One month ago the @nytimes long-haul profiled dumbass anti-vaxxers like this in “real america” and framed their bloodthirsty drive to keep covid alive as a nuanced decision-making process that we should respect because they’re from appalachia instead of a city with elevators
Bow down before the €-anon assholes who share boomer memes about bill gates and the vaccine simply because they live in a town that’s never had a dean and deluca
The scrapple lovers who believe in vaccine microchips also use folksy slang we’ve never heard therefore they represent a unique perspective and must be respected for their decision to help slaughter 600,000 people by believing covid was a hoax and pfizer is a video game
Every single anti-vaxxer is a psycho, a grifter, or both—poorly rendered carbon copies of tucker carlson and orly taitz who should never be mentioned in news stories or on news shows unless the explicit purpose is to show the Republican Party’s total embrace of misinformation

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5 Jun
One time kamala harris said have a good weekend
I guess if I had to say, killing 600,000 people with a virus was also pretty inartful
The deadly attempted overthrow of the US government was a bit of a mishap
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4 Jun
The only way to stop the spread of misinformation is to stop inviting the people spreading misinformation onto news platforms to do it

Just because Chris Wallace fact-checked Trump in an interview one time doesn’t mean he’s your Truth King. He thinks the Big Lie is kinda neat!
Chris Wallace was an early Big Lie spreader. He helped Steve Scalise incite the Jan. 6 insurrection by broadcasting this election denial on a “real news” platform well after the election was decided
One month after the Jan. 6 insurrection Chris Wallace rewarded Rand Paul, a Top 5 Big Liar in the Senate who still lies about the election being “stolen,” with a sweet Sunday slot to lie again
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16 May
Wonder if there’s any way to know if one of these groups is lying based on any recent history of them lying
What if we had a profession dedicated to finding out what’s true and the people in it could write reports about it so we would know what’s real and what’s not, and those people who made the reports — the report-ers, for lack of a better word — could set the record straight
Hear me out but I don’t think this would be too hard. First the Truth Finders look at the statements (one real, one fake) that appear in the Washington Post. Then they “verify” which one is true by conducting some sort of internet search. And then they file their Truth Report
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8 May
This is a conspiracy theory that @SenatorBraun pushed on @ThisWeekABC on Dec. 6, 2020 when SOME OF US were screaming that news shows should not book Republicans pushing the Big Lie

This is literally what happens when you give Republicans a platform on legitimate news outlets
Braun was given an open platform to lie about suspicious "boxes of ballots" that were seen under tables in polling places and "thousands" of fake absentee ballots

@ABC loved it so much they invited even bigger liars on over the next four months to push this misinformation
There is no accountability for anyone in media deliberately keeping the Big Lie alive — the hosts, the producers, the bookers — because the system is designed to treat every lie as legitimate as long as Republicans tell the lie in unison and brand it as “on message”
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5 May
Why would a network journalist literally turn “Should we remember Jan. 6?” into a both-sides poll unless network journalism is predicated on insisting every bad-faith Republican talking point is a legitimate issue
I’m a journalist. My job is record history — unless enough people don’t want me to, in which case, I won’t do it
@jdickerson deleted his tweet giving validity to the Republican talking point that we should forget the Jan. 6 insurrection happened
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4 May
118 days after the Jan. 6 insurrection, the @washingtonpost is currently promoting Josh Hawley's book in a livestream as if he hasn't spent months pushing the biggest lie in American history

There will never be consequences for any of these Republicans. The news media loves them
I'm not joking - @Cat_Zakrzewski just said the "falsehood that the election was stolen" is a litmus test for the Republican Party and then asked JOSH HAWLEY - the top senator who pushed the lie - "Is that bad for the party?"
"Do you think Liz Cheney should be removed from leadership?" was her next question

"Would you support former President Trump running for office in 2024?" was the next one

"If he runs would you run against him?"

what the fuck is this @washingtonpost I mean holy fucking shit
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