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I had an epic #bikenyc day yesterday, until I got doored and knocked off my bike for the first time. I’m fine, just angry that a For Hire Vehicle passenger’s carelessness and bad infrastructure hurt me and could’ve killed me. 1/
I was riding home from a friend’s bday dinner in the Village, heading east on Houston Street to 1st Ave, which I take up to the Queensboro Bridge. On the last block, I rode in the “bike lane” between the vehicles poised to turn right and the cars positioned to go straight. 2/
As I was riding through the stopped vehicles, about to make my left onto 1st Ave, an SUV passenger in the going-straight lane (far away from the curb) flung the right rear door open into me and knocked me down in the “bike lane.” 3/
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“Information is not enough for people to act.” #climate psychology, activism and anxiety by @FridaHylander at @SkaneXr @LUCSUS_LU
What's needed for people to #ActOnClimate? @FridaHylander uses "Model of helping" to understand #climate psychology.
To motivate action, people need to:
1. notice an event
2. interpret the problem as an emergency
3. feel personal responsibility.
1. Notice event- barriers to notice #climatechange include:
Humans perceive emotionally, not rationally
Slow gradual threats seen as risky as fast, vivid ones
"villains" are easier to blame than nature
Living in cities, far from nature
fragmented knowledge
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This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed. #abpoli #climateaction…
This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed.…
This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed. #cdnpoli #abpoli…
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Good morning! ☕ A nugget from the upcoming @DCHCMPO Board meeting: Growth in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) is outpacing population growth in the Triangle and throughout North Carolina.…
@DCHCMPO As more people move here, they encounter land use patterns, transportation infrastructure, and policy making that encourage driving as the primary or only travel mode. So what do they do? They drive.
At the state level, resources through @NCDOT to make lasting, substantial changes in nonhighway infrastructure are paltry compared to those for road widening, intersection and interchange "improvements," and other projects that reinforce driving as the best and only travel mode.
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A changing climate causes psychological harm. #ClimateFriday #ClimateAction…
I was trapped in Houston after Harvey. The hurricane went on for days & the flooding around where I was located went on for weeks. I was told to find a way to get on the roof if the flooding got to me. I still have nightmares. #ClimateFriday #ClimateAction…
#ClimateChange is real. #ClimateAction is needed. If you do not prioritize this issue, you will not receive my vote because I am a #ClimateScience voter. Also this:
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Scientists say the world’s oceans are warming far more quickly than previously thought, a finding with dire implications for climate change because almost all the excess heat absorbed by the planet ends up stored in their waters.
"Dire implications." What is it about those two words that do not penetrate the brains of Republicans? We are in an existential crisis. We need policy that reflects that reality.
I am a #climatechange voter. I vote only for candidates who take climate science seriously. Climate change is the existential crisis of our time & we need policy that reflects the dire reality we face. #ClimateFriday #ClimateAction…
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#climate twitter! I want to donate 10% of my 2019 income where it will do the most good to reduce emissions. Would love to hear your take on the most effective orgs (in this thread or private DM). Thanks! Ping @drvox @KHayhoe @Fisher_DanaR @AmyAHarder @LeehiYona @EricHolthaus
As I replied to @EricHolthaus- I'm aware of and inspired by @givingwhatwecan & @GiveWell work on global health/poverty; I personally want to support climate mitigation. I realize there's no one right answer, depends on theory of change etc; curious to hear different perspectives.
Esp. in climate arena where impact could be on different possible levels (eg X tons avoided from cookstoves vs Y tons #fossil CO2 kept in the ground vs systemic political or economic change)- curious to hear diverse range of theory of change or evidence of effectiveness.
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She is incredible. I will tell my students next year that if they wish to #ClimateStrike one day per week, they must spend some time studying @GretaThunberg, #ClimateChange and effective activism during the other four days. This can fit the NZ curriculum well. Links to follow.
Curriculum level 4 social studies is full of opportunities to consider power, advocacy, activism, and cause and effect:…
Persuasive language is also relevant here:…
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I am trying to do #scicomm and learning as I go, please forgive previous iterations. Trying to convey this paper's content again because it is both dire and absolutely CLEAR on need for immediate, urgent, and radical #ClimateAction. 1/…
Climate change or #ClimateBreakdown IS global warming. It's basically a time machine back into the earth's past, in terms of previous comparable climates. Before this paper, we knew that we are moving into climates unknown to humans, see figure below. 2/
But this paper tell us exactly where we're heading. Under current trajectories of 4 degrees warming, by 2030, in 12 YEARS TIME, I can't even believe I'm typing this, we will have rolled back the planetary climate clock 3 MILLION YEARS. Before the homo genus even existed. 3/
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Before we proclaim man made climate change a scientific fact... Perhaps science could explain this first? Or get tomorrow's weather correct before we believe 100 year forecasts...#justSaying #climatechange #ClimateAction…
Hey #climatechange alarmists, might wanna take a peek at this too.…
I'll clue you guys in:


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Prof John Bruno shines a light on 3 climate denial arguments coming from the Trump White House (=WH):
1: Climate denial: scientists are cherry-picking extreme scenarios.
Reality: scientists consider a huge range, of which the WORST is inaction: Trump's own policies. 1/3
2. Denial: climate impacts are uncertain, will happen in the future.
Reality: climate impacts are here and now, with deadly hurricanes, droughts, floods and fires affecting the US.

