1. Biden And European Allies At Loggerheads on China and Russia

That is Axios' assessment based on facts on the ground. And it is bone-chilling at a time when China is clearly a malicious actor on world stage. Let us review the situation.
2. As President Biden departed Washington today, he told reporters he was going to use his first foreign trip to make "clear to Putin and to China that Europe and the United States are tight and the G7 is gonna move."
3. The problem is Biden's statements regarding the allies' shared objectives are not supported by the statements and actions of the allies themselves.
4. Biden's optimistic words and their bottom-line deeds will collide during a G7 summit in the U.K., a NATO gathering in Brussels and a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.
5. Two powerful European countries — Germany and France — don't appear to be on board when it comes to presenting a united front against China and Russia.
6. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to strengthen European financial connections with the Chinese. She has been the most prominent European voice advocating for an EU-China investment deal.
7. Merkel is also determined to complete and operationalize the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany.

The Germans have made clear to the Biden administration they won't back down on this project, regardless of U.S. pleas or pressure.
8. Biden all but conceded defeat by waiving sanctions on the company overseeing construction — clearing the way for the pipeline's completion.

That is a major win for Putin.
9. Putin now has a potent lever to increase his influence in Europe and over vulnerable states such as Poland and Ukraine. Each scenario is another means of furthering his efforts to divide NATO.
10. French President Emmanuel Macron also has made public statements conflicting with Biden's comments.

In February, Macron warned against the idea of the European Union joining the U.S. to confront China.
11. "A situation to join together against China is a scenario of the highest possible conflictuality. This one, for me, is counterproductive," Macron said.

Macron also has called for European "strategic autonomy" — a phrase that implies a distance between Europe and the U.S.
12. President Trump was pilloried for undermining the Atlantic alliance. A major goal of Biden's trip is promoting alliance unity. The actions that European leaders have already taken, though, are now speaking louder than any joint statement they ultimately produce in Brussels.
13. Germany and France seem to have already flipped off President Biden even before he landed in Europe. For all the media carping, European allies did not dare to cross Trump. The allies are already treating Biden as the weak sister. China and Russia are grinning.

The End

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10 Jun
1. WSJ: ProPublica Bites The Hand That Feeds It

“The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax” is the headline on a story this week from ProPublica, which also avoids income tax.
2. The story is highly disturbing because someone broke the law in disclosing private tax-return data that ultimately ended up with ProPublica. This appears to be either a case of criminal hacking, an appalling abuse by IRS staff, or perhaps an abuse by foreign government actors.
3. As for the substance of the article, it is nominally about income taxes but it really amounts to a long gripe that the U.S. Constitution prohibits wealth taxes.
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Another analysis finds economic destruction in the Biden ‘infrastructure’ agenda.
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IRS Cannot Be Trusted With Citizens' Data

It is a disgrace that our IRS employees are leaking citizens' private and confidential information to journalists.

All the billionaires mentioned followed the law. The only party that broke the law is the IRS.

This politically motivated attack on the nation's entrepreneurs, who have done nothing wrong, just to build a bogus case for a 'wealth tax' (which is a vicious scheme that will ultimately destitute the middle income earners) is beyond disgraceful.
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1. Mike Pence Speaks

I have great regard for Mike Pence, one of the greatest Vice Presidents ever. While Democrats and the media pretend that their opposition to Trump was somehow rooted in Trump's intemperate utterances, what's their excuse to slander Mike Pence? Image
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Blasting H.R. 1, the Democrat-led ethics and voting rights package, Pence said Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Washington "want to literally codify many of the very practices that create the greatest opportunity for fraud."

He is right.
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While Pence avoided promoting conspiracies about the election, he did talk about "election integrity" and endorsed efforts in state legislatures nationwide to enact GOP-led voting legislation.

This is one hundred percent the right position for the GOP. Image
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You mean Trump is seeking 'advice' from Sidney Powell again. How well did it work out the last time around? I guess once was not enough.
Folks, this is sophisticated psy-ops. Republicans have to find a way to defang the media's ability to manipulate millions on the right with cheap tricks. I suspect our intelligence agencies perfected this art form by concocting a mysterious QAnon apparition. It fooled millions.
Whenever Republicans' buttons are pressed just the right way, but they're being goaded into taking a position that will do absolutely nothing to further the Republican policy agenda while pumping up people on the right to expend energy in a futile way, suspect a dirty trick.
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1. SCOTUS: Unpacked and Undivided

There is an extraordinary litany of 6 unanimous decisions in 2 weeks which could in part reflect an implied message from the justices that this is a court that is not nearly as rigid and divided as suggested by Democratic members and activists.
2. Recently, Breyer warned against any move to expand the Supreme Court. He also rejected the characterization of the current Court as “conservative” or ideologically rigid.
3. Breyer was swiftly denounced by figures like cable news host Mehdi Hasan who called called for his retirement. Demand Justice, a liberal group calling for court packing, had a billboard truck the next day in the streets of DC warning “Breyer, retire. Don’t risk your legacy.”
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