Till today, a lot of Nigerians on the streets still believe that former president Sani Abacha died from an apple that a lady gave him to eat.

Meanwhile, there were reports it was from liver cirrhosis, a condition where a lot of liver cells die and is replaced by scars.
Your liver does a lot of jobs for you, from making sure that it removes toxins from your body, to making proteins that allow your blood clot properly, some drugs become active or inactive in your body thanks to your liver

It's an important organ. One of the most important
Funny enough, the liver has this insane ability to regenerate new cells when it loses old ones

You can cut off a part of the liver and it'll try and grow back

But unfortunately, some chemicals eg alcohol and diseases like hepatitis can cause widespread injury of the liver cells
When these cells get injured and some die, they become replaced with scars, (you remember that hard crust-like stuff you peel off after an injury)

Sometimes, these scars become so much that the liver can't get blood supply anymore which means they can't remove toxins that well
Digestion also becomes a problem, blood can't flow properly in the liver so they pile up in the veins leading to the liver.

So many issues start to show up, that most important organ has failed so toxins start to pile up in the blood, if nothing is done, death follows.
Some common things that can cause cirrhosis of the liver are:

. Alcohol abuse especially when it's chronic
. Hepatitis B, C and D, you can get vaccines for hepatitis B
. When fat starts to accumulate in your liver

I'll continue this thread later, I need to travel to Netherlands
I'll be sharing things like these via video, so follow me on IG for more

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26 May
Our hospitals are filled with people who cannot pay their medical bills.

Unfortunately, many of them die because they do not get access to funds on time. Some have emptied their life's savings and yet it does not even start to sort the bills.

People are going through a lot
"Well, get health insurance" easy to think this sorts the issue.

It is not that simple, while health insurance helps with emergency medical bills, how many Nigerians can afford proper health insurance, the basic one that many Nigerians have access to do not cover cancer etc
Or even major surgeries.

Let us also consider that many Nigerians currently have health insurance because their employer puts in as part of their remuneration package.

That's why we pray a lot! A lot of things are outside our control.
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25 May
Okiriki is back, Ikegwuru will soon annoy the gods
Epilepsy is NOT contagious!
Epilepsy is NOT contagious!
Epilepsy is NOT contagious!
Epilepsy is NOT contagious!
Epilepsy is NOT contagious!
Epilepsy is NOT contagious!
Epilepsy is NOT contagious!
Epilepsy is NOT contagious!
Epilepsy is NOT contagious!
Epilepsy is a disorder in the brain that causes seizures that are recurrent.

These seizures happen when there is a sudden haphazard rush of electricity or impulses in the brain.

For simplicity, Seizures can either be generalized or focal
Involving all the brain or just part.
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18 May
I messed up. I have been stupid with my finances for the past 3 years, as someone who comes from the kind of background I come from it was stupid thing to do

One of the mistakes we make is using the same banks we opened as students, without realizing it might be a costly mistake
One day i sat down and calculated all the monies I had spent on back transfers, card charges, plus how much value my money was losing just by sitting in a bank and I realized I may end up exactly where people in my background were: Struggling to make ends meet, one of my fears
At the end of the day, I am losing money just by keeping it in the traditional banks we know.

Some said "invest" which is good advice, but you can't invest everything you have, you still need to keep some in the banks to move around and stuff.
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17 May
I remember when I was 27 years old, I was in a maternity ward full with women in different stages of labor

I had been having a really bad headache so I decided to check my blood pressure only to see 180/120mmHg. Would have had a stroke.

I got admitted
I spent the next few days resting.

Then it finally hit me. Even though I was a doctor, I was not exempt from getting this disease.

That is one of the reasons I shout on this app, your age is not protection against high blood pressure. Can happen to anyone.
Hypertension, happens when your blood pressure increases to high levels.

Your blood pressure measurement takes into account how blood is passes through your blood vessels and how much resistance the blood meets while the heart is pumping.
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15 May
Drinking water is good, but if you drink unclean water, you could get stomach ulcers.

Many people think that fasting or not eating enough causes stomach ulcer, but it's either bad water or abusing drugs like Ibuprofen in the class of NSAIDS that caused theirs

Let me explain:
Your stomach secretes an acid known as gastric acid with a pH of less than 3.5 enough to burn through your skin, why doesnt this burn your stomach?

This is because your stomach is protected by a sheet of mucus like substance that protects it from being destroyed by this acid
When you get infected with H Pylori, it can survive the harsh environment of the stomach by netutralizing the acid around it

It is able to colonise the stomach, sometimes for years, this can lead to inflammation and create a chance for acid to reach the stomach wall
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30 Apr
I met a man some months ago, he was complaining of chest pain, he thought it was a stomach ulcer, sometimes it got worse after he ate a heavy meal, other times when he was climbing his staircase

It was not his stomach at all!
His heart was not getting enough blood
Your heart pumps blood around your body yea?

That same heart needs blood itself, supplied by what I call coronary arteries, sometimes, these arteries can become narrow and not supply enough oxygen to your heart muscles.

This is what leads to the pain people feel.
Sometimes, this pain can be triggered by stress, cold weather, exercise, heavy meals and can last anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes at a time.

This pain is called angina and is a form of heart disease, there are other kinds of angina and some just come without warning
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