49.01/ Week forty-nine, June 19-25 2021, begins here.

Week 48 below
49.02/ 100%. I said this back in the day about dating as well. Only people dull to human pain and effort and/or those who lack functional life experience could say "how does it hurt?" with a straight face.

49.03/ For you music fans, esp. of early music played on period instruments, check out this great review of my wife's album "In the Salon of Madame Brillon: Music and Friendship in Benjamin Franklin’s Paris" by The Raritan Players (Rebecca Cypess, dir.) earlymusicamerica.org/web-articles/c…
49.04/ I need to look into the numbers more, but this is fascinating data.
49.05/ Great line "Academic writing is wild bc you’ll read four articles just to write one sentence." and very useful thread
49.06/ Religion tip: when you disparage the "Old Testament" as cruel, you're perpetuating a (blood) libel against Judaism and Jews, describing us as bloodthirsty, ruthless, uncompassionate etc. Not only is it factually & ethically wrong, it leads to our deaths. Screencap of a tweet by Den...
49.07/ Just thinking, if Seinfeld chose a '63 Stingray - possibly the best American car ever - for Pres. Obama, then what could he choose for Biden, a Corvette man?
49.08/ Reminder: get your haircut tomorrow before Shabbat before the #ThreeWeeks start.
49.09/ Periodic reminder: science is not a topic, it's a method.

That's the deadly irony with these antivax skeptics: they reject vaccine science because they think it's an object or ideology or a religion (i.e. a topic) while attempting to do 'science' themselves (w/o method).
49.10/ People who are called "resilient" just means you can't hear them scream.
49.11/ Hear me out: the "it was a joke" defense is only available because the societal punishment for telling bad jokes is minimal. I suggest we need to mainstream higher punishments for telling offensive jokes. Punching down should be shunned.
49.12/ Scott Meyer's comic Basic Instructions is one of my all-time favorites. The comic below has the origin of one of my family's phrases: using "moo" for "M.O." as in "well, Fred interrupted constantly in the meeting, as is his moo."
49.14/ Step 1:

Step 2, from "do something!" twitter: "Biden doesn't care!"
Step 3:

Lesson: a non-corrupt DOJ acts slower than the 4 years of illegitimate governance conditioned people to expect.
49.15/ Thread about my trip to England three years ago which was at this time of year. I reminisce about what has changed.

49.16/ As I said back in May 2020, I didn't expect Trump (ym'sh) to die from COVID because - following the Bible's rules - the tyrant is kept alive as part of the curse/plague.

49.17/ While being a #Mets fan means living with humiliation more than necessary, having an opposing pitcher beat Tom Seaver's strikeout in our ballpark in the year of Tom's death would be just too much. Thank you to Pete Alonso for his heroic lunging hit.
49.18/ It's getting close to Shabbas, so #ShabbatShalom everyone. Stay safe.

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25 Jun
1/ Erev Shabbat #Balak, esp. when the fast of #Tammuz is on Sunday, carries a special memory for me and this pandemic year(s) makes me feel especially nostalgic, so here goes.

In 2018 my wife was given a grant to do research in Europe which allowed us to plan a summer trip.
2/ She spent the first week in Germany and then I joined her in England for a second week with the kids. Just in time, in turns out, for a historic heat wave. World travelers know that American air conditioning is unheard of in Europe. They're proud of it!
3/ My old yeshiva friend, Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence, invited me to give a guest sermon at the Finchley Synagogue (aka Kinloss). That night was the 17th of Tammuz (and UK time to begin the fast was around 1am!)
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13 Jun
48.01/ Week Forty-eight, June 12-18 2021, begins here.

Week 47 below.
48.02/ Not popping champagne corks yet, but the large person with horns could sing at any moment to usher in a post-Bibi Israel
48.03/ Has Bibi taken credit for inventing the question mark?
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11 Jun
1/ Thread about a recent #ArtWar I had with my daughter. This game was taught to me by Rob Lebowitz (flickr.com/photos/lebocom…) 30 years ago when we were chavrutas in yeshiva. He's 100x the artist I am, but we worked well together.
2/ It's a "game" for usually 2 people sharing one paper. Player1 draws an item in the center. We called it the "cheftza" (we were in a Soloveitchik style yeshiva), but in English I now call it the Guffin, after MacGuffin.
3/ The Guffin can be anything and the game is basically an improv cartooning exercise. The goal of player1 is to defend the Guffin while player2 tries to destroy it.

The fun is in the creativity, humor, and art.
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6 Jun
47.01/ Week Forty-seven, June 5-11 2021, begins here.

Week 46 below
47.02/ Congratulations to my sister-in-law, @LeahCypess, on being nominated for a Nebula for her Novelette "Stepsister” (from F&SF 5-6/20).

I'm thinking of holding a press conference at Four Season's FantasyLandscaping to question to vote tallies.

47.03/ Totally agree with this. Basically, this is how McCain ended his career, and Romney knows this game too. It's what ego-driven politicians are supposed to know to do!

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30 May
46.01/ Week Forty-six, May 29-June 4 2021, begins here.

Week 45 below:
46.02/ Attempting the "Not starting every email/tweet with the word 'so' challenge." This is comes after "Not starting every etc with 'well'"

I understand this is common for academics. In my observation: "well" is to state your hypothesis, "so" the next step in analysis.
46.03/ I just spent hours writing a thread and for some reason the screen skipped and I lost everything. It's hard to explain how destructive this is. First time it's happened and now I will know to continuously back up writing in a side document. But I'm mildly perturbed.
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