It's weird reading about the conflicts between Russia and "the hordes" - Mongol, Turkic, whatever. The land pirate empire people.

It's strange just how "modern" it seems. How the horde peoples basically forced the Russian states into a primitive form of mass mobilization...
... far earlier than other states. Things like the great abatis line, the ostrogs, 360 degree battle and managing conflicts over something that somewhat resembled the mass "front line" you'd only start to see in the late 1870s in Europe.
It's so strangely modern. And yet, when they fought European states who still fought in a more "primitive" strategic way, they had a bad time.

The "steppe" was a strange environment - gargantuan armies over open space, requiring ways to manage that space and distance and lack...
of protection. Of course it's strangely modern in the same way the horde armies were strangely modern. The Russian states found themselves dealing with similar problems the hordes had, and came to similar solutions, plus a few things the hordes didn't do (ostrogs and strategic...
defense zones.) Obviously these armies were not anything as capable man for man as European states. Early on the hordes were a terror but lacked upside, and of course Russia had all manner of problems that prevented improvements.
But think about the unprecedented problems: you have to fight any enemy that can marshall armies upwards of 140,000, that doesn't require a logistics train, and you have to be able to fight almost anywhere, and the zone of contestation is literally Russia. And it's the 1400s so..
...communication is absolute shit. How do you do that?
One thing that I noticed when reading about Soviet vs. everyone else's doctrinal thinking is that Soviet thinking was always more strategic in nature. German thinking was on the decisive battle, while Soviet thinking was much bigger. There are obvious costs and benefits to that..
... but it seems really weird to think that this extremely "strategic" thinking that the Russian military had began around 1350? And it's also weird to think that the bulk of Russia's "demense", what we think of as "core Russia", was ruled by the Golden Horde and it's successors

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9 Jun
@TFOBananas @ses101 @jiemiev @thejcoop I don't know if you're deliberately trying to not get the point or are in argumentation mode or what.

Yes, I understand what some people generally say is "racism", and what you think is "racism". I grew up in the 90s, I don't have some lack of knowledge.
@TFOBananas @ses101 @jiemiev @thejcoop Words are a series of phonems / letters. The only substantive meaning in a word is HOW ITS USED, not some formal definition either in a dictionary, in your head, or even some general social consensus on what the "formal definition" is.
@TFOBananas @ses101 @jiemiev @thejcoop If someone invented a net, and said it was a "fish catching net", but it only ever caught Octopuses, would you continue to call it a "fish-catching net"? "Fish-catching net" is the formal label, formal defintion: net that catches all fish. Reality: only catches octopuses.
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8 Jun
@TheNotoriousJOB @vinuemunizzioni Sadly those are probably underestimates that result from genetic similarity.

Basically, races have allele frequencies that are similar and some that are different. This is why, even if someone is 100% ancestrally Scandanavian, they may register as 0.1% Vietnamese.
@TheNotoriousJOB @vinuemunizzioni That's because they happen to have some allele frequencies that are more common among Vietnamese than Norwegians.

Like, on most of the genome, Africans and Europeans don't differ very much in allele frequency. Ancestry is a probabilistic estimate.
@TheNotoriousJOB @vinuemunizzioni And so to estimate European ancestry, they're looking at alleles Africans have that are more common among Europeans, and doing all kinds of weightings. Over a large number, the idea is that this will be broadly accurate. But as admixture increases, it gets more muddled.
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8 Jun
@vinuemunizzioni But that's from the black side. The white population is larger, and if, say, the white population is always about 5x the black population, you get the % of whites who bred with blacks. Which is like ~0.336% per generation.

It's going to be a little higher b/c admixture gets...
@vinuemunizzioni ...dampened as Euro admixture increases. Like, at 25% admixture, the effect of additional admixture is only 75%.

Plus, additional black slaves being imported up to 1807 means that the % of whites who bred with blacks was like, I dunno, 0.6% per generation.
@vinuemunizzioni So that's who ACTUALLY bred with blacks. But then the question - what percentage was WILLING to breed with blacks? That's a bit tricky, because for some whites it may be black or nothing, and so even the percent that did, some of those it may have been as "last option".
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7 Jun
@JustThi30117912 @Peoples_Pundit @1tsakeeper You're looking at politics as sides being negatives of each other. You have a culty - conservative spectrum. People who seek and push "causes", and people who just want to grill. All the bad things come from all the causes. Medieval Inquisitors = Nazis = Bolsheviks = SJWs
@JustThi30117912 @Peoples_Pundit @1tsakeeper I'm not just mouth-shitting here. What limited research on cults there are (and it's extremely shallow and has a criminally high words:data ratio) all points to shitlibs joining what are formally considered "cults".
@JustThi30117912 @Peoples_Pundit @1tsakeeper Moreover, we know from twin studies the h2 of political views is around 0.4, and we know that "conservatives" have been outbreeding "liberals" for the past 70 or so years. Meaning ~1900 and earlier, people were more "genetically liberal". But if that didn't result in...
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3 Jun
@Tallocat It's directional though. Maybe it would be easier to think about other places and times first. What would be the range of debate in the USSR in 1950? Someone who thinks "stalin didn't go far enough" might face some censure. But do you see how irrelevant that is?
@Tallocat The big cult of that place and time is "communism" or whatever. And the spectrum of thought is limited because the spectrum of speech is limited. The fact that turbo cultists get censured is irrelevant to the problem. The problem is this giant cult and the majority of thought
@Tallocat that is prohibited. For example, in the US, sure, you may have people who say "whites aren't punished enough we need to go harder", and they might get censured. Sure, but do you see how that's irrelevant?

The foundational beliefs are all established. For example, genetic...
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30 May
@AnonCandle @mr_plrm @mythinkspot…

Transgenerational epigenetic effects are going to be limited to a few sites that avoid demethylation. Histone rotation, as far as I can tell, is completely reset by meiosis itself. I can't conceive how that would be sustained through that.
@AnonCandle @mr_plrm @mythinkspot Now those sites do exist, and there's no shortage of shitlib academics who will copiously document every loci that avoids the germline reset, but perhaps this is why they never give their findings an estimated effect size on an operationalized trait.
@AnonCandle @mr_plrm @mythinkspot Like, this epigenetics stuff sorta just floats around as an academic hobby horse used to "debunk racists" and give pseudos some brain candy. But it never reaches policy because it doesn't have any impact. I generally throw wet blankets on environmental interventions, but...
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