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#WorldOzoneDay | Remember Geography classes?

Tell us your one memory of #ozonelayer from those classes in the comments section below.

Not necessarily nerdy, they can be fun too.
#WorldOzoneDay: 35 Years On, Story of Ozone Hole and Recovery Sparks Inspiration for Effective #ClimateAction - by @deekshith_np…

(📸: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center) Image
What is the ozone hole, how did we discover it, and how did we address it? The story is truly inspiring!

#WorldOzoneDay #OzoneDay #OzoneLayer
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1/10 Tomorrow, @EU_Commission President @vonderleyen will make her 1st #SOTEU speech. The #VdLCommission’s been off to a good start with an ambitious #green agenda & the #EUGreenDeal, but the real test of her green credentials is yet to come...
2/10 Our #EU experts @manondf + @Pieter_de_Pous will be live-tweeting highlights during tomorrow’s #SOTEU speech at 9:00AM CEST.

If you’re interested in #euclimate be sure to follow along! In the meantime, here are some major areas we’ll be looking out for 🧐👇
3/10 Pressure by many including @Fridays4future and a #Green wave during last year’s @Europarl_EN elections left @vonderleyen with little alternative than to elevate the #green agenda to unprecedented prominence.… #SOTEU @QuentinGenard
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1/7 A short, updated & ongoing thread about the #ClimateEmergency #wildfires exposing the #disinformation being spread by HORDES of #DenialMachine #trollers.

Please bookmark, read & share often/widely, folks.📲

Help fight back against organized #trollfarms confusing the public!
2/7 When trolls shriek "#Arson!" they're just DISTRACTING you from fuel AND accellerant factors, BOTH of which are FAR WORSE due to climate change.🤨🔥

Read from reputable sources about #wildfire severity, duration and frequency:……
3/7 Here's THE definitive thread on Australian #wildfires & #arson:

More from Dr.Mann:

PLUS another distraction point - fires 'stopping' at borders:

CBS News on wildfires and MMCC:
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@OPAgarWRI @iChiragGajjar @teriin Transport #emissions are currently, at 10% of total emissions and 13% of energy emissions. #Transport sector in India is the fastest growing amongst G20 countries, which affects the goal of reducing emissions intensity of GDP: RR Rashmi, @teriin
#sustainable #Freight
@OPAgarWRI @iChiragGajjar @teriin There is no one silver bullet for all of the transport sector's emission woes. There needs to be an integrated approach to #decarbonizing India's booming #Transportation sector: RR Rashmi, @teriin
#sustainable #Freight #electricmobility #decarbonization #climateaction
@OPAgarWRI @iChiragGajjar @teriin Electrification of #transport sector, modal shift from road to rail for #freight, changes in urban planning are necessary for moderating the sector’s contribution in emissions: RR Rashmi, @teriin
#sustainable #electricmobility #decarbonization #climateaction
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Same people, different name. The Green Party has been in place for 35yrs. It has gone nowhere. Why? Why did we lose our Socialist Party? The US is not a parliamentary system. But look at what a mess those are thru/out Europe. And the UK destroyed Labour.…
I thought about attending this, but it's all the same voices I've been hearing and these are still voices of privilege. How is that distinct? Many of these privileged DemExit leaders claimed Trump would jumpstart revolution. But look what happened to the most vulnerable of us.
Cornel West now saying he will vote for Biden after 2016 highlights the hypocrisy. He knew all this in 2016, but voted for the explosion instead of the woman we could push left. So many of us have been hurt or even died in these 4yrs. I want real change, not another vanity run.
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Study Estimates Global Ice Loss of 28 Gigatonnes Since 1994; #Arctic Worst-Hit - by @MrigDixit…

(Image credit: NASA/Joe MacGregor) Image
Melting and refreezing of ice around the globe is an annual natural phenomenon, but owing to the gradual rise in global average temperature, the cycle is no longer marked by just the seasonal variability.

Over the last few decades, the accelerated irreversible melting has been a prime indicator of #globalwarming and is posing a massive threat to the entire world in the form of rising sea-levels.

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Eravamo Io🌍, Natura🌸 ed Evoluzione🦠, in un bosco a rilassarci dopo l'ennesimo giorno di duro lavoro

Quando ad un certo punto Natura🌸inizia a tamburellare su di un legno vecchio e dice:

Facciamo un animaletto nuovo? Uno che possa abitare nei tronchi degli alberi!
Evoluzione🦠: Lo abbiamo già fatto, ricordi? Ci sono un sacco di insetti che vivono nei tronchi 😒

🌸: Ma vorrei qualcosa di diverso...un uccellino, per esempio! Colorato, anzi no scuro che si possa confondere con il tronco... Anzi un po' colorato e un po' scuro

🌍: Oh oh!!
🦠: Quindi, se ho capito bene, tu vuoi un volatile che non faccia il nido, ma che viva DENTRO i tronchi, e come ti vengono in mente queste cose???
Come li scava?

