If we won’t publicly hand count ballots at precincts then maintaining a transparent chain of custody is crucial. Unfortunately, this is more difficult w/ vote by mail than in person voting. I’m told it can be done. We must make it a priority. Peoples’ lives are being threatened.
The difficulty maintaining a transparent chain of custody does not mean that fraud has occurred. It means you can’t prove that it hasn’t. Which is dangerous under current circumstances especially.
America’s foremost auditing expert re vote by mail
America’s foremost auditing expert re Oregon
Attacks on vote by mail require physical access to ballots & are hard to scale up. One risk is that ballots can be altered by corrupt insiders after envelopes have been opened. Or they could be tossed in the trash b4 they are opened based on zip code. Again, hard to scale up. 1/
Trump’s China theory re: vote by mail was preposterous as explained by @JimSoper. 2/
The electronic components of vote by mail have the same risks as in person voting. 3/
Before the election, I thought the biggest concern was that ballots wld not be delivered to voters on time or at all. I have not seen numbers published on that since the election. This is not a concern cited by Trump. 4/
Coercion and vote buying are also issues with vote by mail because VBM allows you to prove to someone how you voted. Also not what Trump complained about. Also difficult to scale up. But it’s a real issue. All voting methods have trade offs. 5/
I just think if we pretend there is no possibility of fraud we don’t convince anyone who may be wary of vote by mail it helps to walk through it. As with all methods, audits and a secure & transparent chain of custody between the election & the audit are crucial. 6/
With VBM, there is a risk that someone will vote 4 their mother or for elderly people, etc. Also, hard to scale up this type of fraud. Plus, this is why we have signature match. 7/
Unlike the above forms of attack, hacking of electronic voting components (eg, County central tabulators) cld easily scale up. This is why it’s a greater threat imo. 8/
Vote by mail does give u a #HandMarkedPaperBallot which can be used to audit the electronic components of the voting system (the vote tallying components). It also allows voters to avoid long lines caused by voter suppression and/or bad planning and/or electronic failure. 9/
Vote by mail makes it easy and convenient to vote. I vote by mail myself. 10/
Vote by mail also helps mitigate voter suppression that would otherwise result from the many closed polling places in recent years. 11/

• • •

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19 Jun
Do you really think ES&S is supervised? News flash: It’s not. Hell, Texas even let ES&S ** check itself ** to confirm that it hasn’t installed vote stealing software. The EAC supposedly investigated ES&S but won’t produce documents. 1/
My piece about how Texas has allowed ES&S to police itself. How exactly is this better than the Ninjas? 2/ whowhatwhy.org/politics/elect…
ES&S secretly installed remote access software and secretly connected voting systems to the internet and yet THAT receives less media attention than the Ninjas. It is a huge media fail. By Kim Zetter 3/ vice.com/en/article/mb4…
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18 Jun
To those who think you’d have to be “nuts” to believe results generated by the Ninjas, consider this. Why do so many Americans believe unaudited electronic results generated by machines supplied by ES&S w/ its partisan ties, secret remote access software, & secretly internet..1/
… connected voting systems? Why have so many people believed results generated by paperless unauditable voting systems from Global/Diebold whose VP of programming was a convicted embezzler whose crimes involved computer tampering? 2/ wired.com/2003/12/con-jo…
Why do those respected journalists who write about our insecure election system—and are therefore aware of the concern—mostly fall silent? @PaulKrugmam wrote about it here. Not a word since, as far as I can tell. It’s made America stupid. 3/ nytimes.com/2003/12/02/opi…
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18 Jun
My goals: To prevent Ds from conceding more poll-defying losses without verifying their legitimacy and, if possible, to determine whether their poll-defying losses in 2020 were legitimate. This will require (a) legislation; and/or (b) election challenges. 1/
This will require a sea change in the current (bogus) election security narratives which are: (a) from Democrats - “our elections are secure”; (b) from Republicans - “who knew elections were insecure? Storm the Capitol!” 2/
How to change narrative & achieve goals: find a publisher for my illustrated election-security book & get it out before the midterms. Maybe a documentary. I still think the book is the best bet. Other ideas? 3/
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18 Jun
The Ninjas are a parody of America’s opaque privatized voting system. What makes u think ES&S is less partisan or more trustworthy than the Ninjas? Remember how it lied about remote access software & internet connectivity to its voting systems?1/ huffpost.com/entry/arizona-…
It is shameful that the same mainstream journalists who consider the Ninja’s partisan ties newsworthy have thumbed their noses a those of us who consider it newsworthy that ES&S has partisan ties & that Global’s Sr. VP was a convicted embezzler. (Global became Diebold) 2/
I discuss the embezzler at Global/Diebold here. Bev Harris is the one who first reported on him. 3/ nybooks.com/daily/2018/11/…
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17 Jun
“1 in 3 election officials report feeling unsafe, new survey finds”

To avoid further disaster, officials must make elections much more transparent. Before the election, most election security experts agreed that our elections are not transparent. 1/ nbcnews.com/politics/elect…
I am NOT excusing the abhorrent conduct of Trump & his minions. But I am saying that lack of transparency opens the door to a charlatan falsely claiming that an election has been rigged. I and others warned about this before the 2020 election. 2/
There is safety in transparency. 3/
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