One major issue on "the right" (those who self ID) is that they accept the wrong frame for what conflict there is. You see this clearly in the idw types, but also with KB's heel turn, Fuentes fans, and the whole Paco attack on BAP.
This is even a problem for reactionaries, many of whom are just older style conservatives. The two primary alternatives are the NRx frame (divided between Moldbug and Land on the functional level as voice vs exit) and the frog frame.
"Know your enemy" is important, but "the right" has many actors who seem to believe that describing is knowing. Here, Boyd becomes more important than any philosopher. Observing your opponent is important, but one must orient in response, and this process must be recursive.

• • •

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11 Jun
This absolutely horrific take brought to us by another "on the right." Computer, please bring up information on government - private partnerships.
I do consider myself fairly economically populist (left economically ideologically if you need that frame), but this sort of nauseous midwittery is making me reconsider.
I wonder, what came first, progressivism taking over the bureaucracy, or progressivism taking over capital?
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11 Jun
This is the tell that the whole "debate" is a total MacGuffin. Owning is obviously better than renting *for people who are capable,* but a lot of the people buying homes are not naturally inclined.
As with all our b*llsh*t "debates" on here, this is easy downstream of anything that matters. If you're upset about this stuff and you're reading any of my tweets, you're misguided. You absolutely can buy a nice/decent house on a middle class income right now*
This might be changing with inflation, immigration, etc, and there are some markets where it's impossible, but *right now* you can do this.
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9 Jun
Investment Capital buying up homes to rent is partly to dodge a repeat of the subprime crisis, imo. The problem is human capital and governance (30 year fixed rate seems...unnatural).
"oh, we're going to make sure that people do are totally incapable of paying a mortgage can live outside the hood" can only take so many paths before running into religious conflicts.
Blackrock is buying 200k homes in mediocre neighborhoods? Buying nice homes in nice neighborhoods? Buying old homes? New? My mortgage (with taxes) isn't much higher than the rent on an apartment 2/3 the size of my house around here.
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7 May
You can see the pillars of faith starting to formalize here.
What hadn't occurred to me until now is that an old argument I've seen and used, that "green" people are actually watermelons (environmental veneer on communist center) is an insufficient explanation of the green movement.
The green movement is now circling in on a divine (unfalsifiable) locus (human driven climate change) that is reverse engineering Gaia worship. If you view "environmentalism" as an idea or ideology encompassing healthy stewardship of nature, you're going to be exasperated.
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5 May
Trying to find a way to articulate the spectrum of cargo cult to idolatry that is useful. Many cargo cultists who realize that the divine exists within a thing, but aren't forced into faith.
Not sure I have the language and reading to articulate this, so I will try to work around my limitations.
If we look at an idol, we have a (relatively) well delineated idea, represented by a single figure, a mythos that articulates the boundaries of the idea or ideas through narrative.
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15 Apr
Everyone is fired up over this, even typically even keeled mutuals. What's happening (ignore the specifics for a moment), is that this gentleman is insulted, but the insult is *imperceptible* to many (most?).
Her tone is flat to joking, and she's phrased her insult with sufficient plausible deniability that it's possible that she herself does not perceive the insult.
"I always found it funny when other people consider themselves members of a noble lineage, while I live in their ancestral seat and am therefore queen" is an insult. It's basically the straw man for "cultural appropriation" being bad.
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