Ilhan Omar just accused the US of "crimes against humanity," and equated the US government with the Taliban. Interesting strategy for holding the House in 2022.
The US occasionally does bad things. Hamas is a terrorist organization. A US member of Congress, who stands for a lot of issues that Hamas couldn’t care less about, should understand the difference. Ilhan Omar is not just equating us with terrorists, she’s normalizing terrorists.
It brings me no joy being forced to weigh in about the crazies on our side — I’d much rather tweet about THEIR crazies. But our extremists do real damage to issues we care about by constantly going out there & saying things that will hand control of Congress to the Republicans.
And at some point, some of us have to have the balls to step forward and admit, publicly, that Ilhan Omar doesn’t stand for us, and that we’re tired of her undercutting progressive values and the progressive agenda by saying incredibly dumb and offensive things.
And finally, as a gay man, the US gives me freedom, Hamas et. al. would throw me off a roof. It’s time we stopped idolizing groups and movements that hate most things, and people, we stand for and with.

• • •

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9 Jun
Another case in point. AOC was just on my TV doing interviews trying to pressure Joe Manchin to be more progressive. What impact do you think the figurehead for the socialist left in Congress will have on a Senator from a deep-red state? Her criticism will help him dig in.
The last person we need weighing in to influence Manchin, a senator from a deep-red Trump state, is AOC. So why is she doing it? Surely, she knows that she and her movement not only have zero influence on Manchin, but that her voice is actually counterproductive. Then why do it?
The reason I bring this up is making it easier for Manchin to keep siding with the GOP, and worse, she’s making it HARDER for Manchin to side with Democrats. Deep-red West Virginia doesn’t need to see Manchin siding with the socialist member of Congress.
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27 May
What did they do to our flag?
Okay, just googled this. Apparently, Philadelphia decided to deface the rainbow flag. They claim it was to include “black & brown people.” Except that the colors of the rainbow in the flag don’t stand for anyone in particular. It’s not like red is gays and green is bisexuals. 1/
Also, when the flag was created, a very long time ago, it’s not like it was devoted to only white LGBT people. It’s a rainbow. All the colors of the spectrum. It represents everybody. Making one part of the flag about only one group defeats the entire purpose of the rainbow. 2/
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25 May
Sorry, but this is just wrong. First, Mark Ruffalo gave a heartfelt public apology for words that he felt went too far in the heat of passion. Good for him. Second, trying to reinvent the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as being about the evil white Jewish man is also just wrong.
Jewish people have been as oppressed as anybody on the planet. 36% of the entire world population of Jews was incinerated during the Holocaust. The worldwide Jewish population STILL hasn't recovered to pre-Holocaust levels, 76 years later.
You do a disservice to history when you attempt to paint the Jewish people as the "white guys" -- aka, the oppressors throughout the ages. They're actually the folks who have been hunted down and killed for millenia.
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20 May
This is beyond idiotic. We’re in the middle of a debate about how Republicans don’t care about security at the US Capitol, so the socialist wing of the Democratic Party votes against increased security at the Capitol. I tire of this naïveté.
CNN: “Progressives almost blocked the bill in a last-minute effort because they did not support the funding in the bill that would go to the police.”

A) The socialist wing is now “progressives,” they’ve taken over our movement and we now get blamed for their crazy votes….
And B) They literally voted to not fund the police who were violently attacked and beaten by Trump supporters. Are they nuts? We’ve literally just handed a campaign ad for Republicans to now ATTACK US over the Insurrection.
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5 May
It’s definitely late. I hope not “too late.” But I have to admit, I don’t see how the GOP escapes from the black hole that is Trump. Trump exposed that the Republican Party is fine with treason, fascism, insurrection, child rape, and so much more (including budget busting). 1/
For the past 30 years since I left the GOP, I’ve disagreed with them a lot. But I never actually thought they were traitors. I never thought they’d willingly hand over our national security to the Russians. And the North Koreans. This is just nuts what they’ve become. 2/
Trump hasn’t changed the party, he’s exposed a corrupt fascist-loving core to the GOP soul that will accept any policy proposal - right or left, illegal or immoral - so long as it comes from a strongman. And I don’t know how you put that genie back in the bottle.
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1 Feb
1/ I’ve been trying to get my 91 y.o. mother in Illinois vaccinated, and it’s been an absolute disaster. The state chose to decentralize the process — there are at least 4 different Web sites you can use to schedule appointments, and none of them have vaccines, ever. @GovPritzker
2/ The National Guard is also giving vaccines, in just a few counties - but not moms! - and the state of Illinois @IDPH has yet another Web site where you can register to get vaccines, but only if you live in one of six or so incredibly-rural town in the middle of nowhere.
3/ What’s worse: They never tell you when the next allotment of vaccines are coming, so what are you supposed to do — check the Web site every minute of every day, hoping that maybe you’ll be online during the sparse few minutes that appointments are available?
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