(🆚) BREAKING NEWS: Two U.S. Senators Were in Direct Telephone Contact with Now-in-Hiding Domestic Terror Leader Ali Alexander on Insurrection Eve

I hope you'll subscribe to PROOF, read on, and share this widely. Ali Alexander needs to be arrested *ASAP*. sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-new…
1/ Before today, we knew domestic terror leader Ali Alexander—in hiding from federal authorities with no apparent effort ongoing to find him—conspired with at least three House members (Gosar, Biggs, Brooks) and Team Trump (Kim Guilfoyle and whoever he texted from the Capitol).
2/ Now we now, from his own texted confession, that he was also in direct telephonic contact with at least two still-sitting *United States senators*. And the timing of that contact gives us some indication of which senators he was likely speaking to. The contact happened on 1/5.
3/ PROOF reported exclusively that Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) was at Trump International on 1/5 as part of a war council plotting Trump's 1/6 moves (that is how insurrectionist and war council attendee Daniel Beck described it on Facebook, before he knew it'd be controversial).
4/ At first Sen. Tuberville denied being present. Then PROOF published an Instagram photo of him at Trump International on January 5, additional eyewitness accounts of his presence, and more. Confronted with these, he conceded to the ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER that he was there.
5/ Alexander's communications with at least two senators came during the period of time that Tuberville was at a Trump International war council focused *precisely* on the subject of the document (see the article at PROOF) that Alexander was trying to get to GOP senators "ASAP."
6/ PROOF has also—through a voluminous, three-article investigation that was absolutely exhausting to produce, I can tell you—presented a mountain of evidence as to who one of the two other senators at Trump International was, while ruling *out* at least one other likely suspect.
7/ I believe, based on all the evidence available, that the two senators in touch with a domestic terror leader on January 5 are the two senators the evidence indicates were at Trump's private residence in D.C. (the "Trump Townhouse" at Trump International Hotel) on January 5th.
8/ Some of you may wonder how PROOF came across this stunning information. An obscure Arizona report that was focused on a different subject entirely accidentally buried its lede, possibly because the reporters weren't doing OSINT at the time on *this* issue, but a different one.
9/ This happens more often than you'd think. If a story is headed in one direction because a reporter and editor have agreed on that direction and it seems the most relevant one for the readers of the publication, it goes in that direction—and so more important news can get lost.
10/ I considered breaking this story into multiple stories, as there's *additional* breaking news above: Trump's January 6 ops center was less than 250 feet from the insurrectionists' ops center—and we now know of *substantial* foot traffic between the two sites mid-insurrection.
PS/ I appreciate those of you who understand that this is my work product, that I've been a working journalist for 27 years, and that after giving away my labor for free for five years (2015 to 2020), I've now set my subscription rate ($5/mo.) at the lowest level Substack allows.
PS2/ I'm afraid I need to focus on my work—not on arguing over whether journalists should be paid for their labor every time I post something here that is "🆚." I love you all, but also value my time, expertise, and hard work just as all other journalists do. Please respect that.
PS3/ I was thrilled to offer my labor for free for five years, while Trump was president and the U.S. was in *imminent* danger daily. Most major outlets—NYT, WP, Daily Beast—kept paywalls up. Now I have the lowest paywall I can create for the hundreds of hours of work I'm doing.
PS4/ I've committed myself to do threads when I post "🆚" content, so everyone can have at least a sense of what the work I'm doing reveals. But the full content of the labor is massive—the number of links, sources, and details considerable—and too hard to tweet about short-form.
PS5/ If you subscribe to PROOF for $5/mo., you'll find there more content by volume than any Substack in the United States. I produce a *massive* amount of work weekly. That's why I'm honored and humbled that readers have made PROOF the top-ranked culture substack in the country.
NOTE/ The source of the information is Ali Alexander himself—and it's confirmed by major media. That said, you're not going to see it reported elsewhere. (If you've been following the development of curatorial journalism since 2015, you'll understand how and why this can happen.)

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As most of you reading this know, I published a book with Macmillan in 2020—Proof of Corruption—that had a long chapter on Lafayette Square. From the moment I saw this IG report, I knew something was off.

The key, as ever, is the opacity of the conduct of Trump's Secret Service.
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2/ Hypocrisy is, of course, not new for the Trumpists. But this is something else. The 137 "badged" companies, media outlets, and sites identified by the insurrectionists' digital HQ are so central to American life that if you actually cancel them it makes living here impossible.
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My takeaway from the Wray hearing is that a January 6-style attack will happen again. The FBI has no interest in determining how its actions let it happen the first time. That Wray can identify *no emergency followup* the FBI did after passing on dire intel on 1/5 is terrifying.
Over and over a Democratic representative said to Wray, in paraphrase, "OK, you had intel that the Capitol was a matter of hours away from being under armed attack; you passed on the intel; what did you do *next*?" And Wray had...no response. Because the FBI did *nothing* "next."
The takeaway here is that the FBI has *no* role in preventing incipient national violence that is only discovered—if we take the farcical claim of the FBI at face value—hours before it's going to happen. The FBI *emails* people. *That's all*. It...emails people.

Jesus F. Christ.
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(🔓) PROOF UNLOCKED: In reply to the false claim by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) that USCP told him antifa planned to dress as Trumpists on January 6, I'm unlocking the PROOF exclusive proving the opposite: the Proud Boys *confessed* to dressing as *antifa*. sethabramson.substack.com/p/videos-point…
(PS) Eddie Block is a Proud Boy leader—he travels with bodyguards at Proud Boy events, including January 6, as he handles all livestreaming and social media for the organization (which is why the FBI raided his house)—and here's what he had to say about what the Proud Boys did: Image
(PS2) It was actually a master stroke by the Proud Boys: they *didn't* have reliable intelligence that antifa would show up—and antifa *didn't* show up—but they *wanted* them to, so they dressed as antifa in order to be able to claim antifa had showed up no matter what happened.
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(THREAD) I'm posting the entirety of the statement by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN)—because it's important.

COHEN: "You [the FBI] have done an admirable job so far of [inaudible] foot soldiers in the January 6 insurrection. It's kind of like going after Al Capone and getting all of...
"...the lottery sales tickets—the people that do the bootlegging in the streets. But you, to the best of my knowledge, haven't done anything to go after the people who incited the riot. The big bosses. The leaders. Which was [for instance] Donald Trump. Do you have any...
"...investigation, or have you done anything to look into, Trump's activities on the day of the insurrection, the records of the White House['s] phone calls in and out, and of meetings that he and Roger Stone and others may have had with leaders of the [insurrectionist] groups?"
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