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I've been tweeting a bunch of articles and threads about the #gminus2 result -- a possible indication of ✨ NEW PHYSICS ✨ coming from @Fermilab! Check my timeline for details, but I'll give a very brief and simplified summary here...
An experiment at @Fermilab is measuring a property of muons -- subatomic particles similar to electrons, but heavier -- to try to determine if our current understanding of particle physics is correct or not. The experiment hinges on the fact that muons are a tiny bit magnetic 🧲
The "Muon g-2" experiment measures how muons spin around and how that spin wobbles when they're sent around a circular track in the presence of strong magnetic and electric fields. That depends on how the muon spins and its "g-factor", related to its magnetism.
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We’re thrilled to announce that the first results from Fermilab’s Muon g-2 experiment strengthen evidence of new physics! #gminus2…
The Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab sees fundamental particles called muons behaving in a way not predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics. These results confirm an earlier experiment performed at @BrookhavenLab. #gminus2…
The combined results from Fermilab and Brookhaven show a difference with theory at a significance of 4.2 sigma. The chance that the results are a statistical fluctuation is about 1 in 40,000. #gminus2…
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Anyone looking for the g-2 press conference details, here you go:…
For people who can't get into the Zoom, I'm told this is the youtube channel:…
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We're less than 24 hours away from learning the first results from the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab! #gminus2…
Refresh your Muon g-2 knowledge before tomorrow's results seminar at 10am Central! Here's what Muon #gminus2 is looking for:…
Muon g-2 is a blinded experiment. That means it used a secret code to obscure the result from the collaborators until the moment of unblinding. Here's how it works:

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The hype for this experiment is slowly rising, as new results are expected to be presented at a Fermilab colloquium later this week. Now, why is this #gminus2 experiment so interesting and gets even jaded particle physicists like me excited? A thread:
While the standard model is awesome and can predict a huge number of different behaviours of the tiny particles that we are all built from, it is considered an effective theory, meaning physicists eventually expect it to stop working (pic: @symmetrymag )
Effective theories are not necessarily bad - they're great at predicting things, but only within certain limits

A familiar example is the theory of Gravity as developed by Newton, it works really well, but if you go extreme it goes bad and you need Einstein's general relativity
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Gravitational corrections to the value of the muon #gminus2 - a quick roundup.

It all started with this paper - - the 3rd in a trilogy. Claimed that a correction due to Earth's gravity should alleviate tension between theory and experiment:
In a blog post -… - @lumidek points out (among other things) that if you're considering corrections due to the gravitational potential, the Sun's potential should dominate, not the Earth's
On twitter (and in a blog post) -… - @PitifulRed offers a short proof of why the gravitational correction must be zero.
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