I’ve been meaning to address the issue with @adamugarba’s Crowwe App and several insinuations over the latest development with #TwitterBanInNigeria. I did my usual digging & was going to engage him at @akintollgate’s clubhouse session yesterday but he never returned as promised.
Adamu Garba may be known to most as a politician who ran for President in 2019 and later stepped down to support the #NextLevelAgenda of Mr President, but outside that he is also a young entrepreneur in the Tech industry with his firm (IPI Solutions).
Adamu like most political supporters of the Change agenda in his category benefitted from the admin even before 2019. If the @officialEFCC contract award notification to IPI Solutions on the 17th of April 2017 (EFCC/PROC/131/V.I) is anything you go by, the dots can be connected.
The main Question on every lips though is:

“Did the Govt really finance his Crowwe as being insinuated?”—

The simple answer is Capital NO.

The knee jerk decision to shutdown Twitter wasn’t a brainchild of deep thoughts and consultation. Some people simply played god.
I said once that loyalists within the corridor of power often assume their wield the power of the President and most times they get away with this.

We give too much credit to these people & important dialogues get swept away on the riptide of mediocrity.
Adamu like any other entrepreneur will support his benefactors no matter how ludicrous the idea in question is but might differ in areas that may not benefit his bottom line. He tried to position himself strategically for the outcome of the Twitter ban thus creating an impression
…an impression that may suggest that Govt is supporting him & have created an opportunity by banning Twitter. This is not the situation. A few of us have an alternative indecency’s App like Twitter too in beta stage. We, however, won’t rush things to exploit the situation.
The long and short of the story is that Adamu got a juicy Govt Contract in 2017 from EFCC for the Upgrade of Microsoft Product Licenses at the total sum of USD523, 377.26 equivalent to N159,630, 661 at @cenbank rate of N305 to $1 inclusive of 5% VAT. This approval however…
…didn’t materialize immediately into release of funds, which may explain the payment in 2019 for the said head item as CBN Bank Document can corroborate as correctly revealed by @GazetteNGR but this wasn’t for Funding a rival App as reported but for an EFCC Contract. ImageImage
There is no contractor benefitting from any admin that will not support & defend such source of income especially at a time when businesses are collapsing for others. Since the business of every business is to remain in business, the likes of Adamu can sell their souls.
I personally agree with the submission of the likes of Prof @opebanwo et al that Socialmedia platforms operating in Nigeria’s space should not be ceded entirely to the control of foreigners. We can build ours competitively for local content even in compliance with local rules.
One thing regardless is that platforms are what they are. They are neither good nor bad as the use to which they are put along side the pathology of the addiction/abuse will solely depend on users almost beyond the control of the owners of the platform.
This is an ongoing conversation & Govt’s paranoia and obsession for total control is not encouraging fir anyone to invest so much in the country only to get clamped down by state forces/policies. Another issue is trust. Who will trust a platform that can be bullied by Govt?
This remains an ongoing conversation. Adamu Garba may have tried to exploit the situation to extend his reach & earnings but it failed because the people are more aware than they are credited for. Socialmedia Bill will not pass & the voice of the people will not be suppressed.
Our objectivity must never be traded for sensationalism. If the Govt are indeed funding an alternative, we will know. The tech community is too small for such a thing to pass by us without leaving a trail. Govt cannot afford to have Twitter work in the shadows. They know better.
…End of Celestial Observation… Image

• • •

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24 Jun
It is obvious the Admin has always been their own enemy. Being paranoid with their obsession with power and total control in order to secure their Regime at the expense of National security. The fear that Twitter may be weapon against them is only projected as a trauma response.
The same platform they heavily invested in to oust another admin is now being perceived as a threat against their misgovernance & maladministration. Human beings have the capacity to do good & evil and so does any Technology. John Wick even used a book to kill in combat.
Do we go about killing people because of our perceived notion of the evil they may be capable of doing? Do we ban anything & everything adopted by majority for the fear of abuse? This is paranoia. Twitter must never be driven underground because of the ego trip of the listless.
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28 Apr
There’s no foreign partnership that can solve our internal security imbroglio fueled by the subjugation of the rule of law, nepotism & inequality. The self genocidal trend wasn’t an accident but deliberately curated by ethnic brigades with the blessing of the powers that be. 🚔
The same clannish sentiment that engineered the allusion that the war on Boko Haram is a war on the North. The same mentality that justified terrorist sympathizers in public office & security appointment to be skewed to the North. Murderous bandits are yet to be proscribed…
…and northern religious/political leaders are openly making a case for the Bandits’ murders, while others are issuing threats against our national sovereignty without consequences. 🇳🇬 is not a conquest of any Jihad & I wonder what the US/UK are coming to reinforce.
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13 Mar
A terrible mess I must say at this point. I hope those complicit will ever return from the wilderness of their shame even while grandstanding. The truth remains the greatest weapon. #EndStupidity
As stated across platforms, demonizing people as a strategy will most times haunt those who depend on such methods of agitating for change. It is true for APC as it is for those being publicly humiliated over their lack of tact in engaging the public on matters of accountability.
If you are altruistically intervening on behalf of the public as an individual or organization using your personal resources, you accountability is basically the result of your activities as reported by you (organization) or as corroborated by beneficiaries of your activities.
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12 Mar
“Practical elegance is something that is available to all of us. If we choose, it can become the cornerstone of our work. Some of us make a thing & many of us make a system.”

The harmony & singularity of purpose void of discordance constitute systemic efficiency. #Significance
“What makes something practically elegant is that it’s better, smoother, cleaner, more understandable, kinder, more efficient, friendlier or more approachable than it needs to be.”

I guess this is the difference between a Mercedes Benz & Toyota, Niche & Mass market etc
“When we create something with practical elegance, we are investing time and energy in a user experience that satisfies the user more than it helps the bottom line of the company that made it.”

It’s harder than it looks & years of practice and discipline in obscurity pays.
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10 Mar
I’ll continue to plead that you forgive the inadequacies of flawed beings while we magnify the positivity and advantage they bring. There’s nothing wrong in correcting momentary lapses of judgement but cancellation must never be an option. Let encourage those contributing. 🙏🏽
It’s imperative to take a lesson from the cobra effect, which occurs when an adopted strategy or solution to a problem makes the problem worse due to unseen consequences. The term is used to illustrate the causes of incorrect stimulus in economy and politics. We’re all important.
For the purpose of illustration of a typical cobra effect scenario. Imagine a country like China or India having a problem with massive deaths of farmers due to cobra bites & serious economic cost on antidotes leading to the formulation of a policy that could help the situation.
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27 Feb
There’s already an inquiry into the rogue decision of the CBN Governor. The decision will no doubt be reversed once the report of the panel is received at the Presidency. Nigeria cannot remain in the dark at the expense of the huge population of creatives seeking to be heard.
The Government needs to get a grip and learn more before shaming the citizenry on a global scale. The blockchain model have smart businesses opportunity that could emancipate millions far more effectively than paternalistically sharing N5k in the market to install welfarism.
We are building innovative businesses of the future and connecting Africa beyond the wildest imagination of our Govt. The project we started in 2015 is already doing great in Kenya & we’re participating in the $100m Carbon Capture Competition 👉🏽worldarchitecture.org/architecture-n…
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