Last week, the remains of 215 children were found at a former residential school. They were all victims of racism.

A few days ago, 4 people were murdered in yet another act of racism.

Keep reading. (1/10)
These aren't the only recent incidents of racism. They also won't be the last.

Each time they occur, people say "This isn't our Canada!"

Except it is. Racism exists in Canada.

And denying its existence is condoning racism.

It's all around us, if you're willing to look. (2/10)
Easy place to start: our posts & local media posts. Read the replies & comments.

You'll see people say "check the names" on news stories about crimes.

You'll see people talk about the "China virus" or the "India variant that 𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒔𝒆 people brought to 𝒐𝒖𝒓 country". (3/10)
You'll see people who say members of marginalized communities brought substance use issues onto themselves, and therefore don't deserve our support.

You'll see people questioning why we prioritized "those people" in our vaccine rollout (referring to Indigenous peoples). (4/10)
You'll see the tentacles of white supremacy weaving their way through the "COVID is a hoax/this is just a flu" crowd.

And yes, the "see more replies" section of this thread will inevitably be full of them, each one saying why their often-racist remarks aren't racist. (5/10)
Racism exists in Canada.

As do bigotry, misogyny & homophobia.

Their impacts are there, if you're willing to look.

And please note that if you’ve never feared that you or your family might be the targets of racist acts, then please be mindful of the privilege you have. (6/10)
You see, privilege isn’t simply about having things given to you.

It's about not having barriers put in your way of getting those things in the first place.

We know that racism is a barrier to secure employment, education and healthcare. (7/10)
We know it can cause chronic stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Racism is a mental health issue that, for many, is a daily reality & a constant struggle.

There isn't a cheeky segue in this one. This is a call to action.

Because racism is present in this country. (8/10)
Racism is a public health issue & addressing racism is a responsibility we share.

If you've never experienced discrimination, be an ally to those who have.

If you have, please know that you are not alone.

Your community stands with you, and support is available. (9/10)
To learn more about racism & mental health and how to be an ally, you can visit our website:

This 𝒊𝒔 our Canada. Change is up to us.

Speak up against all forms of hate and injustice.

-OPH out. (10/10)

• • •

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Once upon a time we used to say #WeAreInThisTogether in our messaging. Here's the thing: we are, but we aren't. Not everyone is experiencing this pandemic the same.

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Well, this seems like a great opportunity to chat about misinformation.

As the amazing people at @ScienceUpFirst will tell you, it's important to ask questions of the things you see online. So, with that in mind, let's analyze this now famous tweet together, shall we? (1/4)
(i) using that placeholder image makes no sense. None. It just seems like a redundant amount of work to have made it, no?

(ii) it's posted via Twitter & a quick scan of our tweets shows we always use the same platform when scheduling (i.e. it was not a pre-scheduled tweet) (2/4)
(iii) we didn't delete it. We were actively liking/replying to everyone after the post went live, so we were definitely watching. If it was a mistake, surely we would've deleted it before people saw it.

If Twitter had an edit button we could've fixed it, but we digress. (3/4)
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