"Conservatives are engaged in a multi-state campaign to attack innocent children. They're talking about looking at kids genitals, interfering in basic school events and injecting themselves in private, personal matters of sexual orientation."
this is all true, and a narrative progressives should be endlessly repeating -> americanindependent.com/transphobic-rh…
"Why are Republicans in multiple states so obsessed with children's genitals? What sick things do they want to do? This genital obsession isn't normal. They talk about it constantly. It's never-ending genital talk with Republicans. Genital-obsessed."
like damn man this isn't very difficult to communicate
every time i talk about how we should use republican tactics, i get couch fainters who say it will make us evil and untruthful like the right. and its just such a stupid way to react, to be extremely blunt. you can tell the truth and be more effective.
every time they bring up this anti-trans stuff, it would be 100% honest to say "the genital-obsessed right is back at it again, their fixation on the organs of our children will not stop. sick!"
"just recently a top trump campaign official was imprisoned for pedophilia, the former gop speaker was a pedophile and leading republican jim jordan turned a blind eye to abuse. we can only speculate that there is a connection to the genital obsession" washingtonpost.com/local/legal-is…

• • •

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11 Jun
One of my best friends closes out every app on his phone before closing it. Like he won’t leave anything running in the background.

I told him I think this means he’s a serial killer.
I caught him doing it the other day. I had never noticed him doing it before.

“What the hell are you doing?”
“I’m closing it, I don’t like to have things running”
a lot of you weirdos are app closers.
now i feel like an agent of chaos.
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11 Jun
its very healthy that we're allowing this narrative to take hold without counter. nothing bad will happen when armed conservatives are told their kids are being brainwashed with "CRT."
its satanic panic all over again but worse.
is your neighbor secretly practicing "CRT"? report them to your block commander immediately
Read 4 tweets
11 Jun
that other thread reminds me of a mom story (think ive told it before but theres new people).

so in the 90s my mom bought a CD player when it was a new technology - one of those big ones with i think a 4-disc changer.

well one of the CDs my mom bought was this, from kenny g
my mom liked to play music when she cleaned the house. and my mom's a jamaican woman, so we cleaned house A LOT. she liked to play music while we cleaned (she did most of it, i had to vacuum the stairs, god i hated it).

one source of music was a tape of jamaican oldies...
and the other was the kenny g cd.

so now, some 30+ years later, i am triggered. i hear kenny g's silhouette and all i can think about is cleaning the house. i can literally smell the vacuum cleaner.
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11 Jun
one of the first CDs i ever bought with my own money was a CD single of MC Hammer's "Pray"

i don't know what this says about me then or now. but there you go.
i am now wondering what the "slam the hammer mix" sounds like
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10 Jun
politics is bad.
here is a live cam of bears.
"have you tried this salmon? i mean have you TRIED it? its delish"
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10 Jun
"we just put some random words in a blender and hit 'puree,' lets see what comes out."
"So you're telling me you cancel culture critical race theoried the Wuhan flu to China socialism Green Deal? Curious."
"Can't believe the Biden administration is woke BLM antifa cancel culture left wing political correctness inflation Jimmy Carter. But I can't say I'm surprised."
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