.@sportexpress, Russia's major sports paper currently owned by Putin's mistress, has 7 articles today about Ukraine's soccer jerseys. UEFA has partially capitulated to Russian demands ("Glory to the heroes" will be removed, "Glory to Ukraine" and the map with Crimea will stay)
The articles run a tremendously pluralistic gamut of opinion between gloating ("Take that, our stupid neighbors: no glory, no heroes!"), official support of UEFA's decision and continued indignation ("This is a weak compromise! Crimea should be removed now!")
Russia has lost its collective shit over Ukraine's shirts, which include internationally recognized borders of the nation. Russia, which is incredibly, comically bad at soccer, considers it its national sport. For most of the population, it is the only sport worth following.
Ukraine, which has actually produced a soccer super star in Andriy Shevchenko and has dominated the USSR game between the 1960s and 1990s, appears to have chosen its trolling instrument rather well.
Seven articles in Alina Kabayeva's paper! Seven. Today only. Assholes are on fire

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10 Jun
Ture, and I support her rights. It should also be added that she gets hate for being an immigrant because lots of folks think we should shut up and be thankful and never criticize.
Let's also not pretend that her support of Palestinians is objective. Same for my support of Israel
I am a Jew, I view Israel as a safe haven for my people, because, let's face it, sooner or later all countries we live in get holocaust jones. It's just a fact of life. It's your quaint little thing, and we are used to it, so we need some place to go to when you get in that mood.
So, I won't be "objective" on Israel. I can easily criticize Netanyahu and support Palestinians' rights to a state, but I want Israel to survive and I want it to be a Jewish-majority state. Non-negotiable.
This is not an objective stance, sure, but no Jew can afford one.
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8 Jun
This is an amazing thread about Texas' new Soviet-like "patriotic education" law. However, as much as I love what this teacher proposes, the reality will be as such: none of the real history will actually be taught.
And, as a fellow educator, I will tell exactly why...
As soon as @brfranklin4 or another like-minded, well-meaning teacher begins to read ACTUAL foundational documents of Texas, with all their slavery and racism, like the very same day, scores of irate white parents will be calling the school screaming about the Evil Liberal Teacher
They will claim Mr. Franklin is teaching their kids critical race theory, making them ashamed of their whiteness, indoctrinates them with reverse racism and, of course, is a communist.
The "I am merely reading the actual text" defense won't work... It never does.
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8 Jun
Make no mistake about it: the American system, which allows for wider participation and gives chance to late-blooming talents, is vastly superior. The Eastern European/Chinese systems are medal factories, but an Al Oerter or a Dick Fosbury could only appear in the US.
Ultimately, if the Germany, Russia and China churn out more medals by ruthlessly culling their young talents to a small elite core of super-athletes, while America keeps its high school/college sports, which let more kids play, have fun and dream, we in America should be happy.
Eventually, America needs to come to terms with the fact that Olympic gold is neither an indicator nor a substitute for national greatness. Let dictatorial regimes throw their kids' lives into a gold medal meat grinder. This is the only way they can self-validate, anyway.
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7 Jun
Why do Democrats fetishize bipartisanship? It's so weird, and I am not just talking Manchin.
Biden offers to leave the 2017 tax cuts alone to get a bipartisan infrastructure bill. Remember how the GOP got them passed in the first place? In the middle of the night, zero Dem input.
And now, they are refusing to negotiate with Biden in good faith. No new taxes for rich/corporations in any form, peanuts in new spending. And still, Dems come back and beg. WHY?
At what point will their voters ask what good is to to elect Dems if they refuse to use their power?
And the GOP doesn't even have to worry about voter blowback. Their voters might like new infrastructure and jobs, they might agree to tax the rich. The GOP doesn't care. They want to keep the donors happy and know they can get the base in line with culture war bullshit.
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2 Jun
I have lived in America for exactly 30 years, and I have figured out how the political system here works (thread).
Voter: "Hi, I am a regular white American voter, proudly voting in my home state. I'll elect a Republican executive because I don't want any of that socialism here"
Republican governor: (proceeds to utterly fuck everything up to the point where everyone, except for a handful of very rich people literally can't take it anymore)
Voter: "Hi, it's now 4 years later. I will vote for a Democrat because we seem to be headed down the wrong path"
Same voter: "But I will also elect a Republican legislature because I think that Democrats must reach across the aisle and someone should keep them from doing all the socialism here."
Democrat executive: (proceeds to flail helplessly as GOP legislature stifles him at every step)
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16 May
Exactly 8 years ago, the Russian national hockey team was humiliated in the IIHF Worlds by USA, the day after goalie Ilya Bryzgalov gave a scandalous interview to a Russian website in which he defended Stalin and said "there was a lot of logic in what he did..."
In the run-up to the game, Russian media was in convulsive hysteria about the sheer pleasure the Motherland would extract from defeating villainous America and prove once and for all that the KHL is a superior league to the NHL, which was locked out earlier that year...
The game was instantly deemed a great political battle, despite the fact that nobody in America knew it was happening, as Team USA, as is traditional at the Worlds, was composed of 4th-liners, AHLers and, possibly, someone's cousin Ralph who knew how to skate good or something...
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