I really don't care about "Britain's standing in the world".

It's of no consequence to me.

Moreover, I think Britain -- or the UK government -- lost any moral authority it had in the 'world' when it prosecuted aimless, illegal wars.

They care only for themselves.
I would much rather have had governments that were less concerned with the world than the ones we have had that have sought to bomb it, and to constrain economic and technological development by imposing green ideology on it.

"Britain" (the government) is a force for bad.
And notice how at odds this concern for "Britain's standing in the world" actually is.

The wars were unpopular. The climate agenda has zero domestic support. The public do not agree with sending vast sums of cash in "aid" -- and they don't know the reality of it.
So the only "standing" that "Britain" (the government) can really demonstrate on the "world" is that it is able to extort many £billions from its population, which it uses to service the interests of the cliques that occupy SW1.
What the are concerned about, of course, is opportunities for themselves.

By pumping up global political institutions, corporations and organisations, they can further their own interests.

They serve themselves.

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9 Jun
The @BBC is determined to rewrite the history of the Climategate affair, despite being a player in it, and since.

There is nothing of interest to the general public in this revisionism. It is purely ideological. It is propaganda.

And it will be another nail in its own coffin.
The fact of climate "scientists" cheering it on also speaks to the degeneration of institutional science into ideology.
"The new film will chart the unjustified persecution of Prof Jones..."

Who says it was 'persecution'? Who says it was 'unjustified'?

Phil Jones?
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9 Jun
They want "public involvement", but do not want the public to express a view on the agenda.

So the public must be "educated" into believing the right things and "empowered" to make the right choices.

The writing is on the wall here, folks...
This is the terminal point of democracy.

They have their pretext.

What happens when democracy has been dissolved is anyone's guess, because once you remove the public from politics, and expect nothing from them but obedience (under pain of re-education), *anything* goes.
I don't wish to be dramatic, but the claim that "Public involvement, education and empowerment are central to the #ClimateAction process" is pure and simple the recipe for *actual* eco-fascism.
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7 Jun
BBC "Reality Check" forgetting to check reality.

These people are hacks.

This is how you check reality, @BBCPolitics "RealityCheck"....

The problem being, of course, that @BBCPolitics "RealityCheck" can't check reality, because it would upset their favoured commentators and their shared orthodoxies.

That is 100% of the 'aid' budget did good in the world.

It does not. It is a political fund.
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7 Jun
No one objects in principle to emergency and disaster relief etc. But the database of government's generosity, reveals things like the taxpayer giving £Millions to the WWF and WRI, which are already well-funded by billionaires, to leverage that funding in lobbying governments.
For example... How many children's lives did these extremely expensive "forest governance" projects save?

They might have helped Zac Goldsmith's family and friends raise a few quid. But they didn't need it. Image
These are just funds for the green agenda.

No babies saved. ImageImageImage
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6 Jun
If failure to stop a crime is equivalent to commissioning a crime, aren't all Police and all politicians guilty of narco-trafficking, human trafficking, murder, rape, kidnap...?
Here's the "story"...

It's very short.

The word 'likely' features.

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29 May
Did you notice that although the logic seems to be that "global problems need global solutions", it is also true -- probably more true that...

...Global solutions need global problems.

There is an entire industry devoted to inventing global problems. And it isn't industry.
The "environment" is the organising principle of the transfer of power from national governments to global political institutions, embedding it above democracy.
We climate sceptics are often accused of being 'oil industry funded denialists'. It isn't true.

In fact, the people who began this process of using the 'environment' as a pretext for transferring power away from people were oil tycoons like the Rockefellers and Maurice Strong.
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