There are two equally distressing possibilities for explaining this.

1) Gohmert thinks we can adjust the orbits of the Earth or Moon or tweak solar activity.

2) He’s knows that’s impossible & is being sarcastic because he thinks addressing climate change is always impossible.
The first possibility is distressing because it suggests that despite being in conversations with NASA officials about them, he does not understand how orbits work. The second is distressing because it suggests he will oppose all attempts to address climate change as futile.
The most dangerous current strategy employed by those who oppose doing anything about climate change is to convince us that we can’t do anything & will only harm ourselves by trying. Don’t let them convince you we’re helpless. We know exactly what to do. We’ve known for decades.
There are costs to slowing global warming. It will require trade-offs, hard adjustments, and complicated rearrangements of certain industries. But it’s not impossible. And the costs of doing nothing are and will continue to be VASTLY higher.
Update: Looks like Gohmert really wants us to believe that the orbits of the Earth and Moon are the cause of climate change so we’ll give up and conclude there’s no way to address it.

This is an old, false claim that has been disproven many, many times.…

• • •

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26 May
If the Moon is visible where you are right now, go look!! It should be a lovely deep red, illuminated not by direct sunlight but by the light of all the sunrises and sunsets of the Earth while in its shadow. #LunarEclipse2021
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One of the frustrating things about debunking UFOs or ghost sightings or paranormal phenomena or whatever is that the actual explanation is usually both mundane and complicated (featuring math and geometry and physics) and that just can't compete with an exciting mystery.
"Space aliens using trans-dimensional physics are visiting us and demonstrating rapid low-altitude flight enabled by advanced otherworldy technology!"
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20 Apr
Nice article by @uncertainquark for @exploreplanets about why terraforming Mars is probably a lot harder than you've been led to believe…
The problem with Mars isn't that it's dry, or even that it's cold. The problem is it has very little air and that air is mostly CO2, and is, incidentally, being slowly sheared off by the solar wind (for lack of a magnetic field). Just heating the planet doesn't solve any of that.
There's actually a decent amount of water (as ice) at/near the surface. But even if you made the planet warmer, above what we consider freezing, that ice will turn right into vapor because there's too little air pressure for liquid water to exist. The atmosphere is a challenge.
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8 Apr
I want to expand on this a little... it's an issue that makes the POSSIBLE NEW PHYSICS announcement today a bit more complicated/caveat-y...
Both the measurement and the theory prediction for this experiment require INCREDIBLE precision. And the calculations are HARD. You have to account for how every particle known to science might interact with a muon, hypothetically, and exactly how that would affect its motion. 😳
One way to do this calculation is called the "data-driven" approach, which relies on generalizing from other precise measurements. The other is a new approach using supercomputers doing "lattice QCD" -- solving lots of very difficult equations on a very tight grid.
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7 Apr
I've been tweeting a bunch of articles and threads about the #gminus2 result -- a possible indication of ✨ NEW PHYSICS ✨ coming from @Fermilab! Check my timeline for details, but I'll give a very brief and simplified summary here...
An experiment at @Fermilab is measuring a property of muons -- subatomic particles similar to electrons, but heavier -- to try to determine if our current understanding of particle physics is correct or not. The experiment hinges on the fact that muons are a tiny bit magnetic 🧲
The "Muon g-2" experiment measures how muons spin around and how that spin wobbles when they're sent around a circular track in the presence of strong magnetic and electric fields. That depends on how the muon spins and its "g-factor", related to its magnetism.
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