JM and JK are both graffiti artists, and they become rivals after JK accidentally tags over one of JM's murals. They start this whole back and forth, dissing each other through their works and hating on each other, but don't know who the other person is IRL.

Cut to Jimin +
meeting JK at a rave, and they hit it off immediately. They end up back at JK's place and it's dark and they have sex and it's the best sex either of them have ever had. They have the best chemistry, but when JM wakes up, he looks at the wall and sees it's a mural by none other +
than Kookie. His rival.

He looks around and there are half empty cans of spraypaint all over the place. JK is Kookie. Humiliated and confused, JM sneaks out and stops dissing JK back. He stops painting altogether.+
His art was always the most important thing to him. It got him through his childhood and teen years, growing up in an abusive household. It's his one outlet, and knowing that the person who had been devaluing his work for the last two years was actually someone he... liked. He's+
a mess.

Time heals all wounds they say, and JM finds himself missing his art as months go by and he can't find it in himself to create. He re-lives that night over and over in his mind, and he's oddly missing the bunny toothed smile that made him want to paint a thousand +
rabbits in every form he could. They way those big, dark eyes had stared at him as he told him he shone brighter than a sky full of stars. That night had made him feel inspired more than anything in his recent memory.

So, he finally picks himself up and heads out to do +
something stupid and reckless.

Atop one high building downtown there is a billboard. The dream graffiti spot, and no one has ever been brave enough or stupid enough to scale the damn thing and paint it... until now.

It's a dark blue sky full of stars and boy with bunny ears+
staring up at it that reads. "I wanted to be your stars, but you don't see me."

JK wakes up with his phone blowing up. Minnie is back. He painted THE billboard. As soon as JK see's it, he knows... and suddenly so much makes sense... why his dream guy disappeared +
without so much as a word.

JM is Minnie.

• • •

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11 Jun
JM is the demon in charge of the labor portion of the penance realms, where souls come to repay the debts they incurred during their lives.

He's seen it all, thieves, murderers, con-men and crooks whose souls are as black and burnt up as their wasted lives... but when his +
newest group of arrivals shows up, there is one among them whose soul glows like soft candlelight and he's confused.

Like all souls he looks just like he did when he died, and this boy can't be more than 25. He doesn't have any mortal wounds, and JM is confused on how he +
found his way into his little corner of hell.

He sends the rest off to their duties, feeling an odd need to sequester this one soul from the others. He hasn't seen something pure in so long it's almost hard to look at him, but he can't stop.

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In a world where magical creatures are a part of society, human/creature relationships have a certain stigma around them even if they aren't illegal anymore.

No one bats an eye at the common human/vampire combos or human/werewolf. Those were already fantasies before the world +
became aware of the truth of their existence. Artist JK's boyfriend is something a bit more... unorthodox.

Every human who wants to have a relationship with a magical creature has to register with the National Magic Department for a license. (colloquially known as a +
"monster fucker card")

When JK goes to renew his license and vaccinations, the worker behind the counter is flabbergasted at his documents, which isn't the first time. JK just waits as she calls her manager, then the department manager, then the district manager, trying to find+
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A!JK was the #1 nationally ranked tennis player all the way up until he was 23 and he blew out his knee and was forced to retire from professional tennis.

Now, he works at an elite country club where he teaches lessons to spoiled brats and handsy trophy mates who think he'll be+
their newest plaything. It sucks, but he makes more teaching lessons lessons to the rich than he would anywhere else, so he sticks it out.

When a wealthy older man offers him twice his current salary to become his son's personal tennis coach, JK accepts, expecting some spoiled +
teenager that wont get off their phone, and is surprised to find that his newest client, O!JM is 20 years old and not actually very interested in tennis, since he spends 90 percent of their lessons trying to seduce him and being more effective than JK would like to admit. +
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9 Jun
O!JM used to feel so pretty in his body. He would wear anything and everything he wanted, skirts, crop tops, skintight leather pants, as he swept around various BDSM clubs and bars. No one could shake his self confidence and nothing could stop him from being the bratty, spoiled+
submissive that he was. The type who drives any dom crazy with his continual flouting of their rules. He hopped from place to place, never ready to settle down into one relationship or arrangement for long.

But that was all... before.

After being hit by drunk driver and +
rolling his car and suffering cuts and burns over large portions of his body, he doesn't feel pretty anymore. That unshakable confidence is gone and he wishes he would have let someone love him back when he felt love-able.

When a friend encourages him to come out to one of +
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9 Jun
Winning the world series is a huge deal. For A!JK it's the culmination of a lifetime of work. So, when his teammates insist on matching tattoos the night of the celebration, he can't do anything but say yes.

The tattoo artist that shows up to the party is gorgeous, and riding +
the high of his victory, and with drinks flowing, he manages to coax the beautiful Omega into bed with him.

However, the next morning it seems the Omega can't get away from him fast enough. JK can't help but be hurt until he overhears the conversation that clearly isn't as +
quiet as JM intends in the bathroom.

"...pick her up soon... I'll get her ready for school. Yeah! Whatever, it's not like you could act like a parent for once... I am not whoring around and watch your language in front of Ara! I'll be there soon."

The Omega is gone in a +
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O!JM is one of a set of twins born to the royal family... but a kingdom cannot have two kings. It is decided when they are young that one will rule and the other will study and learn to lead from the sidelines, running the less glamorous parts of the kingdom.

Unfortunately for +
JM, he's the one chosen to be the family scholar. He travels, learns anything and everything he can, and steeps himself in libraries and books, confident that he will live a life of no note or influence. His job is to be the librarian, not one of the dashing heroes contained in+
his beloved books.

When his brother's engagement to a foreign prince is announced, everyone in the empire is celebrating the connection of the two kingdoms and all the good it will accomplish. Everyone except his brother who comes to JM's offices on the night before his mating +
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