I hoped things couldn’t top the @beverleyturner GMB interview & the lies Metro Newspapers published as a result (pinned). I freely admit I was wrong.

On Monday, @JeremyVineOn5 broadcast one of the most despicable segments I can recall. Why?👇🏻
Through presenter @theJeremyVine, they hosted a 30 min “debate” focused on the question: “Have vaccine refusers let the country down?”

The first thing to note is that this question is deliberately divisive, & there are questions over whether Beverley should’ve taken part at all.
The classic divide and rule tactics of the mainstream media have come to the fore over the past 16 months and one train of thought is that Beverley’s attendance is feeding the perpetual poison on our screens.

But, to her credit, she decided to speak about a topic she believes in
On Sunday, @JeremyVineOn5 posted a Twitter poll asking the same question & teeing up the debate.

For context, highly questionable YouGov polls are frequently reported as fact by the media having polled 2,000 people.

Over 32,000 people responded here and 3 in 4 (76%) said ‘no’.
Fast forward to the debate & there were four people in the discussion:

• Beverley Turner
• Jeremy Vine

Only one of those was outside of the studio: Beverley (subliminal messaging?)

And only one of those had concerns about the vaccine: Beverley.
So three of the four panellists (75%) thought vaccine refusers had “let the country down”, the *exact* reverse of the huge public poll which showed 76% of people thought the very idea of such a divisive question was preposterous. The comment section revealed a similar story.
Any serious broadcaster with journalistic integrity (remember that) would ensure a balanced panel was put together (2 vs 2). You could be forgiven, perhaps, for weighting it in favour of public opinion. To be clear: @JeremyVineOn5 did the complete opposite. A total travesty.
However, booking panellists takes time and the poll was conducted on Sunday evening so maybe they would address the balance by promoting the poll results.

So how many times did they mention the poll results in 30 minutes of television?

Zero. None. Nada. Nil. Not once.

Hid it.
They actively hid the results of a poll from over 32,000 people. What conceivable reason could explain the omission? Other than it didn’t suit their manipulative narrative? None.

It gets worse, throughout the segment the three of them actively worked in tandem to bully Beverley.
“Hold your breath for 10 seconds.”
“Can we take the Duracell battery out?”
“Is there an off switch?”
“Oh, Beverley’s got her glasses on now.”
“A vaccine would keep her quiet.”

…are just a few of the more disgusting comments of a bullying nature peppered her way.
Throughout the show they gang up on her repeatedly, pressing her on whether she’s taken the vaccine despite Beverley articulating the perfectly reasonable viewpoint that medical information is subject to confidentiality, & always has been (or at least was before the Covid cult).
“It’s none of your business,” she repeated.

And yet they didn’t take any notice, rounding on her like vipers, utterly brainwashed by this authoritarian collectivism that suddenly says your private medical records and decisions are public property. What unadulterated codswallop.
In actual fact, the only person who offered any logic, balance, or verifiable facts was Beverley, who repeated that it was a personal decision on whether to get the vaccine.

When she asked them when their last visit to the Yellow Card website was, it was a predictable silence.
All the other three offered in return were childish insults & highly divisive slurs, appealing to their low IQ base.

“Morally repugnant,” was how @adepstein1 described the unvaccinated.
“Deeply selfish & anti human,” said @EmmaDabiri

Of course we all know the opposite is true.
The final insult, as if it were possible, were the carefully picked phone-ins from members of the public.

From the four chosen, if we’re being generous, you could argue that two of them shared Beverley’s views (50%), more balanced but still not representative of their own poll.
When Sarah, an NHS worker from London, challenged the bullies on their attitude during the “debate”, and then said “Can I ask Angela a question?,” she was abruptly cut off.

Can’t be having anyone challenging them, can we?

It was an ending which typified the 30 mins before it.
By now you will not be surprised to learn that from 5 tweets posted during the show, 4 were pushing the Covid cult narrative (80%). A solitary tweet gave the viewpoint that 76% of people had given in their own poll the night before.

This level of manipulation is staggering.
Is it any wonder Beverley was reduced to tears once the gravitas of the situation had hit her later in the day?

She described it as an “ambush to shut down debate” & that is exactly what it was, to a tee.

It isn’t journalism. It isn’t balanced debate. It’s political activism.
Quite how the likes of #JeremyVine can sleep at night is a question that leaves me scrabbling for answers.

Though that presumes the man has a moral compass and I think it’s pretty clear one is lacking.

He & @channel5_tv should offer a full, unreserved apology immediately.

PS. As you might have noticed, I’m sick of these charlatans masquerading as journalists or balanced commentators. So please, please, please share the hell out of this. People need to be aware of the lies, the bias, and the bare-faced manipulation. Thank you🙏🏻

• • •

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14 Jun

I might offend some of my former allies here as a former Brexit campaigner but frankly I’m not that bothered. Many of them are *every bit* as intolerant, conformist, brainwashed, and authoritarian as the lefties they profess to hate.

Why, you ask? Well it’s pretty simple..
They claim they wanted balance from the mainstream media, they claim they wanted something different to the normal.

The moment Dan Wooton did exactly that on GB News, and questioned the Covid orthodoxy and our Supreme Leader, they all went batshit crazy.
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I wonder whether, when @cydneyyeates of @Metro_Ents began her career in journalism, she really believed she would end up resorting to writing complete fabrications.

I don’t mean “I didn’t like what she wrote” I mean total lies👇🏻
Firstly, the 2nd and 3rd paragraph have just been copied and pasted from any government press release on vaccines. It gives a glimpse into the lack of actual “journalism” happening here. As a former journo myself, I can tell you that “word herder” is a far better description.
But of course the main lie here is the attempt to completely switch realities and discredit the only person in that discussion (@beverleyturner) who was actually speaking the truth. Not my truth, the unarguable, demonstrable truth.

I’m sick of the mainstream media lying so👇🏻
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I want to address some of the points I’ve read in the hours since.
Claim 1: “It was hijacked,” one v well known account said.

This is a demonstrable lie. An event poster before the march clearly states that: “from now on our marches will be taking things up a notch & sending a message. We will no longer be scenically walking through Ldn.” Image
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