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Ontario Teachers Pension Plan worth $228-billion plans to reduce the emissions “intensity”of its holdings by 45% from 2019 levels by 2025, and by 67% cent 5 later and net zero by 2050 but 300 beneficiaries want the sell-off of all its fossil-fuel holdings.…
Op Ed on the issue of OTPP teachers wanting faster divestment from fossil fuels.…
The relationship of OTPP and Brookfield is bound to oil.…
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It was great to speak with the NHS Assembly today about how we need to take #ClimateAction now, and the work we're doing through @SustainableNUTH to help deliver a @GreenerNHS.

I was also able to outline key challenges for the NHS & policy-makers, here's a thread: 👇 <1/10>
Repeatedly we have evidence that the #ClimateEmergency is a health emergency: whether that be flash floods closing A&Es, heatwaves killing hundreds, or the joint challenge of cutting emissions & the air pollution that contributes to heart disease, stroke & lung cancer <2/10>
That's why in 2019 @NewcastleHosps became the first health organisation in the world to publicly declare a climate emergency - committing to fast-track decarbonisation along with our civic partners like @NewcastleCC

We knew that commitment would be very challenging. <3/10>
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The 3-day finale of #yyccc 2017-2021 was lit!!! It’s hard to believe the writers were able to get so many great things resolved. Also, so many cool things have been set up for the next show: 2021-2025 (which will start filming on Oct 18). Here’s my recap of the highlights: 1/24
The finale opened w emotion: 1) #yyc-based members of the #TokyoOlympics/#TokyoParalympics #teamcanada were honored. 2) tributes to the retiring members of #yyccc, @DruhFarrell @EWoolleyWard8 @ChahalGeorge @Ward4Ward1 @CouncillorKeats & @nenshi, induced tears & good vibes. 2/24
After almost exactly 4yrs of work initiated by my learning about #BenefitDrivenProcurement @FCSSAAoffice’s AGM right after the 2017 #yycvote, getting an NoM passed by #yyccc, & development shepherded by @momentumcalgary’s @HareCourtney, we’ve approved a great policy!!! 3/24
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Moderated by @DamilolaSDG7, @UN SRSG & CEO of @SEforALLorg , the Opening Plenary of the #EnergyActionDay will focus on the ambitious #energytransition action.

Watch here: ImageImage
Opening the #EnergyActionDay, the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, underlines the urgency of taking action to meet the #SDGs and goals of the #ParisAgreement.

#HLDE2021 Image
Decarbonising the energy sector is one of the most crucial tasks to meet our #globalgoals. Today’s #EnergyActionDay plays an important role in raising ambition under #HLDE2021.

- @AminaJMohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the @UN. Image
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The @USChamber has launched a full court press against the #BuildBackBetter plan. But many of its corporate members say they support families & #ClimateAction. Their $ to the Chamber speaks louder than words. Tell them to back this historic agenda!
Hey @Amazon try delivering paid family leave & clean energy standards by demanding the @USChamber stop opposing the #BuildBackBetter plan.
.@AmericanExpress how about telling @USChamber you want cash back for attacking #BuildBackBetter’s protections for families and the planet! Which side are you on?
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(1/…) Right now, somewhere on this planet, is someone
- showing #kindness
- enjoying spectaculair #nature
- taking #climateaction

You can read those stories in The Planet newsletter.

And somewhere these whales are swimming.

What a wonderful world!

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(3/…) These designers used five tons of plastic ocean waste to create a whale.

#whales #oceans #plasticpollution #sustainability #wildlife via @ArtForOurPlanet

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Great piece by @tomperrett97 showing how the corporate court system doesn't only mean governments get sued for enacting #ClimateAction - they may be forced to reverse these vital policies 1/6 #NoISDS…
A reminder, this system was developed as a 'magna carta for capitalism' to help undermine the decolonial movements of the 50s-70s, as explained here by @_BvdM 2/6…
More recently, they've become a multimillion dollar industry which is helping fossil fuel corporations challenge climate action and maintain their profits, often raising funds to engage in new oil/ coal/ gas exploration. #ClimateEmergency 3/6…
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আমি সকলোৱে জানো যে কাৰ্বন নিৰ্গমন আমাৰ পৃথিৱীৰ বাবে ক্ষতিকাৰক। আৰু কাৰ্বন নিৰ্গমন দিনক দিনে বাঢ়ি আহিছে।

আমি কাৰ্বন নিৰ্গমন capture কৰিব পাৰোঁ নেকি ?