3. Denial: the scientific process was untransparent.
Reality: it is entirely open to review. 2/3
As advocates for #ClimateAction, we must learn to recognize and counter these arguments - fast. Even better if we can preempt them. Remember, the ultimate goals of denial are (1) lack of government regulation over big corporations (2) maintaining profits to those corporations.3/3
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I’m going to be doing a series of tweets every day for a week or 2 to help inform young people on the possibility of running for office.

These tweets are NOT endorsements but are just to show that it is possible to run for office at a young age and there are people that do.

@TayAnderson2019 is 20yrs old, running for Denver school board.

His focus is school safety and mental health. Follow him and check out his incredible life story to learn more:

19 y/o @Hinkle4SC who has

-transitioned 60+ schools away from plastic bottles

-helped convert 6 high school campuses to solar

-briefed Congress on nuclear waste storage.

Is Now running a corporate-free campaign for San Clemente City Council.
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Kicking off #WalkBikePlaces with an infrastructure tour on @BlueBikesNOLA. Several under way now; I'm on the one that looks at public art, placemaking. #bikeNOLA
First stop: Jackson Square, National Historic Site, named for Andrew J. Led battle that saved NOLA in 1812 but owned enslaved people. Should his statue come down? #WalkBikePlaces
Beautiful murals! Families of Plessy and Ferguson reconciled with art in celebration. Studio BE right across the street--big studio space in covered warehouse. @BlueBikesNOLA station right here at park.
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Who is at risk of #ClimateChange?

Everyone. Everywhere.
#ClimateChange threatens your health.
#ClimateChange increases the risks of extreme weather events that cause damage to our lives and livelihoods
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The western US has been on fire for weeks, with unbreathable air confining people to their homes and keeping some from getting out on a bike. In other parts of the world it’s straight-up car pollution doing the same. We’re going to CLEAR THE AIR with #bikeschool #bikes4climate.
We’re heading toward Global #ClimateAction Week so you’ll see that hashtag + #bikes4climate tonight along with #bikeschool.
My hot take: Too many discussions under headlines with words like #sustainability or #climate or #green ignore bikes as clean transport.
****Q1: How have forest fires, pollution, other air quality issues affected your bicycling? Fun fact (h/t @andrealearned): Bikes invented as tool due to volcano eruption pollution. See by @lloydalter. #bikeschool #bikes4climate #ClimateAction #bikehistory
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I suppose we can safely say that now #TheFrighteners have been so successfully and publicly put on a certain sector their combined angst will spew a diarrhoea of spin & warp whilst trying to use THAT VERY THING to generate $£Es Some with automated AdTech software already bought.
2/ Some bought by gormless companies, by mistake, some in full knowledge or partial knowledge of what it could do. It will be interesting as time goes on to see who apparently DIDN'T CARE about the likely instigation of its more negative 'dark' capabilities looking to 'side-step'
3/ or even 'wrong-foot' Irish & EU regulation standards, & possibly law. This too is a kind of #climatechange & #ClimateAction in itself, a would be mammoth untouchable iceberg of 'dominion' & 'control' being melted out into an ocean of citizens' scrutiny & advancement for change
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If only we'd elected the woman who not only believed in #ClimateChange, but had a plan for #ClimateAction.

Trump has nine grandchildren and doesn't even seem to care if they have a livable planet when they are adults, let alone the rest of us.
In the press conference with Trump last year, President Niinistö of Finland said:

"If we lose the arctic, we lose the globe."

We can't ignore #ClimateChange, which can be seen and felt--worsening storms like #HurricaneLane, the fire seasons, flooding.…
Realized too late that I meant to start prefacing all major news stories with OMG!!!! to get folks' attention.
This story really is OMG-worthy.
It's terrifying.
Each successive summer is the hottest on record.
We must pay attention to what our planet is telling us.
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close- grazing doesn't "rebuild nutrients" per se, they're just pooping out nutrients they ate that already came from the soil.

Grazing *does* rebuild organic matter. Cow guts break tough plant parts into nice soft squishy soil parts.
"Organic matter" is just the black spongy stuff left over after things rot. (Plants, poop, dead bodies, etc.)

Without OM, dirt is just sand & clay. Either it's way too tight & doesn't let roots through, or it's super loose & can't hang onto water.
Organic matter is what turns sand & clay into proper soil. It's basically a sponge; holds water & keeps dirt from drying out immediately after rain.

In tight clay soils, also gives the soil more "spring" so it doesn't turn into a mud slick after rains.
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OUTRAGE: Trump's NASA nominee, Jim Bridenstine was approved 50-49. He plans on cutting all climate science missions on behalf of the fossil fuel lobby #ClimateAction
My letter to @SenateMajLdr in opposition to his nomination:…
This is a break from traditon. He is a climate denier. Never has an elected offical been appointed to head NASA.
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