(🆚) NEW: Trumpist Insurrectionists Have Created a Systematized Mechanism for "Cancelling" People and Groups—and It's the Most Comprehensive Cancel Culture America Has Ever Seen

A peek inside the insurrection's HQ reveals America's largest cancel culture. sethabramson.substack.com/p/trumpist-ins…
1/ I never imagined I'd find what I found when I finally went inside Patriot[.]Win, which was spawned by the now defunct TheDonald[.]Win. It truly is the most organized effort to create a "cancel culture" we've ever seen—by people who say "cancel culture" is *destroying America*.
2/ Hypocrisy is, of course, not new for the Trumpists. But this is something else. The 137 "badged" companies, media outlets, and sites identified by the insurrectionists' digital HQ are so central to American life that if you actually cancel them it makes living here impossible.
3/ I list all 137 in the article—and I'd honestly like any PROOF subscriber who reads it to tell me whether it's even *possible* to live in America in 2021 if you cancel all the entities that the Trumpists' "cancel subculture" demands be cancelled (even as they decry cancelling).
4/ In trying to answer the very question it poses, the PROOF article above—among many other things—goes through the exercise of imagining the life of a Trumpist living inside the "cancel subculture" Trumpism now demands of its adherents. Here's *one section* of that hypothetical:
5/ And those are just *some* of the "red-badged" (fully cancelled) companies in *one* category of human activity. There are other fully-cancelled companies in that category that I left out; there are other industries impacted; and there's a whole "orange-badge" category I detail.
6/ I hope that—every time you hear Trumpists whine about a supposed left-wing "cancel culture"—you point them to this article. For each time the internet rallied against (say) a woman illegally calling police on a Black birdwatcher, Trumpists were out there canceling...COCA-COLA.
7/ As the "left"—really everyone—cancelled Harvey Weinstein for raping women, Trumpists were busy cancelling Goodyear, Marriott, Sephora, Under Armour, Wayfair, YouTube and *82 other major companies*.

I really think most folks don't understand what's happening inside Trumpworld.
8/ I suspect that those who read the article atop this thread will start to feel, as I do, that not only is the right-wing outcry about "cancel culture" inauthentic, it's *devious*—a deliberate, systematic attempt to deflect attention from a burgeoning Trumpist authoritarianism.

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12 Jun
FYI: Alex Jones *isn't* trending because of me. Someone took a video PROOF published long ago that wasn't, isn't and was never said to be of Jones telling people to breach the Capitol—which he didn't on 1/6—and for some reason is trying to make it go viral under that false claim.
This is the video that was taken from PROOF, which has been freely available for months now. I wouldn't characterize it the way this person has characterized it, and am angry that they did because they're making the insurrection investigation look foolish.
Jones put up money for the Stop the Steal events of January 5 and 6 and was reimbursed for most of it by Julie Jenkins Fancelli—the Publix heiress. No part of the plan at that point was violence. Trump did not give marching orders to Stop the Steal. The whole tweet is inaccurate.
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12 Jun
(🆚) UPDATE: I've now added a significant update (including new photographs) to the BREAKING NEWS from last night about Donald Trump secretly having contact with an insurrectionist leader—Alex Jones—on January 6. I hope you'll subscribe and RT this widely. sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-new…
1/ I want to clarify something here about Alex Jones, as a lot of his followers are coming to this feed to troll because (a) they've never read this feed before and (b) they've never read PROOF, so they don't understand how I am using the *accurate* term "insurrectionist leader".
2/ I first wrote on this feed *5 months ago* that the video evidence we have from January 6 shows Jones urging people *not* to go into the Capitol or commit acts of violence. Because it's Jones, he slips up once or twice and commends them improperly, but he's *not* urging crimes.
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12 Jun
(CROWDSOURCING) The picture below was taken at the Willard Hotel in DC on January 6. Seated is Rudy Giuliani; standing next to him—facing away—is John Eastman. Both are Trump lawyers. I need to know who the man in the white shirt is. For now, let's assume it's *not* Owen Shroyer. Image
(PS) I know some folks have a "hotel staff" theory. Realize that the Willard InterContinental is a four-diamond hotel—one of the most expensive and historic in DC—and if you Google how staff dress, it's *formal*. No way the Willard lets a guy into someone's room dressed this way.
(PS2) I'm still not saying it's Shroyer, but I'll say that a reader has posted a video of Shroyer in which he's using a bandana as a mask. Not *that* many do, so this does narrow things down a bit given that the shirt, pants, and lanyard already match. Still don't think it's him. Image
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11 Jun
(🆚) BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Spoke Directly to Stop the Steal Leader Alex Jones on Insurrection Day

This is the closest anyone has put Trump to the January 6 insurrectionists so far. Emerging evidence suggests that we'll get closer still. *RT widely*. sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-new…
1/ There's so much more to say about this, but here's the main thing: major media made a big mistake by not watching every single second of film from Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Ali Alexander *after* the insurrection. I've done a deep dive into that archive and it's *incredible*.
2/ Jones, Stone, and Alexander had no idea how much investigators would learn about their activities when they started regularly filming themselves making statements about the insurrection literally the day after it happened. So they made countless "statements against interest."
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11 Jun
I'm working on a story for PROOF and it's vital that we know conclusively who the man in the white shirt is. Does anyone reading this know for certain who this is? Just looking for a name and a photo comparison, not more. Image
(PS) I have been going off the belief that the man in white above is the same man as the man in the picture below (taken the same day): Image
(PS2) This is a very serious question. This matters. A *lot*. So I'm hoping to get some serious answers from this crowdsourcing.
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11 Jun
(IMPORTANT) If you credulously bought into the recent Inspector General report about the Lafayette Square scandal in the summer of 2020, you need to read this article. The reality is much more nuanced than what you're now hearing. Please share this widely. theweek.com/donald-trump/1…
As most of you reading this know, I published a book with Macmillan in 2020—Proof of Corruption—that had a long chapter on Lafayette Square. From the moment I saw this IG report, I knew something was off.

The key, as ever, is the opacity of the conduct of Trump's Secret Service.
The Secret Service under Trump was politicized to a degree we've never seen before—indeed the head of Trump's detail was seamlessly moved to the head of his political ops in an unprecedented move. The Secret Service launched the Lafayette Square attack...and was never questioned.
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