Noooooo. Lee, wtf man. I thought we were cool?
Many people are saying that Lee Carter blocked me in direct response to having the most popular qt of his concession/meltdown tweet. I cannot confirm this but many people are saying it.
Meanwhile, lee has just been on an absolutely torrid posting spree since last night. Just posting through it, like a mad man.…

• • •

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More from @Wilson__Valdez

10 Jun
It's extremely funny when people pretend that Glenn is still 'principled.'

When the govt says something favorable to Trump/his worldview: Definitive proof! Debunked! Trump innocent!

Whe the govt says something (fairly obvious) that goes against his narratives: NO PROOF!
Also another 'principled' thing he does that's hilarious is if there's a story that advances his narratives, he sees it immediately. He had a 10-tweet thread & a full article written in less than an hour of this coming out.

Meanwhile, if it goes against his narrative...crickets.
Read 4 tweets
10 Jun
So I finally got around to reading the Yashar piece (not even going to do a 'Y*shar' since the last time I tried that, he found/screenshotted it in less than 10 min) & my recommendation is, if you were hesitating, definitely read it. It's really good.…
I thought of Yashar as some sort of irritating, rich fail-son, who was a massive celebrity clout chaser that would just shamelessly seek attention (much of which was just blatant bait like, 'omg anyone who likes avocado is just wrong.' & 'The Beatles are so basic. Don't @ me.')
(And btw I believed he was the rich, fail-son of some wealthy Iranian family, because he led everyone to believe that. In reality, his parents both work(ed) at the Univ. of Illinois, which tbh is much cooler but I guess didn't fit the 'image' he was going for.) ImageImage
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10 Jun
The accepted narrative among political journalists after 2016 (based really on nothing but Bernie being the only alternative to Clinton) was that everyone hated the Dems & that the Bernie Left was going to take over. Outside of a few scattered mostly low-turnout primaries,
almost none of that came true. Surprisingly, all that talk of "Knee Bending" and "Libs Crying (when Bernie wins) really doesn't have any constituency outside of Brooklyn Left Twitter.
Read 4 tweets
9 Jun
Glenn is of course doubling down on spreading disinformation. He knows exactly what the issue is- the guy posted the full clip alongside a summary ('Gay says she was disgusted by the sight of the American flag') which was just a straight up lie.
And then all the news outlets, like the ones he loves to appear on, ran with it as 'Libs say the American flag is repulsive'. So of course, Glenn is lying himself, when he accuses others of lying about his friend, the RW disinformation spreader. Same as it ever was.
It really does seem that Glenn is at the forefront of literally every single bad faith/out of context RW smear campaign against the media these days.
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9 Jun
I'm not mad. Actually, I'm laughing. I didn't even want to win anyway. I hated this job. I hated serving all you ingrates. Which is why I ran for governor. And most of all...I am not owned.
Compare and contrast. Seems like a huge upgrade. Congrats!
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8 Jun
Literally every viral RW outrage quote snippet is just a blatant, willfully dishonest representation of the video clip they know none of their followers will actually watch. Because lying about Dems is righteous, the only important thing is 'owning' them.
In this case the actual quote is about seeing a bunch of trucks with 'Fuck Biden', Trump flags & dozens of American flags', sending the message that 'this is my country.' And he knows this b/c he posts this (still truncated) quote in the tweet after the viral one where he lies.
But b/c the RW media-sphere is just non-stop lying, whoever Tom Elliott is, guy turned it into, 'I saw a bunch of American flags and that was really disturbing.' And with predictable results...
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