Everyone has noticed by now that QAnoners have morphed straight into anti-critical race theory activists right? That's what they are talking about in their groups. And corrupt public officials are making political hay with it (because they're the ones who seeded it to begin with)
And then there's whatever the fuck this is
Because all they EVER were were empty, angry, frustrated people who had nothing going on and really wanted a mass movement to subsume themselves into. As long as the anger is fed, they'll do anything the mass movement's leader tells them to do. There's no goal for them but that.
I really wish everybody would read this. I strongly believe that it was used as a blueprint for whatever garbage entity was doing personality modeling to find authoritarians to weaponize using our Facebook data, and then connect them using Facebook groups smokymountainnews.com/archives/item/…
What's going to happen at some point, when we're able to put a stop to this constant agitation of angry, unstable people (or when they finally all ragestroke out) is they're just going to pretend nothing happened and they wouldn't have fallen for it anyway if it had.
"For some leaders, it’s about reining in the most madcap beliefs. For others, it’s about using the momentum that QAnon has built in the GOP world to take over local offices and school boards."

They never name the famous Jewish thinker btw
January 2021. There's where I think this particular shit-show began. It's the #TantonNetwork (citation for that to follow) heritage.org/progressivism/…
A 2013 story from when the inauthentic moral panic around what's called CRT in 2021 was an inauthentic moral panic around "ethnic studies" latinorebels.com/2013/05/12/fam…
People are pointing out that a lot of the same people invested in banning this shit also made a big stink about "erasing our history" when Confederate statues came down. When they accuse others of outlandish shit it is because they are actually convincing themselves that
everyone would be at it if they got a chance. They're giving themselves permission. That's why they tell on themselves.

• • •

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More from @brooklynmarie

12 Jun
Because he is the latest interchangeable face of an inauthentically organized campaign and will return to the obscurity he deserves within a month or two, when the same disinfo networks prop up a new useful idiot for their next manufactured, weaponized moral panic
...Unless we stop the cycle now! Keep calling this shit out, friends. We have years of receipts over here
p.s. It's the #TantonNetwork. "Population control advocates" disguised as "immigration hardliner" lobbyists, drawn together by John Tanton, funded by the Scaife networks.
Read 20 tweets
11 Jun
Just realized the 2011-2012 Encinitas, Calif. yoga disinformation campaign (about yoga programs in schools) came at the same time that the ethnic studies programs attacks were really getting underway in Tucson, just one state over
Yoga (Jan 2013 story) kpbs.org/news/2013/jan/…
Ethnic studies (March 2013 story) nytimes.com/2013/03/12/edu…
Read 13 tweets
11 Jun
Well thank goodness I'm not the only person saying this.
This is the #TantonNetwork. It is in law enforcement, policy, schools, and churches. They have been quietly infiltrating for decades. Their lobbying groups have been pushing a white supremacist agenda using immigration as its Trojan horse, and the Trump admin gave them power.
Here is who the bulk of their funding comes from. Look at all the groups they fund and think about what they are doing. It's a coordinated power grab, just like I told you all along.

Read 16 tweets
11 Jun
Forty years ago was when John Tanton first opened FAIR's doors. Lots of aligned interests seem to have started to converge around forty years ago
Forty years ago, the Klan decided to make the border its new thing, too nytimes.com/1977/10/18/arc…
The 1970s seem like kind of a dumb decade tbh wilsonquarterly.com/quarterly/summ…
Read 4 tweets
11 Jun
Hahaha. What did I tell you about southern California law enforcement? Hey ex-coworkers, I'll accept your apologies for not believing me in the form of beers and cash awards
I mean, I was an Orange County reporter too, I didn't just cover San Diego and Los Angeles and Riverside and Imperial. I saw it all up close and personal like
And let me tell you something that I never realized until recently. A face like mine is a truth magnet. It brings out all the shit people think they are hiding. It comes out in questions like, "What ARE you?" and "Where are you from? No, really." And nowhere was it worse than OC.
Read 4 tweets
11 Jun
No shit! We warned you. Then they're used to pit ideologically irreconcilable groups against each other in person, which in turn functions as recruitment material for the far right when the optics turn violent. They're far from the only group

When Paul Manafort was doing this shit in Ukraine and elsewhere, he called it "black ops." But really you can call it "active measures" or "hybrid warfare" too. (Story from 2017)

Read 5 tweets

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