So let me get this straight the Conservative Party of Canada claims that they will have a real approach to climate change meanwhile they recently voted against recognizing that climate change is real. They also stated that they will have a serious approach to..
..Indegenous reconciliation meanwhile they do not recognize the UNDRIP. In addition they condemn the recent attack in London ON meanwhile they voted against M-103 (to condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination)
Conservatives claim to be fighting for pay equity between men & women meanwhile they voted against recognizing that the govt must take action to close the unacceptable gap in pay between men and women which contributes to income inequality and discriminates against women
This party also claims to be pro choice meanwhile they support matter of conscience legislation which literally restricts women's freedom of choice over their own bodies. In addition they condemn mass shootings but oppose responsible gun control.
Conservatives also claim that they want to lift more Canadians out of poverty meanwhile they supported their provincial counterparts opposition to minimum wage increases and paid sick leave.
Notice the pattern?
Please vote responsibly.
Indigenous *

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8 Feb
@erinotoole Many sites have conveniently been recently edited.

1. Erin is the son of a career politician who also worked in upper management for GM
2. Erin closed 9 veteran affairs offices to balance Stephen Harper's budget, all he had to do was turn his back to veterans
@erinotoole 3. Erin believes residential schools were designed to educate as opposed to what really happened. Kidnapping Indegenous children
4. Erin opposed CERB & CESB
5. Erin didn't vote to remove Mr.Sloan
6. Erin was a high profile corporate lawyer
@erinotoole 7. Erin supports Jason Kenney Critical Infrastructure Defence Act which makes protesting Pipeline illegal
8. Erin opposed responsible gun control even after the Nova Scotian RCMP massacre
9. Erin supports Matters of conscience legislation which an abortion loophole
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18 Dec 20
So let me get this straight Erin O'toole promises a serious approach to Indegenous reconciliation should he become Prime Minister, meanwhile he recently claimed:
•residential schools were designed to provide education
•requires a study to understand what systemic racism is
•supports Mr.Kenney's controversial critical infrastructure defence bill
•supported every one of Andrew Scheer's repeated calls to the RCMP to remove Indegenous people from railroads blockades…
•Manitoba chiefs furious after Ottawa sends body bags to flu-stricken reserves (Stephen Harper)
•Mr Scheer "we cannot create a syst in this country where one group of individuals,one Indigenous community, can hold hostage large projects that employ so many Indigenous 🇨🇦dns"
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14 Dec 20
Before you believe Erin O'toole's narrative that Conservatives are fighting for us, please be aware of what they did the last time Conservatives formed government. Also please keep in mind that Erin O'toole supported all of it.
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31 Oct 20
Conservative logic.

1. Solve climate change by entirely ignoring the problem.

2. Solve gun related violence by loosening gun laws.

3. Circumvent abortion rights by introducing "matter of conscience" legislation.

4. Protect statues over living beings.

5. Legislate cuts to healthcare services during a pandemic.

6. Maximize school class sizes but limit social gatherings.

7. Ignore social distancing & wearing masks but deflect blame on medical experts if you contract the Coronavirus.

8. Present conspiracy theories as facts

9. Claim to support Indegenous peoples but refuse to acknowledge or support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indegenous peoples.

10. Claim to support the Black Lives Matters movement while completely ignoring or acknowledging systemic racism.
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15 Sep 20
Dear 🇨🇦 please understand when you don't vote you don't matter in the eyes of the government. Students if you want the govt to hear your frustrations with rising tuition costs, VOTE. If you're outraged over the state of LTC homes, VOTE.…
If support teachers, VOTE. If you support our healthcare workers, VOTE. If you're angry that women, LGBTQ2, indigenous people, minorities must still fight for basic rights in 2020, VOTE. If you're tired of gun related tragedies, VOTE.
If you're tired of working for living wages that barely make ends meet, VOTE. The chaos that is present in AB, ON and to our neighbors in the south can all be avoided by ONE SINGLE VOTE. Let me put it in simpler terms, would you feel comfortable placing your life in the hands of
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14 Sep 20
Mr.O'toole when you state you're pro-choice but agree to allow conservative members to reopen the abortion debate Canadians realize you're using this loophole to avoid personal accountability. When you state climate change is real but still support industries that
directly contribute to it Canadians realize you don't have the ability to understand simple scientific truths. When you state it must be a top priority to improve the relationship between the government and Indigenous communities but refuse to acknowledge
The United Nations
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples including your view to pass a Freedom of Movement Act that will make it a criminal offence to block a railway, airport, port, or major road, or to block the entrance to a business or household
Read 5 tweets

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