X : Thoughts on self driving cars?
Me : Hmmm ... that's a bit broad. What are you after?
X : A good thing?
Me : Yes but I have concerns.
X : Safety?
Me : No. Three other concerns ...
... if I look at the map (about 6 years old now), my concerns are

a) Route management through digital subscription models leading to social inequality on roads (i.e. pricing someone to get out of your way) and geo fencing (i.e. no go areas if you're the wrong subscription) ...
... beyond embedding social inequality and geo fencing, then my next concern would be :-

b) imposition of values through the training systems for the AIs themselves.

I'd like to know whose values are we imposing? I talked about this many many years ago, I am still concerned.
... I am far less concerned about the issue of passenger safety (I'm sure others will be) than I am the lack of any form of net neutrality on the road system itself. It's a dangerous space. If you have a flood and only those who have the right "subscription" level escape ...
... then you will have pitchforks the next day. This shouldn't be left to the market.
Since I did that map (long ago), we've had

BMW launching digital subscription models

FORD patents

I don't share much optimism when it comes to the market ...
... but this (thank you @interstar for the spot) takes the biscuit. This motorcycle airbag vest would stop working if you don't pay a subscription - entrepreneur.com/article/371421

• • •

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8 Jun
Every map is a projection, it is not reality ->
However, that said ... we should always look towards creating better maps.

I think we are getting close to the time, as a community, that we need to define this more, to determine the axioms of mapping.
X : How?
Me : How what?
X : Create the axioms?
Me : Ah, part of what the mapping foundation will need to do.
X : Who is on the foundation?
Me : It hasn't been formed but ... I suspect you want to know who will get to decide?
X : Yes
Me : Sortition.
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8 Jun
X : Should companies be cloud first?
Me : Yes but that's not your problem.
X : What's my problem then?
Me : Some companies can't be cloud first or it might even harmful to them.
X : How do you know?
Me : Principles.
X : You've lost me.
Me : Ok ...
... look at the doctrine table, those phase I principles of understand your users, their needs, the components involved etc.
X : And?
Me : If you don't do this then any cloud effort will be hit and miss ...
... it's a bit like data, you become data driven BEFORE you consider investing a truck load of money in some data lake. Those phase I principles are mostly about understanding your landscape. You should always do this BEFORE taking action.
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7 Jun
Hartlepool, Heysham A, Hinkley Point B, Hunterston B and now Dungeness B - edfenergy.com/media-centre/n… ... forget about net zero plan or loss of £40M to the local economy - how close are we getting to running out of power?
I know people keep talking about crypto and the Bank of England creating its own currency etc ... but with what? If we start running out of power then the public aren't going to react well with people using it to get rich on crypto when they are having power cuts.
... oh, and before you go ChiaCoin ... proof of space, that's madness right there. Still, at least it means if you spent £400M on a data lake, the real gold is probably your disk storage (not the data).
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6 Jun
So it begins. The problem with challenging the orthodoxy is that it controls the levers of power. Legislation will always be sold as "safety" and "security" but it's really about "challenge" -> India asks Twitter to follow tough new social media laws - arabnews.com/node/1870961/m…
The downside for those countries involved, is whilst it gives those in power a false sense of control, it undermines the very changes that are occuring and which are leading to new, more competitive organisations and industries -
But we always do this. The very desire to control change in order to retain the status quo, the existing symbols and structures of power leads us along a path where we lose power to others who choose to adapt.
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6 Jun
Whilst I'm broadly supportive of the use of data, you have to be very careful on its processing and use i.e. could the same data be used to identify more "profitable" GP surgeries for outside investors? ->
... or could the data be used to accelerate the introduction of patient budgets (aka personal health budgets)?

Slow burn mass privatisation under the guise of giving people "choice" - england.nhs.uk/personal-healt…
This isn't a knock at the NHS, it's a wonderful institution which does amazing work, staffed by amazing people ... but we all know it's becoming a franchise operation under an "NHS brand". Knowing the realty of US healthcare, we will miss it ...
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5 Jun
Gosh, an exhausting day, sowing a meadow ... well, the exhausting bit is all the preparation beforehand. Tomorrow, I'm going to have an easy day - a good long walk, build a trampoline and a little bit of decorating.
Trampoline done bar the poles for a safety net. Huge monster of a thing. Still ... almost finished. Time for a cuppa. Blazing hot day today.
Trampoline done, decorating done, setting up the barbecue. It has been a lovely relaxing day. A little bit too warm but I've got my airconditioning all setup ... all powered by the solar energy I capture. A day like today I produce almost 30 kWh of power and consume about 15.
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