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Wow >>>… I've just checked in PS & the flashes from the 2 different feeds are in *exactly* the same location. Given there was *also* a visual obs I'd bet good money this was indeed a meteoroid impact on the Moon during the #lunareclipse h/t @AwesomeAstroPod
So (assuming the time-stamp on the feed was accurate) anyone who was videoing the eclipse at 04:41UT might want to check their footage for another data point! The flashes in the feeds occurred close to crater Byrgius (west of Mare Humorum). #lunareclipse
Update on the potential #lunareclipse meteoroid impact: here's *another* video (different observing site to the 2 other feeds) showing a flash @ the same spot west of Mare Humorum: Looks increasingly likely to me that this is a real event. cc @chrislintott
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Unprocessed view hot off the scope: 50 minutes into lunar eclipse, still in penumbral phase. Now is a good time to look outside :-)
(I'm in some kind of hell now where I have to adjust the telescope tracking once per minute for the next 5 hours since it is such a tight fit on the sensor)
Hot off the scope: Ten minutes into partial phase. Brightness stretched to more clearly show the circular edge of Earth's core shadow #LunarEclipse
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If you can see the Moon tonight, over the next few hours it’s going to start looking pretty awesome. This #LunarEclipse starts really getting going a few minutes from now and gets to maximum in a little over an hour. Timing info & visibility maps:… A map of eclipse visibility. Basically the entire half of the globe centered around Cuba.
A total #LunarEclipse is when the Moon, Earth, and Sun line up perfectly enough that the Moon is entirely in the Earth’s shadow. Here’s a handy graphic:
When the Moon starts to enter the Earth’s shadow, it’ll look like part of the Moon is going dark, in contrast to the section just outside the shadow, still brightly lit. But when it’s ENTIRELY in the shadow, you’ll see something else, much cooler. #LunarEclipse
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The eclipse will begin at 10:34PM est as the shadow begins to infringe upon the lower side of the moon. You'll see the start of the total eclipse happen around 11:41PM, and the peak total eclipse will be at 12:12AM Monday morning. It all ends by 1:51AM.
Shadow has arrived
Photo of viewfinder on dslr
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Fellow wrong-side-of-planet sky-watchers, rejoice!
From the NASA livestream right now. #LunarEclipse Deep red darkened Moon with “Al Sadeem Observatory” written in upper left and NASA logo in upper right
Whether or not you can see the eclipsed Moon where you are, when you next see the Moon, check out the very bright reddish dot near it — that’s Mars! #LunarEclipse
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