For over 30 yrs. Trump has variously been talking about the hollowing out of America's industrial base.

Here's a pretty dramatic visual of this [click on the icon in the lower left hand corner to see this]:…
Regardless as to whether one loathes or idolizes Trump, I am hard pressed to see how this chart displays a positive trend for citizens of the U.S.
As one NYT writer/author wrote about some yrs. back, those countries who do not make things cannot then innovate to any real degree ,i.e., you have to make things in order to then improve [innovate] upon those things. Bottom line:
This graph shows ---is but one key example of----the fact that China is well on its way to achieving technological dominance over US. Which can happen in the near future.
Why? Well, as with any system if the goal is based upon MERIT ---meaning one that focuses on creating and mandating a HIGH LEVEL performance standard---to the exclusion of lessor goals, that kind of system will, over time, rise to dominance.
This is most certainly not simply a theoretical construct but an historical/empirical fact. See, for example, some of Thomas Sowell's research as regards those countries who create high level performers vs. those who do not.
One might ask: Steve, what the hell does all this have to do with training baseball hitters/pitchers?

My reply: Trying to understand high level performance I think entails searching at both the micro [individual] and macro [cultural] levels of analysis.

• • •

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11 Jun
I recently received a msg asking about a recent tweet as regards the back leg flexion action. An action, I argued CAN help facilitate ["free up" as I sometimes say] the hip rotation.

To the clips I showed already let me add 2 more:
A Bonds clip:…

and a Hamilton clip [2008 HR Derby]
As regards the action of the back leg ,both are similar in that both show a good deal of knee flexion AS the lead heel starts to go into foot plant.
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10 Jun
As I have argued for yrs. good hitters know how to create movement that facilitates good hip rotation.
As I have argued, the legs do not CAUSE good hip rotation. But they can help or hinder hip rotation.

Here's 2 clips of Bonds /Kent:
Note how quickly the back knee flexes --as they go into foot plant. This can help to "free up" [my term] the back hip rotation. Why?
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10 Jun
Imagine if you as a parent brought your daughter to me to help her learn how to swing the bat better.
Then later you learn that as a predicate to this expectation, I spent several hours with her mandating that she watch a Netflix "documentary"[sic] on America's historic racism.
And further I then demanded that in order for me to allow her to hit with me I insisted that, in no manner, could she question the quality/accuracy/fairness etc., of the documentary. What would you think of me as a teacher of hitting?
Would you deem this as an acceptable part of the exchange of your money for my expertise----in the context of a teacher of hitting?
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9 Jun
Recently, I have seen assertions that MLB strike out/low average is simply a function of ....trying to swing more "up". I don't think so. Simply put, MLB hitters are there because they conform to the "building code" standard as set forth by Paul Nyman some yrs. back [pcr/pcrw].
Simply put, according to this standard, they know how to create very good posture, connection, rotation, such that they are able to hit high level pitching.
So, what really best explains the high strikeout/low average combination.
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7 Jun
A phrase that I have seen about hitting over the yrs. is along the lines of things like: The hitter needs to be more athletic, or, you are taking the athleticism out of the hitter.
One operative principle I have utilized over the yrs. for many such assertions is that of ......
...questioning the premise. In the case of the phrase "you're taking away the hitter's athleticism" it amounts to asking: "Define athleticism."
Here's one dictionary version: "the physical qualities that are characteristic of athletes, such as strength, fitness, and agility."
But this definition, similar to the above "taking away athleticism" is equally vague in that ALL athletes have SOME degree of, "strength, fitness, agility."
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4 Jun
And one more thing for tonight [before I return to my bunker to read a bunch of shit!]; Not too long ago, someone blocked me ---apparently as a result of me simply pointing out that I thought their description/analysis of a hitter was flawed.
In no manner [I don't think] could my argument be construed as any kind of personal attack. Simply put, I disagreed with their interpretation and tried explain this based on my understanding of movement [based on 20 yrs. of practical and technical info].
Rather than trying to engage me he simply blocked me. Those who know me know that I am someone who is well practiced in the art of engaging all kinds of views on things. MY operative view is:
Read 9 tweets

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