The Congress supporters and cadres are perplexed and agitated when the Congress campaign fails despite its strengths and speaking truth.

The RSS, BJP wings exploit weaknesses, emotions, passions and negativity. People fall for all lies, succumb to their covert propaganda.
Congress fails to use its strengths. They are to do this with their preexisting weaknesses.

Most of them are known; some are not apparent but embedded in their characteristics.

They are open and cannot act covertly, surreptitiously like RSS is doing it underground.
They lack aggression and look defensive despite speaking the truth. But that is one of many reasons troubling them.

Even in BJP, apart from Modi, Shah, Yogi and some small-time leaders and converts, most of the others are not offensive overtly but are vicious discreetly.
Rahul is aggressive with facts. People know he talks the truth while Modi lies.

Still, it does not move them to change position towards Congress due to a lack of ground-level connectivity to convert them.

The organisational structure is eroded and weakened.
The opportunist leaders shift to the organisation which has dubious roots but pays and promises them a future.

They forget that neither the past nor future of such divisive forces relying on lies, propaganda is credible & sustainable in the long term under any circumstances.
It was not the fault of Rahul if he trusted his friends who ditched him. He remains a democrat to accept their right to choices.

But the opportunism of these ‘educated intellectuals’ will not be forgiven by others. They could have joined AAP specially designed for this group.
Perhaps these opportunists are abnormally ambitious and choose to join the BJP.

It is a fact that they are truly irrelevant, not so principled but were only power-hungry.

Congress, Rahul wasted their time in investing in them. They could have trusted, tested others.
The above are excerpts of my new blog post: 'Congress Campaign: Failures And Scope'
Subhead: The Failures.

Website link:
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Comments, opinion, retweets are welcome.

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12 Jun
Rahul said many leaders, workers at the grassroots are principled, passionate but are disappointed and remain underutilised due to a lack of opportunities.
They could have become mass leaders with better ground connectivity, in place of ‘opportunistic class conscious' leaders.
Drastic changes are required in Congress organisation and its way of working. But it is a long process. Sometimes the changes and actions are to go on simultaneously. The short term action should include searching and opting for mass-based leaders like @AcharyaPramodk.
It is not a loss for Congress if some of its parched, flaky skin peel out. But inner health is to be set right. There is too much focus at the top but not at the bottom.

Internal democracy is to be restored with error-proof, failproof mechanisms for solving internal disputes.
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6 Jun
The transition of politicians from individual ambition, supremacy, arrogance & authoritarianism is a natural progression. Modi is a typical example.
Still, we ignore the potential dangers of individual leaders in various states mimicking Modi with their arrogance, supremacies.
Democracy is presently eclipsed by individualism and authoritarianism.

The ‘Kings’ will determine whether the eclipse stays partial, total or permanent and the extent to which democracy survives for the people to exercise their freedom of expression and votes.
We may remain optimistic that the eclipse has to end and the democracy will emerge from behind.

But it will be so if the rulers and their logics, sense, rationality are as predictable as the movement of the planets.

The condition of our democracy continues to be critical.
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3 Jun
How Modi settled into his style of functioning? Criminals prey on opportunity to steal. Modi, the politician, is no different.

His style was dictated by his political necessities & convenience. His brutal, savage approach, inborn or developed, helped him for over two decades.
He is a street-smart politician preying for opportunities. But it does not easily come by to knock on your doors with so much competition.

Modi, like a turbojet, sucked in, squeezed all before him to create a vacuum and moved forward.

Morals were never his concern.
Modi is aware of his weaknesses. More so, he knows vulnerabilities of others and how to exploit them.

He has limitations in entering into a debate. So avoids questions and answers even in parliament.

He only responds with monologues, Mann Ki Baat, lies, punchlines & truisms.
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1 Jun
The political leaders come from various walks of life. They may be from political groups, families, bureaucrats and so on.

A combination of factors leads them to the position of a leader of a party or post.
Some of them presume themselves to be supermen.
It is sheer nonsense.
No individual becomes supreme just because of getting elected to a post.
How do they become different overnight?
Have they come from Moon or Mars?
How their chest suddenly expands or gets filled with 'I know it all; I am the best person to provide solutions for every problem?'
We do not have an ideal electoral system. Moreover, our opportunistic politicians create confusions and fish in muddied waters.

People tend to see hope in some flowers. Everything is purple and pink when the lotus blooms. But it soon withers. Who should we blame for this?
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30 May
The political decay started more than five decades back.

The stealthy underground crew of RSS with their frontline political troops was working on their divisive agenda.

Some opportunists were simultaneously creating their groups.

They colluded with selfish interests.
These fraternal relationships developed into friendships with benefits.

That resulted in divisions galore on religion, caste, sub-castes, region, language & every possible dimension one can imagine.

They created dynamites with a gram of truth as gunpowder & a bundle of lies.
They corrupted the minds of a developing society and country where most of its people are rightly ambitious.

They could not understand the selfishness of our leaders of groups and parties.

They were unaware of the damage these forces are causing to society and the country.
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27 May
BJP always searches for chief executives or opportunists on lifetime settlement plans from other parties in states where they could not find suitable jokers within.

BJP is a closely held Private Company owned by the RSS family. It periodically appoints CEOs to widen its base.
The company builds platonic relationships with outsiders. Some clever and cunning associates steal copyrights to build their small islands.

They start mimicking BJP company head Modi with advertisements in the media. They also distribute public funds for their survival.
But to be fair, ambition is not sole privilege of old politicians, political families, and hate brigades.

Like Modi/ RSS, Kejriwal also searches for CEOs, bureaucrats, actors with a ready image in all states. Aam Aadmi could not find Khas Aadmis. But he has a right to dream.
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