“It means neither lying nor apologizing just because the crowd expects you to, least of all under the absurd implication that doing so makes you more virtuous and brave.”

To go along with the crowd is NOT brave. It is to submit to the Greatest Sophist:
“It's the refusal to be concerned with what other people think of you when you’re being yourself and the recognition that it doesn’t make sense to apologize for being true to yourself and your values, telling the truth as well as you can see it, or making a joke, even a bad one.”
“Being based means tolerating most of what’s done in good faith or to lighten the mood. It’s being real with lots of room to play. It elevates the worthy without falling into the indulgent trap of “celebrating” the ordinary, mediocre, and fake.”
“It includes forgiving the trespasses of others when they aren’t rooted in malice and being unwilling to be a doormat when they are. It also means being sensitive but never hypersensitive. When you’re throwing a tantrum, you’ve definitely stopped being based.”
“Put another way, fitting to our contemporary circumstances, being based is the opposite of being Woke. Woke is wholly intolerant of everything but itself. It, because it is cynical of every motivation, it never acts in good faith.”
“It brings down every mood and celebrates the worthless and the ugly so long as these take no shame in themselves for being worthless and ugly. Woke forgiveness is impossible because, to the Woke, forgiveness would justify the sin.”
“It demands absolute conformity and tolerates no dissent. It defines hypersensitivity, elevates it as a virtue, and, as a result, is always throwing a tantrum.”
“Obviously, Solzhenitsyn wasn’t writing about the Woke in The Gulag Archipelago, but what he was writing about was another species in the same totalitarian genus.”
“He was writing about people who, due in large part to their ideological commitments, had become “conscious” of a pseudo-real distortion of the world that we otherwise all must share.”
“The lies he admonished us not to live by might be different lies in specific, but they hold up the same sort of regime in general: a tyranny simultaneously doomed to fail and, according to the preposterous theory informing it, unable to fail.”
“The lies serve this intolerable contradiction, and, in the end, so does the censorship, the gaslighting, the caprice, and the murder, by the tens of millions, if necessary.”
“According to Solzhenitsyn, the one remedy to this sort of incomprehensible (and avoidable) tragedy is to, in a word, get based.”
“There are, in the end, only two things that can tear such a regime down, and they are, as it happens, interrelated. They are the two most powerful weapons against tyranny in the human arsenal: telling the truth, including by refusing the lie, and laughter.”
“Both are based, and to win both are necessary.”
“While Solzhenitsyn tells us that the whole of a tyrannical regime can be brought down in the end by a single person repeatedly telling the truth, the fact is that the USSR that tyrannized him actually fell when its subjects—for citizens they were not—began to laugh at it.”
“So, where being based begins in a certain stoicism, it’s the most based when it’s stoicism with a sense of humor.”


@AStratelates: there’s your Stoicism + Cynicism
@AStratelates Cynicism is needful to prevent Stoic pride.

Stoicism is needed to prevent Cynic … cynicism, in the bad sense.
@AStratelates Alexander gave perhaps the best judgment on Cynicism, or at least Diogenes:

“Were I not already Alexander, I would want to be Diogenes!”
@AStratelates I cannot overlook the fact that Diogenes made it one of his main life-projects to ANNOY PLATO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WHENEVER POSSIBLE.
@AStratelates Plato was in danger of thinking himself a demigod. Certainly, many of the Greeks managed to do so.

Diogenes surely prevented Plato from the worst Hubris.
@AStratelates “Humor isn’t necessary but is the key to being truly based. Absurdity must be exposed, and no acid is more corrosive to the absurdity of tyranny than laughter pointed in its general direction.”
@AStratelates “So, while being based begins with being unapologetic in yourself and the truth, whatever anyone thinks, it does this ideally while being funny. Power, as it happens, abhors a laugh, at least when it’s not based (based power abides).”
@AStratelates “The more seriously anything takes itself, then, the less based it is, and, in turn, the less able to withstand the based it can be. Voltaire was based; John Oliver is an asshole. This is why the left can’t meme. Meme culture is based.”
@AStratelates “The left is not based. (All your base are belong to us, indeed.)”
“In a very real sense, being based means being able to roll with the joke and knowing that when someone can’t, it’s on them.”
“The based don’t apologize for jokes because they understand that, simply enough, the only people who would demand an apology for a joke didn’t get it—and that’s not at all based.”
“Jokes are meant to dissolve pretense, and there’s nothing more pretentious in the world than asking someone to take back a joke. Some jokes aren’t funny, and in that case, all that’s needed is to let them fall flat.”
“The based are a tolerant lot, unless it’s of pretense, unfairness, cruelty, or bullshit. Disparagement and bullying aren’t cool—and thus they are primary modes of the Woke—so they sure as hell aren’t based. Jokes are subversive.”
“Jokes erode power everywhere it is abused. Jokes burn off the dead wood and leave what’s green, what’s authentic, untouched. Being based includes understanding the difference.”
“In fact, the subversive humor of being based is what makes being based so open instead of being closed. It is by its very nature irreverent and sometimes crude, but it always punches up, as they say.”
“It is, after all, based, meaning being planted squarely on the ground. Being based means recognizing the plain fact that life is, on balance, a comedy rather than a tragedy, and the more pretentious and unaware those in power are of this fact, the funnier their absurdities are.”
“To strike a more philosophical tone, being based means having common sense in a postmodern context. Like it or not, “Postmodernity” is the name for the time in which we live. It’s a time of images, corporate gloss, and a certain imposed detachment from the real.”
“If you’re Woke, you think this is a weapon. If you’re based, it’s funny as hell, and, let me tell you something, brother, we’re not going to hesitate to drop our best memes from the top rope.”
“The politics of parody are infinitely lame against the relentlessly subversive power of kayfabe. The cream, after all, rises to the top. You may not like it, but you have no choice but to accept it.”
“To put that somewhat more seriously, the difference between being based and being Woke is the difference between laughter and shame.”
“Comedy and satire have always had incredible subversive potential against illegitimate power because they get those seduced by that power to laugh at themselves for being a bunch of rubes and fools. That makes them based.”
“Shame has no subversive potential. It’s the tool of tools and scolds. It bends people only to a certain point, and that point is precisely the moment at which they finally laugh. This is why based will always defeat Woke. Because Woke is dumb.”
Eve Note:

