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(1) This will go down in history as a major Presidential Address from Biden.

I look fwd to reading the transcript and commenting here. Meantime, watch this short, factual video about voting rights & why they matter so much. To everyone.

(2) ICYMI somehow, I am (proudly) #ExMAGA and #ExGOP because 1/6 and its aftermath was the last straw.

During my time inside the cult, I learned the talking points on voting rights that are used by both sides.
(3) So, when I make time to read Biden's transcript I can show you what each side will be saying about it, and why.

The other day I found out that VP Harris supports both voter ID and competent policy analysis (my profession) work being done about it.

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(1) Many events of the past 18 months contributed to my decision to become (proudly) #ExMAGA & #NeverTrump after >4 years in the cult. The pandemic was the main reason. 1/6 was the last straw.

Liberals have been way more reasonable toward me than MAGA folk have, as expected.
(2) The thread linked above is an example of those on the left who are reasonable and can be reasoned with.

We don't have to agree on every policy issue. We already agree on the non-negotiables, like not rioting inside the seat of the federal government, for example.
(3) Once the rampant lawlessness line was crossed in such a large scale and obviously violent way, it became impossible for me to discuss policy issues with people in the MAGA crowd. If you condone 1/6 (by trying to play it down) then we can't discuss anything. There's no point.
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(1) This is terrible. If evidence of this incident being deliberate is shown (which seems likely) then this counts as a domestic terrorist attack and a civil rights issue.

If you don't know who #MatthewShepard was, google the name. TW: Violence.

Then talk about #PrideMonth.
(2) Wilton Manors (adding that here to assist Twitter searches.)

A lot of folk see the term civil rights as a racial thing. It's not only that.

You, me, and all of us have certain civil rights, according to what our country has adopted over time.
(3) In the US, the DOJ is responsible for enforcing "federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), disability, religion, familial status, national origin, and citizenship status."
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This Michael Cohen interview is very interesting. Esp. when he got to the part about spending 51 days of solitary confinement in federal prison.

Highly recommended listening. You will learn a lot about Trump, and America's present troubles.

Now Cohen's talking about making amends to his wife, kids and country. He beats himself up for encouraging Trump to run for office in the first place.

Michael, you are not to blame. Forgive yourself.

He's a deep thinker and is emotionally healthy after it all. I like him.
While I'm a nobody in all this, I see a lot of myself in Michael Cohen. We're both intelligent people who would rather admit that we were sucked in by the cult, if it helps save lives and rebuild the USA.

Plenty of highly credentialed people fell for it, and still have. #ExMAGA
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(1) My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Christopher Sign.

Here's a short thread with some background into what the internet will be talking about today in relation to his death.

Nowadays when I write about those claiming #Arkancide is real, I pull no punches.
(2) I'm the first to admit that years ago I believed that at least a few of the so-called Arkancide cases likely were homicides, not suicides. I still don't know if they were, and nor do you.

I later changed my view and in 2019 became so furious I wrote about it (next tweet)
(3) Please note the context of the below thread; the date on which it was written, and proximal events.

It represents my attempt to accurately (at the time) assess the threat level of the "Q" movement that would later be implicated in 1/6/21.

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(1) In 2017 as Trump was settling in, Democrats went on and on about Muh Russia. That turned a lot of people off. Since 1/6 I've been a proud #ExMAGA conservative. But even when I was part of the MAGA mvt, I still said Putin was no teddy bear.…
(2) The MAGA talking points against the idea that Trump colluded with Russia to win in 2016 make a lot of sense. So I suggest it's more fruitful to put that debate to one side & focus on the bigger picture: What Putin has been doing in recent years against all of our countries.
(3) This latest incident in Belarus is terrible.

Imagine if a Hong Kong freedom fighter was flying on a scheduled commercial flight from say Indonesia to South Korea, that took him over Chinese airspace for a few minutes...…
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(1) Thread: Benghazi v 1/6

Firstly, I am proudly #ExMAGA. Let's get that out of the way for anyone who hasn't read my tweets since December 2020.

Secondly, in 2016 before I became a MAGA supporter, Benghazi was a topic I studied in depth from all angles. ..
(2) I wanted to know why Democrats criticized Congressional Republicans for the way they went about investigating Benghazi.

We have now come full circle, with Republicans criticizing anyone who attempts to investigate their own Benghazi, AKA the planned & enabled attack on 1/6.
(3) There is a group of 17 Congressional Republicans who stood up to Trump earlier this year, by voting in the House or the Senate to impeach or convict him for his extensive, clear role in encouraging, enabling & condoning the violence of 1/6.

The 17:
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