The Virginia Delegate Who Led a 2020 Effort to Enact New Gun-Control Laws Was Soundly Defeated in This Week's Primaries…
Democrat Mark Levine was the sponsor of the Universal Background Check and Red Flag bills that passed in 2020 as well as the "Assault Weapons" ban that failed. He ran on his gun record in 2021 and lost two races on the same night.…
Levine garnered only about 11% of the vote in the Lieutenant Governor race and lost his own delegate seat in deep-blue Alexandria by more than 15 points. Just a year after leading the push to pass a collection of new gun laws, Levine is completely out of Virginia government.
His opponent in the delegate race was endorsed by Moms Demand Action but did not emphasize gun control during the campaign, or even mention it on her website. She instead focused on environmental and economic issues.…
Philip Van Cleave, head of the gun-rights group VCDL, told @TheReloadSite Levine's loss was a win in his book. While he doesn't expect the Democrats who beat him to vote against gun-control measures, he doesn't expect they will be leaders on the issue like Levine was.
“He was a gun-control leader,” Van Cleave told @TheReloadSite. “He lost, and it wasn’t close. He got his ass kicked.”…
There's more detail in the full piece which you can read here:…

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8 Jun
The ATF announced a proposal yesterday that would outlaw the vast majority of guns with stabilizing pistol braces. There are estimated to be as many as 40 million currently owned by Americans.…
The ATF's proposal creates a point system for determining whether a gun with a brace is illegal or not. It uses objective measures like weight or length but they are often based on arbitrary decisions about whether the gun can be fired with one hand.…
The agency gives specific examples of how they would apply the points system to braces which implies the vast majority of the 40 million already in civilian hands would be illegal. That leaves owners with few options to avoid committing a federal felony.…
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6 Jun
Here's a critique of Benitez's ruling from an Everytown official that's actually possible to have a discussion about. I'm sure many won't agree with it but it at least engages the text of the decision as well as the text of Heller and Miller.
I think the dancing around Miller is pretty awkward, honestly. Miller was a pretty week opinion in a barely-litigated case with zero analysis of what the Second Amendment actually protects. Heller didn't need to overturn it to get where it was going so it didn't.
I've always thought Heller made a lot of compromises to get 5 votes and is more symbolic than anything. Setting the precedent that the Second Amendment at least means something was big after a 20th Century orthodoxy that declared it pointless.
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5 Jun
NEW: Federal Judge Rules California 'Assault Weapons' Ban Unconstitutional…
“The banned ‘assault weapons’ are not bazookas, howitzers, or machineguns. Those arms are dangerous and solely useful for military purposes. Instead, the firearms deemed ‘assault weapons’ are fairly ordinary, popular, modern rifles."…
The ruling does not go into immediate effect. A temporary 30-day stay was granted so the California AG has time to file an appeal.
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4 Jun
It's a lot of work modifying the way The Reload functions in addition to doing the reporting and running the backend. Sometimes it's incredibly stressful as well. But it's also extremely rewarding being able to tweak everything myself and respond to members' feature requests.
Of course, The Reload wouldn't be anywhere near the quality it is without the work put in by others. @P_Crookston has noticeably improved much of the writing with his editing and insights. The guys at Astroluxe Innovations have also saved me on the tech side multiple times.
Aspects of running The Reload are definitely a team effort but the combination of WordPress, Elementor, WooComerce, and some other key software really allow me to change basically anything I want about how the site looks and feels in very little time and for very little money.
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4 Jun
NEW: Pennsylvania experienced an explosion in gun-carry licenses in 2020—except in Philadelphia, where residents were plagued by shutdowns and roadblocks thrown up by local authorities.…
While gun-carry licensing the rest of the state rose by 25% in 2020, it fell by 19% in Philly. That's despite a 158% increase in gun sales in the city. And it came after periodic shutdowns in permitting and a broken one-of-a-kind application system.…
Philly sidestepped state law requiring gun-carry licenses be issued 45 days after application by simply refusing to take applications without an appointment and appointments stretched out over a year. Some residents couldn't even get an appointment at all.…
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27 May
This is a weirdly threatening thing to say as somebody running to be in the government.
It's odd to start from the assumption that people do, indeed, need protection from their governments, reject the idea that an armed populous offers any protection, and offer no alternative.
This is a lot like when Congressman Swallwel, who was running for President at the time, said resisting government tyranny was pointless because the president could just nuke his own country. A very odd thing to say as a candidate for office.
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