Ti ricordo che hai voluto togliere i denti agli uccelli perché ti sembravano poco dolcini (gne gne)
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If you are not freaked out re #ClimateCrisis, please go read @ClimateHuman, @AlexSteffen, @drvox for just 3 days.

Then you will appreciate why our team at @SEALAwards spent the past 2 months fighting to create this #climateaction funding stream.

Now some hard truths...

It is EXCEEDINGLY hard to get the attention of TRILLION dollar orgs like @Citi, @jpmorgan, @WellsFargo et al.

While an eco charity card could create BILLIONS in PROFIT for them, they are skeptical that enough people care ENOUGH about #ClimateChange.

Help us convince them!

We brought a great team together - like @JeromeFosterII, @kat12mor, @rachmhendricks, @Jackomitus + 40 more:…

We will be 💯relentless in making this happen.

But we NEED your support - sign up at:
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Agree with experts like @MichaelEMann that climate change is an existential threat?

What you can do?

One easy solution: create an environmental charity rewards credit card.

Not everyone can be @GretaThunberg or work full-time
@WWF. But anyone can use an eco credit card.

We've vetted the opportunity: citizens like you would be willing to "give up" some credit card rewards to help beat climate change:

It could raise over $15 billion - more than @jeffbezos
climate fund! - for #ClimateAction

Now we *NEED* your support!

Help us convince institutions like @AmericanExpress or @Citi to evaluate launching a card like this.

Show your support here:

And help us get the word out.


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New paper alert! 🎉

Current & future global #climate impacts resulting from #COVID19

Out now in @NatureClimate led by Prof @PiersForster+daughter Harriet


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#BuildBackBetter #H2020

Lockdown emissions fell during the pandemic, especially from transport, as we were told to #StayAtHome

We know this from the mobility data that @apple and @google released, using it reflect how emissions from various economic sectors changed for 123 countries #funwithdata
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You know what I want for the next 3 months?
It's how America works. We can tweet against Trump all we want, but the best way to support Biden and guarantee a Blue Wave is to energize 3 movements:
2-People of Color
3-Climate Action
Nothing has been under attack more than #WomensRights since the pussy grabber took office.
I don't know about you, but I think we should have Million Women Marches regularly between now and November because the attacks are disgusting, dehumanizing, and lethal.
George Floyd's murder being caught on video energized a movement. Why stop? We will not know peace as long as we have a racist in our White House.
ICE roundups, kids in cages, Kung Flu, tear gas, wall, the list goes on and on and we should still be protesting.
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#TidyTuesday Week 2020/32 ⚡ European Electricity by @EU_Eurostat inspired by @JohnMuyskens, @karim_douieb & @robradburn

Still experimenting with geofacets 🌐 And still experimenting with moon charts 🌘🌒🌖 Not enough green on that chart though.

#r4ds #rstats #ggplot2 #dataviz A geofacet of Europe that s...
Wasn't sure if I like the grey or white version better.
#FridaysForFuture #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateChange Image
Code for this and many other #dataviz'es on my GitHub:
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More than 20 African countries have joined together to plant a giant wall of trees that will run across the continent to stop the spread of the Sahara Desert. The Great Green Wall of Africa will stretch for 7,000 kilometres, from coast to coast right across the continent.
For the record, it is being planted and hits 15 of the 17 UN sustainable development goals #ESG
By 2030, the Wall aims to restore 100 million hectares of currently degraded land, sequester 250 million tonnes of carbon and create 10 million jobs in rural areas. #ClimateAction
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1/10 A thread about Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD): nuclear lobbyist and climate science denier, for those of you who aren't aware of him OR the #disinformation he spreads on the #ClimateCrisis.

First, as Dr. Mann points out, look who's backing him: the #DenialMachine!
2/10 Michael Shellenberger is NOT a 'climate activist' OR environmentalist OR scientist but rather a pro-nuclear climate DENIER posing as an environmentalist:…

He's also an anthropologist, NOT versed in physics yet presents himself as a nuclear expert?🤨
3/10 Shellenberger is a nuclear lobby cheerleader, whose HUGE budgets are an EASY place to hide graft.

He uses backhanded denial of ANY climate change or other environmental solutions to boost nuclear:………
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Around the world, one trillion plastic bags are used every year. Then, there are plastic bottles & other one-use plastics that end up in landfill on earth & floating on our seas. The problem is overwhelmingly huge, but it's one that we can all do something about. #ClimateAction
As consumers we can try to avoid the consumption of plastic products (particularly one-use products), and try to use alternative materials whenever possible.
According to the Guardian, one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every single minute. Avoid buying bottled water whenever you can by carrying your own drinking water bottle. This saves a lot even though you might notice. #StopPlasticPollution #ProtectOurPlanet
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REPORT: #BlackRock is part of a group of financiers keeping EU’s #coal industry on life support, investing €12 B directly, & €9.8 B in loans & underwriting, in under 18 months.
#BLKBigProblem #ClimateCrisis #BeyondCoal #ClimateAction
#BlackRock is the biggest shareholder of the world’s most significant lignite coal miner, Europe’s biggest CO2 emitter, #RWE ⛏️

AND #BLK is a critical funder of dirty coal in EU.