আইচলেণ্ডে এইটো কৰিবলৈ চেষ্টা কৰিছে।

#ClimateAction #climatechange #iceland
(2/n) 5 দিন আগতে, আইচলেণ্ডত বিশ্বৰ সৰ্ববৃহৎ কাৰ্বন কেপচাৰ আৰু ষ্টোৰেজ প্ৰকল্পটো চলিবলৈ আৰম্ভ কৰিছে

আইচলেণ্ডীয় শব্দ "অৰ্কা" অৰ্থাৎ "শক্তি" ৰ নামেৰে প্ৰকল্পটোৰ নাম অৰ্কা ৰখা হৈছে

প্ৰকল্পটোৱে বায়ুৰ পৰা পোনপটীয়াকৈ কাৰ্বন ডাই অক্সাইড suck কৰে।
(3/n) তাৰ পিছত ই ইয়াক মাটিত শিল হিচাপে পুতি পেলায়।

অৰ্কা প্ৰকল্পই প্ৰতি বছৰে বায়ুমণ্ডলৰ পৰা 36 lakh kg কাৰ্বন ডাই অক্সাইড আঁতৰ কৰিব পাৰিব।

সংখ্যাটো ৮৭০ খন গাড়ীৰ পৰা কাৰ্বন নিৰ্গমনৰ সমান।

আনকি প্ৰকল্পটোৰ নিৰ্মাণো বেলেগ আছিল।
অৰ্কা প্ৰকল্পটো ১৫ মাহত নিৰ্মাণ কৰা হৈছিল।
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Zum Abschluss unseres Projektes “Future of Fossil Fuels in the wake of greenhouse gas neutrality” haben wir eine Broschüre veröffentlicht mit den wichtigsten Ergebnissen.… Einige insights im Thread 🧵 #ClimateAction #JustTransition @PIK_Klima @BMBF_Bund
[2/7] Unsere Politikempfehlungen: Der #Kohleausstieg in der EU sollte 2030 vollzogen sein. Der #Gasausstieg bis spätestens 2050. Nur so bleibt eine Chance das #ParisAgreement einzuhalten. Wir haben u.a. die Entwicklung der Kohleindustrie in Deutschland, UK und Polen untersucht
[3/7] DE:
Beim Ausstieg aus der Steinkohle (der durch staatliche Subventionen stark verzögert wurde) gab es Sozialprogramme für die Bergarbeiter. Für den aktuellen #Strukturwandel ist es wichtig auch weiche Standortfaktoren (Bildung etc.) zu stärken.…
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I managed to catch the beginning of the rally for #ClimateAction happening in #Edmonton today.

Here’s a short photo thread. 📷🧵

@CJEdmonton @ActivistAlberta
#ClimateEmergency #ableg
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
Panorama of the crowd gathered near the Federal Building.

Hundreds here socially distanced.

#ableg #ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNow
Another shot of the @CJEdmonton banner.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateActionNow
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Did your @croakeynews bulletin land this morning? It's a cracker! Leading our coverage this week is @lindadoherty21, reporting from #21OPCC on calls to get political on structural barriers including racism, colonialism and transphobia to end-of-life care…
Also featuring is @nmackee2, reporting from #wcepi2021 on the imperative for epidemiology to act in the era of #COVID19 on misinformation and #fakenews…
In this piece, I digest the latest in #climatehealth news, leading with @healthy_climate's RUN survey of HCWs on health and the #ClimateCrisis…
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'A Multilateral Approach to Building a Global Hydrogen Economy' | Session with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy…
📖 Read our studies:
1. Greening Steel: Moving to Clean Steelmaking Using Hydrogen and Renewable Energy -

2. Speed and Scale for Disruptive Climate Technologies: Case for a Global Green Hydrogen Alliance -
We are going to take up hydrogen on a large scale. We believe that #greenhydrogen prices will come down & will be competitive with grey hydrogen. The scale will bring the prices down: @RajKSinghIndia @mnreindia @MinOfPower
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Thread 🧵 of recent #transformation relevant work. Today on problem framings and knowledge types for transformative change. #ClimateAction #BiodiversityCrisis 1/11 Image
Here is @SalilBenegal @prof_mirya 's paper on the link between sexism and climate denial and policy blocking.… 2/11
“The consistent findings point to the central role that system justifying beliefs about gender play in shaping attitudes about climate change in the USA” Addressing climate change means engaging beyond the ‘problem framing’ of climate change. 3/11
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Basement apartments are so incredibly dangerous in the age of climate change flash floods. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction
2) Cellar apartments (even more below ground then basements) are even more high risk in flash floods!
3) Dozens of people in NY and NJ died exactly this way in basement and cellar below ground apartments!!…
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Food security and climate change: a critical warning for humanity-

Thread synthesizing peer-reviewed research, current news, market intelligence analysis & more.

#CodeRed #ActNow #ClimateCrisis #foodblogger #foodsecurity #news
1/x Image
In sum:

1) Significant climate change impacts on food systems are already happening, & the risk of multi-breadbasket failures is increasing,

2) We will need to adapt, but

3) There are limits to adaptation - we urgently, urgently need to cut GHG emissions & draw down CO2.
This thread consists of 3 parts:

