@AC4Congress2020 The United States facilitated the tran-Atlantic slave trade, exterminated cultures and peoples, committed political genocides and orchestrated the creation of a global economic apparatus that should be more accurately described as a war on Nature.
@AC4Congress2020 The United States facilitated the innovation of racism to secure power and profits by dividing the working classes and working poor, ritualistically deceived its own people for over two centuries, and created an ongoing, sustained class war that has lasted for its duration.
@AC4Congress2020 The United States buried the histories of its real heroes and real crimes and consistently suppresses the contributions of its people in favor of unilateral wage slavery and regularly fabricates justifications to invade, police and manipulate foreign governments.
@AC4Congress2020 @IlHqn was being kind.

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10 Jun
"Burn rubber does not mean 'warp speed.'"

Ignore the subtitles.
"Join us."
"It's too late. My blood is in your veins."
"So is mine."

It's a fucked-up film in every way, like "Apocalypse Now."

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9 Jun
Any currency backed by a central bank is a cruel joke, but crypto is a market in which the artifice of money generation in companies with exploitative profit margins combines with the debt peonage critical to central banking on a personal scale.
Add domestic terrorism, human captivity, money laundering and there you have it: a recipe for ill-gotten power
Cryptomarkets are where people who can afford a buy-in and hacker may access authorities usually reserved for central banks on an individual basis: illegitimate money generation and a form of indebtiture that's written into digital currencies.
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8 Jun
@eliehonig Progressives should leave @TheDemocrats and join a splinter group with the fraction of Republicans who aren't unmoored, depraved sycophants to ill-gotten power.
@eliehonig @TheDemocrats I'm tired of this dog-and-pony show. I've been tired of it for decades. It's boring, predictable and cruel, @POTUS. The Ruling American Establishment has raised the heat of fascism on the American people over generations like a lobster in a pot.
@eliehonig @TheDemocrats @POTUS WHY should I believe @TheDemocrats or the @GOP give a flying fuck about the life of anyone or anything that hasn't donated to their campaigns or arranged for them to receive many millions of favors?
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30 May
@davidplouffe @AJentleson So, when fascists usurp our government the way Nazis usurped Germany in the 1930s, who is going to save us the way the Allies saved Germany? Germany and Canada?
@davidplouffe @AJentleson Because @TheDemocrats are proving themselves incapable of defending this country from the @GOP Nazi threat.
@davidplouffe @AJentleson @TheDemocrats @GOP I'm asking because you're a figure of authority, @davidplouffe, and figures of authority are ostensibly in control, or so you would have us believe. Or maybe our so-called representatives are just middle management for a bunch anonymous faces.
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29 May
@Kasparov63 @jennycohn1 Clever wordplay.
@Kasparov63 @jennycohn1 These are crimes and misdemeanors of the utmost highest order and magnitude, and the outcome of these events will define the future of the country. It needs to be treated accordingly, @POTUS, @SenSchumer, @Sen_JoeManchin, or . . .
@Kasparov63 @jennycohn1 @POTUS @SenSchumer @Sen_JoeManchin you will leave us with no choice but to assume that you're in cahoots with these people.
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27 May
@joshtpm @TPM If @Sen_JoeManchin and @kyrstensinema don't do their fucking jobs, my generation will bury them so deep in the shit of history, their great grandchildren will hang their heads in shame.
@joshtpm @TPM @Sen_JoeManchin @kyrstensinema I will personally ensure their surnames are forever associated with violent sexual acts.
@joshtpm @TPM @Sen_JoeManchin @kyrstensinema Hey, @Sen_JoeManchin. An old friend once dated a doctor who worked the ER at Cook County Hospital. One day, CPD brought in an inmate from Cook County prison. Dude had a deep gash in his flank. Doc noticed boils and suppuration surrounding the wound and took samples for testing.
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