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12 Jun, 34 tweets, 14 min read
1/ Another history lesson.

Anyone who actively tries:

- to take your rights & freedoms away,
- to destroy your life & to enslave you & possibly kill you

deserves to die, no exceptions, no mercy. This is how it worked throughout the human history.
2/ Don't try to break things that work & ultimately deliver expected & desired results. If you have been living ignorant life & in a lie & you allowed cancer to grow unchallenged & now it tries to kill you, you shouldn't be shouting "please stop", "go away!" you need to fight it.
3/ If you think that people who actively follow the path of evil endeavors deserve to be jailed, then you simply have not been paying attention throughout your life. There are things & people in this world that simply cannot be changed, fixed or reasoned with.
4/ Your mindset & view of the world is the problem, you need to adapt & change it or you will eventually fall prey to others who simply don't conform to your views. The world needs strong men, who both understand the danger & enemy around them but who are also willing to ..
5/ .. sacrifice their freedom and sometimes life to fight the evil and to restore the balance. The world won't be saved by weak & frail politicians, doctors, scientists, journalists or lawyers whose only weapon are words. Words don't win wars, brave humans and troops do.
6/ The world also won't be saved by cowards and by delusional people who choose to run away or will try to live "off grid" and outside of the system. This is not how the balance in world is restored in the end. Words have its role though, they can explain things & various ..
7/ .. phenomena, guide others to the truth & onto right path, give them clarity and courage etc. But be careful who are you listening to, as no one has all the answers, people who are correct about certain things can be gravely mistaken about others things.
8/ People who have lucid and informed thoughts about certain things can be foolishly ignorant about other things etc. The big picture and solution always comes from collective view & input from all possible sides. Everyone has a role to play here, but it is important to not ..
9/ overvalue one voice above others. In fact, if you want to know what happens when one voice (or narrative) is overvalued & overrepresented above others & everything else, just look around and see how it ends and where censorship and propaganda ultimately leads to.
10/ The first test of sanity is the recognition of reality. And if reality continuously delivers something that doesn't "make sense" to you, it is YOU that you need to worry about. In other words, either you don't know or understand something, you haven't been given ..
11/ .. the truth, the full picture or someone is trying to fool you and take advantage of you in one way or the other. What is currently happening worldwide is only possible thanks to long term brainwashing, indoctrination and domestication of a modern and westernized culture.
12/ Prosperity & peaceful times occurred. Thousands of distractions, constant stimulus & mindless forms of entertainment. Everyone forgets about the past & people let their guard down. The society is literally out of balance with reality around them.
13/ One of the biggest and most dangerous lies in a modern Western world is the notion that inflicting death & violence is somehow bad, wrong & should be shunned and detested on o societal level. But what is the actual truth ? Both are tools like anything else.
14/ You use different tools depending on situation, circumstances & when necessary. Stripping yourself away from one of the most useful tools that ensured survival & evolution of your species & gives you the ability to protect yourself, your family or ..
15/ .. your society, always & in the end, invites exploitation, enslavement & death from hands of someone who simply doesn't conform to your views and does not live in the same "world" as you do. Western societies have become a protective bubbles where ..
16/ safeism, virtue signaling, delusional views about reality, world & utopian mindsets are being cherished & promoted, almost something like from a Disney movie. Safeism is the religion of cowardice. Safeism destroys growth and the necessary hard knocks that make us strong ..
17/ thinking, developed adults. The generation that is selling our liberty for safety was trained from the start to value immaturity and coddling. (h/t @DrOakley1689). In the long term, it makes you and entire society weaker, unsuspecting and unaware of dangers lurking around ..
18/ and reality that exist outside of your bubble. The counterargument to this is quite simple, why shouldn't the entire society have a peace of mind, prosperity & entertainment without serious worries when there are people and parts of society responsible for protecting them ?
19/ Police, military, legal system, other relevant groups & branches are responsible for keeping the society safe & protected, right ? My answer to this lunacy is a simple one. Look around you, what you see ? And how exactly this structure has worked out throughout history ?
20/ It always leads to the same outcome. It is always the very same institutions that are responsible of protecting you, who will ultimately try to exploit, enslave or kill you. Why police & military is not protecting its citizens ? Why legal system has failed to do the same ?
21/ The answer ? The enemy within. The enemy that has all the right keys and incentives to control the narrative, the gullible and the country. This engine needs to be broken but i don't know how. The Western World is broken too. I don't know how much, but the view isn't pretty.
22/ No disrespect to some of my fellow freedom fighters and truth seekers, but some of them are still living in a false reality & think that covid situation, where society has drifted from science & truth into madness, is just a single occurrence / glitch in our society and ..
23/ that there are no more big lies or hidden agendas / narratives out there. They couldn’t be more wrong in this regard & for that reason i advise people to not put full, blind & unquestioned trust in any of your "heroes" of the pandemic or people that you follow or look up to.
24/ They all are only human. On the other hand, many others know where this thing is heading but can't speak out freely because of censorship, cancel culture & because of fears of their job / business etc. & especially if they comment on social media under their real names.
25/ I don't want to give false hope but there are still different paths forward available, but time is running out. Organize, take vacation & have courage to protest, disobey the unjust laws & mandates. It will take much more effort than you are currently giving into this cause.
26/ If by ~January 1st, 2022 (another flu season) there are still any measures or mandates present, of any kind and in any free Western country, while completely unopposed be the society, then there will be only one path way forward to restore the balance. The inevitable one.
27/ And it will probably require a complete destruction of evil & those responsible, the end of our current order & the need for reimagination and reinvention of our society & the way we used to live. If it doesn't happen, even if we win, the cycle will repeat itself once again.
28/ Maybe not in yours or my lifetime, but it will happen. It always does under the current societal structure. Either way, old normal is not coming back, the sooner everyone realizes & accepts that, the easier your decision will be on how to proceed forward and into the future.
29/ You will either accept the never ending idiocracy, the fake reality, the enslavement & totalitarianism or hopeful future where human rights & freedoms (as we knew them) are still possible to obtain. Who knows, maybe this time around we will finally get something right.
30/ Remember, we as humans are always in a never ending struggle to overcome the obstacles in a search for happiness, freedom and our rightful place in the universe. What brings the greatest tragedies for our species is the lack of balance in-between the two opposites ..
31/ .. the violence & kindness. In one of my future threads i will try to go into detail how this balance is important & why going too far into one direction or the other creates imbalance in the end, which leads to great destruction, pain & suffering for great number of people.
32/ BONUS TWEET with relevant thread attached.

