Good morning, today's a big day in Jax Ed news. The FL Board of Education meeting is happening at FSCJ. The brd is expected to consider teaching standards that put strict guidelines on how history lessons are taught. It's part of a push from up top to get Critical Race Theory out
Ahead of the meeting, activists, teachers, parents, etc. are protesting the new rule. The Northside Coalition circulated flyers last week to rally. Community meetings that centered around CRT took place in Baker County yesterday & St. Johns the day before. I'll be live tweeting.
Gov. Ron DeSantis' camp announced this morning that he would attend the meeting and speak to the board.
Here's some supplemental reading in the meantime:

1. What FL teachers have to say:…

2. How this stems back to Jax:…

3. Excellent background on the rule language from @anaceballos_ and @Colleen_Wright:…
Something worth noting is CRT is never named in existing FL public school curriculum, nor is it mentioned in the new rule. But that hasn't stopped Gov. DeSantis and FLDOE Commissioner Richard Corcoran from talking about getting CRT out of schools with this new rule.
What the new rule DOES include is language about an added emphasis on the U.S. constitution and prohibiting teachers from sharing personal views or attempting to indoctrinate students or persuade them on things that deviate from state standards.
DeSantis addressing the board now virtually. "We have to do history that is factual." Says things like @nhannahjones' 1619 are grounded off narrative, not fact. "I think it's important that when we're doing things like history that it's grounded in actual fact over narrative."
"We need to be educating people,not trying to indoctrinate them," DeSantis says. "I think what you're doing is the right thing to do." Says CRT is toxic, racist and creates division. These are talking points we've heard from the Gov. often…
Before he goes, DeSantis says he thinks it's important that districts offer in-person school and don't require students to wear masks in 2021-22 SY. Says he wants board to get idea of if this is consensus across school districts & consider making it a blanketed state order.
Duval is already following suit with this recommendation. They announced their online option, Duval HomeRoom, was ending (there are still some virtual options but it's different) + optional masks.….
You can follow along with my Tweets WHILE watching the live-stream all on one screen over here:…
Supt. Greene is about to address the group but before she starts, Commissioner Corcoran is praising her as a "standout." Praises her work with reopening the school during the pandemic. There's been a notable progression w/ Corcoran & Greene's rapport over the years (cont.)
Greene and Corcoran's relationship is basically the how it started/how it's going meme --

Greene read a letter she received from a parent praising the district getting through the pandemic and to a graduation ceremony. She thanks FLDOE for their help mitigating reopening.
Greene says school districts have already embraced the Florida B.E.S.T. standards as well as other statewide assessments that are rolling out. She calls the new standards a "fantastic opportunity."
"Education is dynamic, teaching and learning is evolving," she says. "Superintendents must lead the charge as ... we move education in the state forward."
A few items — not the big one — mostly regarding turnaround school plans, have been flagged for discussion.
OK the standards are up for discussion. A lot of comment requests are related to this item.
Jacob Olivia says that indoctrination doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes it does. And that these new standards will make sure when teachers bring supplementary reading or instruction, it ensures it will align with the curriculum.
Olivia says the point of standards is to continually review, reflect and update them. Says looking @ teacher standards "is not a new concept."
Says rule will "continue to make sure when we teach those standards they're done professionally, beautifully and faithfully, and properly in line."
There's a motion and second to approve the new rule. Now we're going to public comment. Preface that written comments already read by board. 30 in-person comment cards; 2 min. for each person to speak.
FEA rep. is here requesting "indoctrinate" be taken out of the rule because it suggests teachers are currently indoctrinating. Emphasizes the importance of challenging students w/facts and letting them think critically.
One pro- one against- comment so far.

