Recently #SunilMittal of #Airtel was ruing the possibility that India may end up with just 2 mobile operators from a dozen earlier. Forget the govt scam, he needs to remember that each of them contributed to this situation with idiotic policies. Let me share for his education.
In the beginning we customers could connect to whichever operator had good network in a place by paying a higher roaming/interconnection charge. This meant that everybody did not have to invest in infra everywhere & instead could have invested the money to expand coverage, speed
connectivity etc. But no they stopped that & if they had a poor infra in a place they invested money duplicating infra. Then they personally invested in these infra & rented them to their own companies & they individually got richer & RICHER while the company's became poorer.
Then they decided that the ONLY way to get customers was with lower price & they squeezed out their competition with lower price. Then they decided to hoard spectrum & bid crazily high prices that even an idiot wouldn't have bid thus taking their own companies down the tube but
hoping that others drown faster & they survive. Their personal money was never lost, only public money. Finally they formed a cosy club till Jio kicked the chair from under them & that price was too high to pay. So 2 more got into the ICU. Fundamental economics states that if
pricing has to be ridiculously low with good service & connectivity then the volumes you need are so high that you can only have at best 2 operators in any industry. The next step to this is to hand over the industry to govt so that whatever the low price nobody is bothered becoz
it would then run with public money only & eternal losses. In the middle of all this key us not forget that they all colluded with each other to kill BSNL & MTNL with active help from corrupt politicians. So #SunilMittal your sermons are silly & your fear is that Jio can become
a monopoly at worst but in any case you will be left following whatever #MukeshAmbani dictates. Your cosy club #COAI which tried to keep #Jio out is fast running out of members. Remember your collective greed brought this on. Nothing else. #Telecommunications #MobilePhones

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Are genius mentally unique or unhinged? Are justice systems globally illogical at times or is there is a warped logic to have such systems? To all intent @officialmcafee was a genius, eccentric maybe, even paranoid but THAT is not the issue here. The tax…
claim as per reports was around $ 4.2 Mil or just about ₹ 32 Cr. Having sold his company #McAfee for $ 7.6 Bil this was loose change to pay up. But the demand was that these were criminal in nature - legally yes - & attracted 30 yrs in Jail. Unless there are reasons we don't
know this seems rather harsh & impractical. Here we have Indian bizmen owing billions of dollars to the govt, spending a life of luxury abroad & the what that can happen to them is a token arrest & public parading when taken to court or jail. By the above logic these bizmen would
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A very timely & sobering warning if one may call it that. My 2 paisa. Rest of India from long has been worked up about #JammuKashmir but they were the silent majority who knew their voice didn't count. The BJP-PDP alliance IMV was a brilliant strategy becoz unless one is inside
you learn nothing. BJP had zero connect from a administrative PoV. Likely they used this to learn & plan better. The LoC as a international border seems the only logical solution IMV. I have often said here, that any solution on #Kashmir that is not led/includes @BJP4India will
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Here are a few uncomfortable truths. From 1947 to 2021 (except 75-77) India has been as free or unfree a democracy as you chose to label it. NOTHING has changed. So all of you out there put a lid on your lips & if you want to lecture India about democracy, freedom etc please 1st
read the threads by the brilliant scientist @ARanganathan72 & if you find his facts too hard to stomach search for the number of books banned, leaders jailed, riots etc with the help of Dr Google & you will find answers. So what has changed that post 2014 you hear these cries?
1) Till 2014 it didn't matter who was in power in Delhi as PM, the brokers middlemen, dalals, Lutyens club members, fixers, were in power. They decided everything from foreign policy to defence to internal security 2) They decided what was good for the country & it's people &
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When you consider the fact that NGOs like @peta @PetaIndia actually filed cases in the court's to not just tarnish the brand & image of a org like @Amul_Coop which is OWNED BY FARMERS, NOT CORPORATES THAT FUND SUCH NGOs it's clear that there is a systematic organized attempt by
such NGOs to sabotage the Indian economy, create social unrest & do whatever it takes to bring down the govt. Amul takes care of the animals a million times better than such NGOs & a factual joke since 1985 is that these animals get better healthcare than humans. Such kind of
anti national activity needs to be stopped forever. Every single paisa of funding to such orgs must be scrutinised & fresh tax laws passed where all expenses on such kind irrelevant activities are taxed at 50%. By using an iron fist the Indian govt will not get any brownie points
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Just imagine the arrogance of #PETA that they are actually demanding that Indian #Dairy industry be shut down ? Have these people travelled across Europe & other countries to see how many cows are there? This is nothing but a deliberate attempt to sabotage the Indian economy,
create social disharmony & angst. This is a part of the #CreateUnrest strategy till the 2024 elections get over. I said this here before & say again - the 2024 election strategy playbook/ #Toolkit is ready - keep the country on boil with one thing or other creating stress across
the nation & stretching the resources of Govt so thin & irritate the citizens that somewhere, someone will snap & create a incident that can be then exploited. The strategy is to tire out the voter into voting against the current govt just to have peace of mind, not performance
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In this @SandipGhose is bang on by pointing out that YES India Inc did falter & took their eyes off the ball. Almost everything that the writer says it's very valid. However I think it also needs some wider introspection - not to defend India Inc - but to…
better appreciate the challenges. 1) India geographically has so little space that the so called social distancing is a non implementable idea not becoz a factory or office can't do it but becoz unless society can do it, anything else done within a private space is a cruel joke
2) With extremely poor healthcare, education & digital infra in non mega urban locations nobody in their right mind will want to shift esp when it involves taking a salary cut. In the Indian context orgs may actually need to pay higher for people to move out of cities 3) When
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