Today is my 42nd birthday. Here are 42 things I’ve learned. Business, relationships, and life:

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1. Write letters to your parents sharing your thoughts on your childhood, both angry and happy. Send the happy ones.
2. There is no such thing as being overdressed. There is only making other people feel under-dressed.
3. Don’t manage your own money unless you’ve trained your whole life to do so. Better to focus on making more money, while letting someone who has trained their whole life to do so manage what you make.
4. Some things you will outgrow, and then you will miss them, but that’s ok (and doesn’t mean you should go back).
5. Look for little tweaks that make a bit difference. Putting on nerdy blue light-blocking glasses increase your sleep quality by ~15%. That’s an hour a night. Let that shit compound.

6. Put all of your eggs in one basket, then watch that basket very closely (Druckenmiller)
7. A good therapist is the key to a great relationship.

8. You won’t understand dog people until you get a dog. Then you won’t understand how you lived so long without one.
9. Your parents are going to die. To ease regrets, pretend the next 6 months are their last, and plan accordingly.

10. That text message, email, and app notification can all wait.

11. Checking stats or a clock or your portfolio 20 times doesn’t make them move
12. If you’re having trouble getting started, make a micro commitment. Just 5 min of writing. Or 5 min of exercise. You’ll be surprised how easy it is at 2 minutes in, to extend the clock.

13. Send a high-quality gift to anyone who spends free time with you on the phone.
14. You can’t order everything on the menu. Ask the waiter the 3 best things, and enjoy them greatly. Don’t FOMO about the rest. Do this in life as well.

15. Seek to make great introductions (but never cold). They will come back to you tenfold.
16. The best way to excel in anything is to form a peer group and brainstorm on it with other passionate people regularly

17.. The best time to invest is when you know it’s the winner, but the rest of the world hasn’t quite figured it out yet
18. The real rate of inflation can be found in rare things people want to buy - real estate, stocks, art.

19. Back up your pictures. All of them.

20. People who use you can still be in your circle, but never forget who is who.
21. You don’t need to wash your face. Seriously. It’s bad for your skin microbiome. Just splash water in the shower.

22. Don’t ever invest in a bar, restaurant, or friend’s passion project, for reasons other than passion.

23. When in doubt, pay for the entire bill.
24. When unsure, tip higher.

25. Tip in advance for better service.

26. You get for what you ask for - and often for free. “Is there a volume discount?” “Free upgrade available?” “Possible to rush it?” are often answered “Yes”
27. Don’t post a pic in front of a plane unless you flew it yourself.

28. Do not purchase your primary residence until you are married. Life can change too fast and renting frees up cash to invest.

29. Focusing on improving your sleep is easy and worth it.
30. If busy, meditate once a day. If really busy, meditate 2x a day.

31. After you turn 35 do not attempt physical activity w/o a stretch or warm-up .
32. When you lay down to sleep, give yourself 3 praises on what you did well that day, & think of 3 things are you grateful for.

33. Do not gut renovate or build a home from scratch unless you will for certain live there for 10 years.
34. Carry a good set of ear plugs and ear phones with you at all times

35. Suntan lotion is the best form of long-term skin care.

36. LASIK surgery (or PRK) is a modern miracle and worth every penny.
37. Ruthlessly discover your addictions and relentlessly break them. But only one at a time.

38. Buy a little bitcoin and give it to your grand kids (but put it in a trust first)

39. If a private investment is easy to get into its probably a shit deal.
40. Plan for your exit well before you need to.

41. Never trust a man who eats his pizza with a fork

42. Find your oldest email box and sort by reverse order. Read and enjoy how far you’ve come.
My bday resolution is to go harder on twitter, so follow me @craigclemens for tips over the next month about

• copywriting
• marketing
• crypto
• Pizza eating hacks


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11 Jun
We did $1.1 million in sales in 2 days.

Ya know those probiotics we all take?

In 2014, we became the biggest seller in the USA, using a little-known category secret.

Here’s the story👇
Product markets have 3 stages:

1) Clueless - What is that?

2) Curious - I've heard of it

3) Saturated - I've heard it too much
You can think of these stages like surfing waves:

For the Clueless market, you need to create the wave.

For the Curious, you need to catch the wave.

And if you try to enter the Saturated, the wave will body slam your ass.
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3 Dec 20
The Top 5 Mistakes Intermediate Copywriters Make Most Often

1. Trying to be funny. If you’re in the copy game, you are likely speaking on something your customer is VERY serious about. Less humor = you sounding MORE important
2. Sounding too “hyped up”.

If you use too many exclamation points, then you won’t be able to make it POP when you need a big one. Limit yourself to 1 per page
3. Describing scenarios that are TOO specific.

E.g. if selling a dating advice product to men, saying “Have you ever been at a bar and met a hot blonde, got her number, she was so into you… then she didn’t call back?”
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31 Jul 20
Getting inside the head of your prospect is the *most* critical marketing skill.

Here's an unorthodox way to do it:

1/ I once heard Bob Pittman, founder of MTV, say “You cannot 'sell' anyone anything. You can only show them why your solution is the best fit for their problem”
2/ I thought this was the best explanation of marketing & copywriting I had ever heard.

Think of your prospect as sitting their with a big checklist of what they are looking for. Your job is to answer each concern.

Here’s the issue though:
3/ Unless you have their attention, you will never get so far as to ease their concerns.

And your customer is seeing about 4,000 ads a day.

How do you cut through the noise?
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11 Jul 20
10 Things we’ve learned at Golden Hippo after spending over $1B (of our own money) on online media:

1. “They must see your ad 7 times before they buy” is the biggest line of B.S. in advertising history
2. No matter how long you’ve been doing this, what you think will work is often wrong

3. Great ad ideas can come from anyone - and often do. Some of our best ad ideas have come from people in totally different departments
4. Pushing something hard because it’s what you “want” to work (for branding purposes or whatever), never works

5. Nothing will cost you more money over time than a “just ok” converting ad campaign
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18 Sep 18
Do you want people to pay attention when you have something to say? Or get more views and shares on your posts and videos?

I used to constantly struggle with this. I’d write what I thought was a great blog and no one would read it. Or I’d make a great video & no one would watch
2/ That all changed when I discovered a secret that master storytellers - the ones who win competitions for telling the best story - used to grab the attention of a crowd. I broke it down into 4 parts and now I use it just about everywhere
3/ I’m going to share it with you right now, the same formula I recently shared at Sean Stephenson’s speaker training event. Write it down - you’ll be able to use it in blogs, videos, Instagram posts, speeches, you name it
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