Marta Marcano from Protect Our Children, in Duval says children's innocence is being politicized. "I'm here standing today in favor of our children." Says she disagrees with Critical Race Theory. Emphasizes "equality."
Stanley Scott w/ African American Economic Recovery Think Tank says Florida education is historically racist. Says CRT should be taught or even a class. "We have a lot of racism in this city from the top to the bottom. People act like race has disappeared. No. It's still here."
The shortest comment yet gets a roaring applause. "Teachers should be allowed to tell the truth. Thank you."
A press release from DeSantis' office is hitting inboxes promoting his remarks this morning. Interestingly enough, it doesn't mention that his appearance was virtual. His appearance notice this morning also didn't specify that he was Zoom-ing in.
A woman speaking notes that if this rule is applied and teaches U.S. History as emphasized, it will "whitewash" the truth. "Don't censor our teachers ... the students deserve better from you."
A Duval Schools mom says CRT separates students by race and references a DCPS assembly that was shut down bc it wanted to separate students by race. It's a little more complicated than that. Here's what she's talking about:…
These comments really are seemingly 50-50 so far. And so is support, light applause following most comments now on either side of the line.
A DCPS 8th grader, Grace, says she supports CRT. Says she attended a @904ward seminar in 4th grade w "race cards." Says she went to class and brought the cards but they were taken away. Asks "How will we ever progress?" w/o uncomfortable truths. "If we know better, we do better."
Context on @904ward race cards Grace mentioned…
Activist/artist Hope McMath and now a Black Voters Matter rep. speak against the rule.
"We will not allow you to call our history inaccurate or fake news," a passionate speaker says. "Black history is American history. We will not let you erase our history because it makes you uncomfortable. You can't know where you're going without knowing where you've been."
Speaker says based on what he's heard today, there should be *more* CRT in the class "because I don't see it anywhere in the standards." (It's not in the standards.)
Current speaker likens CRT to Sex Ed. Says Sex Ed. isn't telling students to go have sex, it's to give context. Says CRT does the same with history. Doesn't indoctrinate kids, but confronts and contextualizes hard truths.
Speaker Blake Harper says board is visiting on the heels of a "sad turn of events," the renaming of 6 Duval Schools with Confederate ties. He says it's an example of CRT criminalizing white people. More on school renaming:…
League of Women Voters First Coast pres spoke encouraging board to vote against rule. "There's not a single topic that can be discussed" w/o acknowledging systemic issues, she says. Adds that it took her Navy career to unpack version of history she was taught
Wells Todd is speaking now, passionately. "Teaching the facts will bring the country together, not divide the country." Mentions that he doesn't see a Black member on the board present.
For the record, Board Member Marva Johnson, who is Black, is not attending the meeting in-person. She dialed in.
Ben Frazier of the Northside Coalition is speaking. Says this is an effort of Gov. DeSantis to launch his presidential campaign. "It's an effort to whitewash, coverup and candy coat history ... it is, in fact, a Republican political propaganda campaign."
Ben Frazier has started an "Allow teachers to teach the truth" chant. It's still going, gavel has been hit a few times, control is lost.
Frazier is leaving — slowly, in his scooter — and chanting as he rolls out with security. The crowd is still chanting. Another woman is waiting to speak next but the chant is still going.
Five minute recess announced "for the court reporter," but also probably because chanting is still happening, I'm guessing.
"NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE" chant ringing through the room now.
Crowd is slowly migrating out of the room, but the chanting is just getting louder.
Public comment has resumed.
"You can ban a categorical framework, but you can not ban the facts," says a woman who says her home country of Venezuela imposes similar censorship.
We're about to hear from the last three speakers.
Public comment is concluded. Board questions will be entertained. Board member Tom Grady (via phone) says the rule is good and he supports it. "Our inboxes were blowing up w/ comments." Wants to offer amendment to expand the rule & make it more specific.
Grady says his amendment would "prevent fiction masquerading as fact," including Critical Race Theory.
Grady emphasizes importance of a "colorblind lens," something Critical Race Theory supporters say isn't productive because it ignores systemic racism and inequity.
A motion to entertain Grady's amendment (to the amendment) is on the floor.
BM Monesia Brown says she's not familair with the 1619 Project and doesn't want to vote on the amendment since it specifically names the project. Wants more time to familiarize herself with the content named in the agenda.
BM Joe York says community meetings have been enlightening and wants Chancellor to speak on background about how current FL curriculum came to be.
York says adding to the rule creates a slippery slope that circumvents the official standards process. Says. he doesn't support Grady's amendment, but likes the spirit it. Says he'll be a yes on actual amendment.
Commissioner Corcoran has interjected and says Grady's amendment is great and should be supported.
"The amendment is excellent, it gives clarity," Corcoran said.
Vice Chair, Marva Johnson is speaking now (via phone). Says she's concerned about how some exs. are specific but others aren't & Declatation of Ind. reference adds confusion. Says Grady's amendment helps. But also says some specifics may be *too* specific or timely, like 1619.
Johnson says she prefers Grady's version over original but says she supports more time for new version to be analyzed.
BM Ben Gibson is speaking. "There are good parts and bad parts of history ... I think it's very important to be very clear communicating what you're supposed to & not supposed to teach." Says for rule to be longstanding, things like CRT and 1619 Project need to be listed as exs..
... and that legislation needs to give it teeth to make it permanent and more clear. "But for now, we're the state board." Supports rule but wants intent to be clear.
Grady's amendment passes unanimously.
Now we're onto the newly amended rule
Motion passes the new rule is approved.
BREAKING: A new rule that will place tougher guidelines on how teachers in Florida deliver history lessons was just approved. Public officials have touted the law as a way to get critical race theory out of the classroom.…
This story will continue to be updated throughout the day. I have an A-Team/dream team/squad of amazing Florida ed reporters who are feeding me educator reactions from across the state. Follow @smbrugal @AMarranara and @bycassidy for more and keep your finger on Refresh 😎
The BOE meeting has adjourned. Clocked in at about 4 hours.
Just in: a statement from @DuvalSchools on the new standards.

• • •

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