Part 1 - The Present
Part 2 - Warnings
Part 3 - Choosing our Future

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Remember the Yellow Vests Canada “United We Roll” AstroTurf “protests”? Where somehow supposedly out-of-work truckers had the money to fuel up transport trucks at a cost of multiple thousands of $$ (sporting anti-Trudeau slogans), travel across 🇨🇦, pay for meals & hotels? #Elxn44
It pretended to be “grassroots”. It was anything but. It was a mixture of #Conservative politicians at all levels of government, right wing propaganda media - Rebel, True North Centre etc (even a few CBC ppl). + white nationalists & other extremists #NeverVoteConservative #elxn44
#Conservative leaders were right in there. Promoting an obvious op, benefiting the fossil fuel industry & pumping out propaganda to stop #ClimateAction. This is the #CPC. A pro-extinction position, promoting denialism & #DarkMoney funded deceit. #NeverVoteConservative #elxn44
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🌎 The @IPCC_CH report stated earlier this month: Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying

From mammoth hurricanes to severe flash floods, see where went under water on Earth August 2021 🧵⬇️

#ExtremeWeather #ClimateAction
#HurricaneIda 📹 @NOAA / @SPACEdotcom
🇲🇽 Aug 7 Mexico - Coahuila and Durango

At least 42 homes were damaged or destroyed and 200 people directly affected

[See where went underwater on Earth Aug 2021🧵⬇️]
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction

via @Flood_List…
🇹🇷 Aug 11 - Turkey

[See where went underwater on Earth Aug 2021🧵⬇️]
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction

via @guardian…
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🌎🔥 Early this month the @IPCC_CH report stated: "Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying"

From Siberia to the Amazon, see where fires raged on Earth August 2021 🧵⬇️
#ClimateEmergency #ExtremeWeather #heatwave
📹 #Caldorfire via @SPACEdotcom
🇬🇷 Aug 3 - Greece

100+ forest fires in 24hrs, thousands evacuated.
– "We are no longer talking about climate change but about a climate threat"

[This is the fire thread: the Earth on fire August 2021 🧵⬇️]
#ClimateEmergency #ExtremeWeather #heatwave…
🇺🇸 Aug 4 - US #RiverFire

[This is the fire thread: the Earth on fire August 2021 🧵⬇️]
#ClimateEmergency #ExtremeWeather #heatwave…
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(1/21) On November 6, 1965, the U.S. agreed with Cuba to airlift Cubans to the United States.

In the next eight years, around 300,000 Cubans took advantage of this program and left for the country that had played a central role in its domestic politics for a long time. 🧵

(2/21) On that very same day, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson's science advisory committee sent him a report entitled Restoring the Quality of Our Environment. 

Summarized in one line: a warning that burning fossil fuels will change the climate.

#science #climatechange 🧵

(3/21) Although the report correctly warned about the increase of carbon dioxide, it noted that it would take a few more years before climate models could reasonably project future global surface temperature changes.
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Research shows how established economic powers have weaponized policy inaction and support to lock an unjust system into its destructive ways.

People need to stand up against this radical evil, in solidarity with the victims and the Global South.…
Whilst the science has been clear for decades, a rational and appropriate response from our governments has been lacking.
New research has now demonstrated how powerful established economic powers have weaponized policy inaction and garnered undue inside support to lock an unjust system into its destructive ways.
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#Elxn44 🧵

Why is the #cdnmedia narrative always, “Liberals show their “desperation” when bringing up classic Conservative attacks to frighten voters about:

- #abortion rights
- #LGBTQIA2S rights
- lack of #ClimateAction
- #healthcare
- cuts to programs and services/austerity
Can someone pls explain why Trudeau *shouldn’t* warn Canadians that Erin O’Toole would govern like a #Conservative?

Shouldn’t #cdnmedia #elxn44 coverage be more leery of a CPC candidate who promises big spending, to be pro-life & pro-union, to act on climate change & the TRC?
Sure O’Toole & the CPC platform *says* stuff but again — why is Trudeau *desperate* when he brings up so-called “wedge issues” when those “past” policies & positions are central to conservative ideology, and hv broad support from current CPC MPs, donors, activists & base voters?
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We, together with @esXrebellion, leaked another part of the upcoming IPCC report.
Check this out 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇…
The leaked documents can be found here:…
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The "technology will save us" brand of climate denialism was officially given a voice, as far as I know, as far back as 1983.

The US National Academy of Science had spent 4 years & $1mil preparing a report, which they unveiled at a gala attended by industry execs
Scientists who contributed to the report strongly recommended immediate action. Economists, however, succeeded in reframing the policy recs, suggesting less expensive tech would be invented to save us between then & when global warming's effects would start to be detected.
Scientists argue this reframe launched the climate change debate, transforming the issue from one of scientific concern to one of political controversy.…
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Extremely happy to see UK government tax mechanisms to cover #decommissioning costs being raised in @SkyNews Daily Climate Show. But as usual, somehow only half the story came out, so here is the other half for context! 🧵1/9
It is UK government policy to extract all remaining oil and gas from below the North Sea. This strategy used to be called “Maximising Economic Recovery of UK petroleum” published by @beisgovuk and delivered by Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) UK. 🧵2/9…
Legally grounded in the Energy Bill, the OGA has “additional powers to maximise economic recovery of oil & gas from beneath UK waters” & “the ability to issue enforcement notices and financial penalties, and to revoke licences for clear or persistent breaches of the MER UK” 🧵3/9
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