(1) My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Christopher Sign.

Here's a short thread with some background into what the internet will be talking about today in relation to his death.

Nowadays when I write about those claiming #Arkancide is real, I pull no punches.
(2) I'm the first to admit that years ago I believed that at least a few of the so-called Arkancide cases likely were homicides, not suicides. I still don't know if they were, and nor do you.

I later changed my view and in 2019 became so furious I wrote about it (next tweet)
(3) Please note the context of the below thread; the date on which it was written, and proximal events.

It represents my attempt to accurately (at the time) assess the threat level of the "Q" movement that would later be implicated in 1/6/21.

(4) Also relevant to all of this is the Covid-related death of Luke Letlow. His widow took over his seat in the US Congress.

I wrote this thread about him on 12/31/2020. One week later I became proudly #ExMAGA:
(5) I noted at the time that the sitting POTUS from Mr Letlow's own party, failed to even send public condolences to the Letlow family. Every other relevant GOP pol did so, incl Scalise.

However, Scalise later disgraced himself as we have seen since 1/6: theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/op…
(6) I was a massive fan of Steve Scalise, until 1/6.

7 LEOs helped save his life in 2017, and the two that literally took a bullet for him were USCP.

After Scalise's lies about 1/6, I find it so galling.

(7) Anyway, I'll get back to enjoying my Sunday evening here in NZ. Y'all in the US have a fun filled set of Sunday morning political talk shows to watch if you so wish.

If I were there I'd skip the media today & look for a nice spot in the sun. Reality matters more.

• • •

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13 Jun
(1) Thread: Left vs right in 2021

If you read Thomas Sowell or any other free markets economist or thinker, you can learn why the left is now on the ascendancy in so many countries.

Where did the "right" go so wrong?
(2) IMO, when right wing parties fail to get their economic messages across, a lot of ground is ceded, & a lot of damage can be done to a country. During a pandemic or other crisis it's x1,000.

Then add in extremism. (Actually, don't do that, OK?)

(3) The extremist ideology and tactics that were escalated by most of the GOP leadership in the past 18 months has blown away any hope of reaching new voters, or keeping the ones they had.

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12 Jun
Current mood: Savoring the musicality and memories of my favorite song for the past 23 years. Dr HW prescribes it for both the down times and the up times.

Life lesson: You make it happen in your life, no one else will, or can. #YouGetWhatYouGive

I'm aware this the greatest one hit wonder of the 1990s was also Beau Biden's song.🇺🇸 Let's call it even, bc most of us around in 1998 who heard the song loved it too.

I was gutted they didn't keep going, but I get it. Unwilling to do the round of promoting gigs & albums.
The lyrics are so good, every one of them.

I can't tell you how many times I thought of or played this song to get me through difficulties. Not going to complain but yeah, I've had my fair share of troubles in five decades. Songs like this were a big part of surviving them.
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1 Jun
(1) Thread: The self-exiled Harry recently claimed his father was a bad parent, and he had no kind words to say about anyone in his "family of origin," except his late mother, who can't be called to testify.

Watch this short 1992 clip:

(2) I remember watching the great royal wedding of 1981, then seeing two newborn princes carried down the steps of the Lindo Wing in 1982 and 1984, respectively.

That short clip from Balmoral shows the 10 and 8 year old brothers relaxing as they kick around a soccer ball.
(3) It was 1993 not 1992, sorry. I watched the clip a few times, listened to Charles' wise words, and noted the body language throughout.

After the past few months I like and respect my two future Kings even more than I did before. William has really come into his own.
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1 Jun
(1) A quick thread about my pinned tweet of June 1, 2021.

And some updates to my profile bio. A huge proportion of 2016 and 2020 Trump voters admired Margaret Thatcher & her economic, social, & national security policies.

They're ignoring that now.

(2) Trump & the GOP were in a good position electorally in January 2020. But he & they threw it all away, for nothing.

Sure, they blame the pandemic. Some of us don't tend to buy excuses. We prefer logic & evidence.

Anyone living in the UK between the 1960s & the 90s gets it.
(3) Don't call it "The Troubles." It was an ethno-nationalist separatist IRA insurgency campaign that murdered more than 3,500 people and injured more than 50,000.

If 1/6 isn't properly addressed, you will see something similar in the USA.
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1 Jun
(1) Thread: Public figures and mental health.

I'm glad Naomi Osaka has withdrawn from this event and of course I hope she gets the help she needs.

Prior to this announcement a lot of people were angry with her, including me.
(2) IMO this unfortunate saga would not have happened if her manager (who she employs) had given her better advice & arranged for an excellent sports psychologist to work with her. Now, it may turn out that her manager did do this, we'll see. I can only work from what is public.
(3) As someone who has PTSD myself, I believe I understand the kind of issues at stake here. I welcome the increased focus on mental health issues throughout society we've all seen of late. I detest it when people fake it or publicly blame others who can't defend themselves.
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28 May
For those who believe Sicknick's stroke right after an improvised chemical weapon was sprayed in his face is just a coincidence,

The mob trampled a woman to death

Two cops suicided from the PTSD

The cop who had to use lethal force on Babbitt is being doxxed by the far right
That's right. Q cult victim Ashli Babbitt tried to climb through a broken window that a team of cops were defending while innocent bystanders were still evacuating.

Y'all defend a POS like Derek Chauvin while doxxing and threatening an LEO who did his duty, lawfully.
Trump and the rest of the MAGA movement do not support the police.

I became a Trump supporter in 2016 for reasons like his promise to support LEOs & military. His encouraging, enabling and condoning of 1/6 endangered hundreds of cops AND abandoned all the others in the country.
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