Most Republican politicians and pundits know next to nothing about “critical race theory”, but nonetheless wield it as a dog whistle to denigrate any racially-driven educational content that they find objectionable

The January 6 insurrection of the Capitol to interfere with the certification of a lawfully elected President was a far more serious threat to our nation than the collateral damage which occurred during the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests

Speaking of which, the aforementioned Black Lives Matter protests were not the nonstop orgy of rioting, looting and wanton destruction that many commentators in conservative media repeatedly suggest that they were

When people object to Israeli airstrikes in Palestinian settlements, that does not equate to wholesale endorsement of the Hamas agenda

In their original incarnations, “woke” meant anti-racist, and “Antifa” meant anti-fascist.

It is very telling that American conservatives have weaponized these terms as if they were bad things.

Dr. Fauci is now being pilloried as a scapegoat for the spread of COVID-19 (as a weapon of Chinese biological warfare) by the segment of the populace that unilaterally dismissed the Coronavirus as a liberal hoax to make Trump look bad

“Whataboutism” is a clumsy attempt to win an argument by abruptly changing the subject, drawing false equivalence, and baselessly alleging hypocrisy. It is not a valid substitute for insight.

“Now do...” is a recent variant of Whataboutism.

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6 Jun
Several months ago, I predicted that Trump would cease to be a threat when (and only when) the GOP decided to move on without him. I still believe this to be true.

There are three things I expected would greatly hasten this process:

- losing the election
- deplatforming from social media
- prosecution on legal grounds

Things I had not counted on:

- Trump would survive the “LOSER” scarlet letter by successfully convincing the GOP that he actually won the election
- Trump’s post-Presidency life remaining blissfully undisturbed by complications from his legally shady business dealings

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27 May
Yes, because we all know how effective GOP “fretting behind the scenes” has historically been in stopping Trump politico.com/news/2021/05/2…
Answers to the two hypothetical questions “What’s going to stop Trump from running again?” and “What’s going to stop the GOP from voting for him again?” have been far from comforting
We also know that it doesn’t matter how badly Trump loses an election; he and his followers will nevertheless spend months insisting he was cheated out of victory by the Democrats and the Deep State and the Lamestream Media and BLM and Antifa and possibly China
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25 May

MTG’s comparison of vaccination passports to yellow stars is absurd hyperbole, but not an example of anti-Semitism

Ted Cruz embarrasses himself more every day, but those deathless “Zodiac Killer” jokes were never funny

If The View gets rid of Meghan McCain, they’ll end up replacing her with someone exactly like her
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17 May
“Some Democrats”? Jesus. One. There is literally ONE Democrat quoted multiple times in this article. His name is Larry Summers.

The headline should read “Larry Summers is Deeply Concerned That Joe Biden Is Doing Too Much, Too Fast.”
AXIOS: An angry mob of Democrats has taken to the streets, furious that Biden is moving too quickly to address the pandemic & undo the damage wrought by the worst President in history

D: That sounds extremely counterintuitive

AXIOS: “It’s too much”, they cry. “Please, do less.”
AXIOS: Let’s speak with this angry mob of Democrats right now


AXIOS: What is bothering you right now?

LS: We, the Democrats, are deeply concerned about future elections if Joe Biden tries to do too much

AXIOS: By which you mean?

LS: Anything at all
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6 May
If your perspective is “The democratic vote doesn’t count unless we win”, then that equates to “I oppose democracy.”

This is where the Overton Window is heading for the Republican Party.
Remember the Chauvin verdict? Trump supporters insist that Chauvin was only convicted because the jury was terrified of “rioters & looters” destroying their city.

This is their same explanation for why more than 60 courts refused to consider Trump’s arguments for election fraud.
Conservative media painted an entirely false narrative of the BLM protests last year, as if it were a nonstop nightmare of rioting & looting. This is now conservatives’ default premise for how our laws are applied, particularly when the results do not go their way.
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4 May
“Research” 🙄
Responses to the original post are not invited, by the way
The problem with these social media clickbait polls is that “Everyone has an opinion” does not always translate to “Other people care about your opinion”.

Also, “tryna” is cringeworthy exactly 100% of the time.
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