A dose of reality for the ones who are ready to hear it:
33/ BONUS TWEET with relevant thread.

Here is the explanation why the logic & rationale behind statements such as "it's just a passport" or "it's just another vaccine" are wrong:
34/ BONUS TWEET with relevant thread.

The situation has changed. You need to shift your view & unlearn everything you have been taught to grasp the emerging reality around you:

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30 May
1/ What is missing here is a consideration regarding immunity but in a practical sense, which is basically what every single person should care about. Will the disease kill me or make me severely ill, to the point of causing long term & sometimes irreversible damage to my body ?
2/ If the answer is no, then you are basically immune, at least in my book, in the most basic & practical sense. Why ? Because when you come in contact with the pathogen, you are getting either no symptoms, mild symptoms or short term illness with sniffles, headache, rash ..
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1/ Another important lesson / reminder. People forget that it doesn't matter if you are an evil person, a moron or someone who is just "following orders", if the effect of your actions leads to the exact same outcome.
2/ If someone is propagating crimes against humanity it is simply irrelevant if he is conscious of that or not, the punishment is and should always be exactly the same. This kind of destructive & evil endeavour, especially when big enough & perpetrated worldwide, is not some ..
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27 May
1/ So, TES found more evidence to support the case for an earlier outbreak that was not disclosed by China in 2018. This explains why certain regions were hit sooner than others, gained saturation over 2 year period and showed either very little or no impact from virus in 20/21.
2/ At the same time, the numbers from Japan show that the true impact (deaths) was miniscule. It never really showed up in any data i was looking at:




3/ Maybe Japan has undercounted a little the impact from pneumonia / flu like illness ? Possibly. Or maybe they just did what we always have done by putting main cause of death on the death certificate ? Which is the exact opposite of what is happening now all over the world ?
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19 May
1/ Many people still don't get it, even some of the good guys. The situation has changed. You need to shift your view & unlearn everything you have been taught to grasp the emerging reality around you. You can no longer trust your own government, the media, govt advisors, experts
2/ incl. doctors, scientists etc. that appear in the MSM or what they all try to pass as "science". You can no longer see the world & other people through the same lenses as you did before 2020. If you still are using arguments against the covid jabs & try to show that they are..
3/ still in an experimental phase, allowed under EUA (The Emergency Use Authorization) & phase 3 trials have not been finished, then you are part of the problem. How stupid can you really be to think that covid jabs won't be eventually approved ? Or some next iteration of them ?
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3 May
Powerful message from Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor, who issues warnings about public health becoming weaponized medicine.
"Adults are not rebelling against the things that are wrong. They are following the authority like sheep, without questioning. This is very dangerous." - Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor.
What happens when you deny the human individual the right to think, question, assess the situation & to make decisions ?

Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor, explains. Are we going in this very direction & into a modern day slavery ? Do you really want to live in such a society ?
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2 May
1/ An important lesson from Sun Tzu. Why are they doing this ? What is the end goal here ? Is there something more to the global narrative, to proven & even wild theories ? Is there anything else beyond what is officially public information ? To understand your enemy's intentions
2/ .. you need to start thinking like them & find out what makes sense, why it makes sense & what doesn't. I think we all need to engage in a thought exercise & put ourselves in their position, to understand the motivation, rationale & their thinking process if we want to win.
3/ What would you do in their position of influence & power and why ? Why be so open & even brutally honest about your supposed plans & intentions ? Why little to no secrecy ? Why keep everything in the open while the rest is so easy to figure out ? Or is it perhaps a diversion
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