I refuse to amplify media that uses his name but media is reporting that the terrorist in London was "frighteningly angry" after his parent's divorce and took it out on his mother.

The relationship between misogyny & xenophobia is so real.
The terrorist that attacked a mosque in Quebec City a few years ago was very active in misogynist online spaces AS WELL as Islamophobic/xenophobic spaces.

So many young white men are blaming women and people of colour for all their problems and the result is deadly.
As an educator working with young men every day, PLEASE talk to your sons about entitlement.

If you don't teach your sons to handle rejection & to face their vulnerabilities head on, you are setting them up to fail AND to harm.
They say “Hurt people hurt people” but really, hurt MEN hurt people.

Hurt women most often hurt themselves.

As women, we’re raised to believe our voices don’t matter, so obviously, our pain doesn’t matter either.
I can't stop thinking about the young white man who sent me death threats last night that went on about how "You are not the only one who has suffered in this world."

I don't know who hurt that man but I do know it wasn't me and I shouldn't "pay" for his pain.
The shockingly high rates of murder-suicides committed by men in this country is all the proof you need that hurt men hurt others.

They are in pain and want us all to drown in it.

• • •

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9 Jun
Ghomeshi's lawyer has a memoir coming out so prepare yourself for a deluge of "But it was super feminist of her!" commentary.
The only person whose commentary on her I want to read is Anne Kingston and she is no longer with us, so I guess that's it for the rest of you.

I'll never forgive @TheSocialCTV for having her on the show after the Ghomeshi trial to talk about misogyny and why it's unfair that people judge women by how they dress.

.... considering this is the same woman who used a photo of a victim in a bikini to bury her credibility.
Read 4 tweets
8 Jun
Seeing a lot of well meaning folks saying "They'll never win." And you're right.

But you're missing the point!

As someone who has been threatened with these kinds of lawsuits, it's terrifying to be dragged into a high stakes fight you didn't want.

When I was 23, Carleton president threatened with a libel suit for saying "CU has a problem with sexual violence."

When I was 32, OC Transpo threatened to sue me for saying "A lot of people are harassed on the bus."

Knowing I would win didn't minimize the fight I was up against
I know people love a scrappy David and Goliath battle and I have literally trained other activists on how to use their underdog status to their advantage.

But it's still bloody exhausting to be up against the Man™️ for simply stating the truth.
Read 4 tweets
8 Jun
Construction workers say misogynist things on their own podcast.

A woman in the industry criticized their comments for the sexist drivel that they were.

She is now being sued for 15 million dollars.

In case you're unsure why I work to end street harassment : Image
Men : if you do NOT want to be on the same team as these dudes, then I recommend speaking out and I recommend learning bystander intervention to end street harassment.

Full schedule of upcoming FREE trainings :
Read 7 tweets
7 Jun
I am begging the Canadian media to once again remember that these losers want infamy; they want their manifestos and rotten ideas to proliferate. They want to recruit.

Do not give them the platform they so desperately crave.
You cannot shame someone who is proud to be shit.
If the Toronto Star publishes this wankers police interview like they did with the Van Attack in Toronto, I swear to fucking God, I will flip every table in sight.
Read 5 tweets
18 May
Hi 👋

I was invited by the Royal Military College in '15 to train their cadets on bystander intervention to end sexual violence & they harassed me the whole time, sent me threats when I reported it & it was a national news story that brought on more death threats.

I told you.
PROFOUNDLY uninterested in seeing people defend RMC period but particularly, defending the dudebro culture at RMC as "boys will be boys".

The year I was there, they had 3 sexual assaults & 2 suicides.

RMC needs to be demolished & rebuilt from scratch.
"Boys will be boys" is misandry.

It shows you have no respect for men, think they are all animals & that they cannot be tamed.

If you say "Boys will be boys" it's because you hate boys. Period.
Read 8 tweets
18 May
So excited to see so many of you with a vaccine appointment!

I got Pfizer. Almost exactly 5hrs later, I was hit with the most intense fatigue and brain fog so bad, it was hilarious. Ran a fever and chills that night. Then woke up feeling fine.

Give yourself 24hrs to recover!
Also, if you menstruate - BRACE YOURSELF. Your insides are going to revolt.
And by Brain Fog So Bad, I mean it took me 30 minutes to shower because I kept washing my hair and then forgetting I washed my hair, then losing my conditioner which was literally in my hand and then starting all over.

Truly comedic gold.
Read 4 tweets

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