with a sudden and intense beefing-up of security at that location, but what do I know, really?
Anyway I’m sure it’s fine, because the local sheriff — who says he’s friends with many members of this far-right group — claims he told the feds it would be FINE.

And sure, they’ve done it once before…
Read 6 tweets
2 Jun
This is from John Birch Society propaganda in the mid-60s, but I dare you to find any daylight between this and the way Republicans talk about, say, BLM

or critical race theory

or anything that makes them feel embarrassed and defensive about being born on third base.
The really ridiculous thing *about* that defensive reaction, BTW, is that THERE’S NOTHING TO BE DEFENSIVE ABOUT! No one chooses the circumstances of their birth.

What race you are is completely outside your control… which is *why* it shouldn’t confer advantages or disadvantages
But, in the real world that we live in today, it *does* dramatically affect the whole course of your life.

And everyone knows this is true. Clone someone 10,000x and make half the clones white, half the clones black — on avg the white clones will have better life outcomes. Why?
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1 Jun

Coming into this, I expected that most followers would simply go along with Flynn’s (patently untrue) claim that he was saying there SHOULDN’T be a coup here.

Some did, but — to my surprise — almost as many did not! Details below:
First, I should note that the single most popular response was to say, “What IS a coup, really?” — that is, to argue that in fact it was the filthy libs who’d done the coup & it would be justified, and certainly NOT a coup, if the military, ahem, stepped in to make things right.
So the most popular response to Flynn’s backtracking was neither to affirm nor disagree with it, but simply to talk around it.

This is, of course, a normal human response to embarrassing incidents.

But there WERE quite a few folks who said: no, you called for it & rightly so.
Read 7 tweets
1 Jun
Y'all, @kunstderfuge1 just found a post from the very earliest days of Q aggregators.

Aggregators are a key part of QAnon culture: they let the faithful read the drops without having to see the chan-culture sewage *surrounding* the drops.

And, it seems, they've ALWAYS lost $. ImageImageImage
Incidentally, you may be wondering why that's not an 8kun screenshot. The answer is that it comes from a dataset we're working with, but it was exciting enough that I wanted to come here and show it to you right away.

Especially @TheOndrakGuy and @nickbackovic!
Why those two?

Because they exposed the creator of the most successful aggregator (QAnon dot pub), who turned out to be a white-collar IT professional. That gentleman was , or claimed to be, losing about $2K a month on it.

That seems credible now, but also, LOOK AT THE DRAMA: Image
Read 9 tweets

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