Report →…

#BLKBigProblem #Climate #BeyondCoal
#BLK's 2020 #coal policy doesn't address these gaps - when will they get serious about #ClimateCrisis?

The @UNFCCC & @IPCC_CH have warned for years that we have to get out of coal, fast, but #BlackRock just keeps pumping $$ into it.

#BLKBigProblem #BeyondCoal #ClimateCrisis
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#SriAgenda abt to start 💥 #July14 at 3pm CEST

Parliamentary Report Launch: Financing #climateaction w/ positive #socialimpact: how banks can support a #justtransition in the UK "@APPGSustFin…

#sustainablefinance @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit
@APPGSustFin @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit #SriAgenda just started 💥 #July14

Parliamentary Report Launch: Financing #climateaction w/ positive #socialimpact: how banks can support a #justtransition in the UK "@APPGSustFin…

#SustainableFinance #JustTransition
@APPGSustFin @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit here are the hashtags to join the conversation on Twitter, @PollyBillington just said in her opening remarks


(no doubt 😎)
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NEW INFOGRAPHICS 🖼: Check out Biden War Room's newest collection of Biden policy infographics. Today we are covering the five pillars of Biden's #ClimateAction Plan. (1/6)
The first pillar of the Biden Plan is to ensure a 100% clean energy economy and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. (2/6)
The second pillar of the Biden Plan is to build a stronger, more resilient nation. This means building infrastructure that can withstand disaster, provide for our communities, and lead to massive job creation. (3/6)
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Not sure how on the radar this is for you but the #Chinaflooding season starts in 13 days and it’s already a catastrophe.

An interesting analysis of the situation.

#msm not covering this.

@paul_furber @paulmuaddib61

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Perfect Tweet for a lazy Summer Sunday - Who doesn't love volcanism?
🌋Mount Okmok in Alaska in 43 BCE ... INTRIGUING THEORY
🌋Pompeii and Herculaneum AND the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79
🌋Krakatoa 416 AD event

🌋The Thera (Minoan) Eruption in 1600 BCE - one of largest & most devastating volcanic eruptions in recorded history.


☛ "We can slow down climate change by replicating volcanic eruptions"
“Many are of the belief that through such climate Earth modelling, we can slow down climate change by replicating volcanic eruptions”

PLEASE SAY "THEY" aren't contemplating triggering massive, coordinated volcanic eruptions as #ClimateAction

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#PPCBerlin is about to start!

As always, we'll be live-tweeting the event with some great quotes from our expert panelists and contributors, so stay tuned!


@IEP_Berlin @GermanyintheEU @parleu2020de @AuswaertigesAmt @EPinDeutschland @EUinDE @GermanyDiplo @EUCouncil
We kick things of with a video message from Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA's Secretary-General, and Frank Schimmelfennig, @IEP_Berlin's Chairman of the Academic Advisory Board

#PPCBerlin is our first ever virtual PPC because of #COVID19, which is why our cooperation with @IEP_Berlin has been valuable in taking this unexpected context into account 💪

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Hey, we're @CarbonCoop taking over the feed for the next 2 hrs! Based in Manchester we offer #retrofit services to householder members, educate and raise awareness and develop innovative energy systems projects & offers.

It's all about #ClimateAction

#HarnessOurPower #CEF2020
We're all about helping our members take action on climate change in their homes and communities, making huge changes to tackle the challenge of climate change, meet some of them here:…

#HarnessOurPower #CEF2020
There's a tonne of reasons to #retrofit your home: to improve comfort, reduce bills, tackle health conditions and invest in your property, but for us climate change and reducing carbon emissions from domestic energy use is no.1!

#HarnessOurPower #CEF2020
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Heads up: This is going to be a LONG thread, but a very important one if you're interested in the plight of our Black farmers and our small farmers in this country.

Black Farmers Matter!

#NCAg #NCpol #agriculture
I have a number of concerns re: @USDA's aid distribution & program implementation of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). Chiefly, I'm concerned with how aid will be made available to minority farmers & small producers, particularly young & nontraditional farmers.
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Torwards #WorldEnvironmentDay #MVIWATA with @via_campesina SEAF among other activities has organized a five (5) days training on agro-ecology and climate justice to 24 smallholder farmers from Mtwara, Tanga and Morogoro regions. #PeasantAEAchievesCJ, #ClimateAction
The training highlights the benefits of family-based diversified agro ecological farming, in terms of feeding the world with healthy, local food and good stewardship of the environment. #WorldEnvironmentDay #ClimateAction #PeasantAEachievesCL, #SystemChangeNotClimateChange
It also sheds light on the preservation of cultural heritages and the family farm way of life, and resilience to climate change. #WorldEnvironmentDay #ClimateAction #SystemchangeNotClimateChange, #PeasantAEachievesCJ, #Staysafebutnotsilent, #WorldEnvironmentDay #ClimateAction
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