To scold is Woke.
To be ironic is Based.

To be a schoolmarm and a prig is Woke.
To be a deadpan snarker is Based.
“The subversive world of the based is one of pushing boundaries so that the arbitrary and pretentious ones fall even while the real ones are allowed to stand. In this observation is all the difference between humor and shame and thus all the distance between based and Woke.”
“Humor washes away absurdity in a tide of laughter and leaves behind what’s real and what really matters—that’s Based. Shame doesn’t. It just knocks everything over in a ridiculous attempt to prove that it’s the only thing that isn’t absurd—so not based; totally cringe, in fact."
“That is, humor is gentle while shame is crude, and humor is alive where shame is afraid to live. This is why the based roll with the joke. This is why the Woke laugh at nothing. It’s because they have no base.”
“Tyranny is knocking, and we need to get based. Solzhenitsyn told us what it would take to stand up to the end of the world, and what it boils down to is being based—and being based for our times. Our times are absurd, but this doesn’t diminish the threat.”
“Still, in the end, there’s nothing new under this yellow Sun, and, as ever, the truly absurd cannot possibly abide people who completely refuse to take them seriously. The future, then, belongs to the Based, not to the clowns. That future is ours because the future is Based.”
“Freedom is ours for the taking. The lies are coming into the world, and, for the moment, they have begun to triumph. Lord, though, are they funny. Being Based is little more, then, than a laughing refusal to be pushed around by the preposterous.”
“It’s a refusal to go along with the crowd when the crowd has gone mad. While many people seem to realize that there is some problem, only the Based realize not only that it's safer and healthier to break away, but that it’s also hilarious.”
“The Based aren’t about to live by ridiculous lies because they’ll be too busy laughing the bottom out from under them.”

• • •

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@NewDiscourses 1 Do not LIE, even when the tyrants command you to
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Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896)

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“The white race deems itself to be the dominant race in this country. And so it is, in prestige, in achievements, in education, in wealth, and in power.”
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The postmodern side of Critical Race Theory shows itself by its CATEGORY DESTRUCTION—e.g. it is able to deny something as basic as the reality of the sexes.

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Do you suspect bullshit, when you see a claim like this?

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There’s no “universal” here, nor “rights,” nor “equality.”

Cyrus CONQUERED Babylon. That WAS the “freeing” of the Babylonians from the “yoke” — of their former rulers.
Only someone deeply, willful ignorant of history, not to mention the ancient world, could say something like this nonsense.
Cyrus did describe his CONQUEST of Babylon as its LIBERATION. Hitler did as much in the Anschluss and elsewhere.

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ACLU: “Requiring only men to register for the draft reflects the outdated and sexist notion that women are less fit to serve in the military and that men are less able to stay home as caregivers.”

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“Such stereotypes demean both men and women.”

No, they don’t. “Stereotypes” based on realties demean no one.

Also, if anyone gets the better deal here, it’s women.
The push here is to make women susceptible to CONSCRIPTION.

It would open NO new choices or opportunities for women — in no world is “being able to be forced to do something against your will” a “opportunity”.

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“At least for the Husserl of the Ideas, Formal and Transcendental Logic, and Cartesian Meditations, phenomenology is the science of pure essences, and of the transcendental subjectivity in which these essences are constituted.”
“Husserl’s phenomenology is rooted in Plato, Kant, and modern mathematics. His essences are mathematical in the sense of possessing no teleological order, no hierarchical structure which is the presence of divine totality in and through the phenomena.”
“Each essence is self-identical, or obedient to the laws of finite (nondialectical) logic. If I may so put it, each essence is an absolute expression of the Absolute, and not a dialectical element in the gradually to be completed self-exhibition of a totally visible Absolute.”
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