Fall of Rome and the imminent fall of modern west: Wokeism and other things - A thread
Once upon a time, the Roman Empire was one of the mightiest empires on earth. It commanded an army so huge that there were very few parallels to it. Yet it fell. The fall of the Roman Empire is a highly debated topic in the academic circles.
But most agree on four basic reasons:

•Decay owing to general malaise
•Monocausal decay
•Catastrophic collapse

To connect the fall of the Roman Empire to the imminent fall of the modern west, I’ll use a mix of all 4 schools of thought.
Roman Empire, ruled over a vast tract of land. The empire was by and large well governed and there were few resistances. Rebellions were crushed easily.
The seeds of the collapse of the Roman Empire were sowed in what is called the migration period. Around 3rd century CE, Rome opened its gates for outsiders.
Goths were prominent among them. Goths could never settle in the empire properly and it led to two successful Gothic rebellions against the empire. It resulted in Goths occupying high seats in government as well as the armed forces.
More and more outsiders came with their moral and cultural baggage. Rome and the rest of the empire was soon at the brink of a full blown faith crisis.
Late Roman emperors focused on opulent lifestyles. Cultural degradation was at its peak. Roman orgies (that’s where the modern word comes from) were frequent, where a group of young men and ladies ate and drank to their heart’s desire and indulged in various illicit practices.
In the meantime, the faith crisis paved the way for Christianity.
The Roman emperors kept making exceptions for incoming hordes of outsiders, the core of the empire was now unrecognisable. The downfall had begun. It took a few more blows before the empire came crushing down. Roman Empire was thus erased from the map of the earth.
The west remained a dominant force. By colonising almost the entire world, they grew at an exponential level. Industrial revolution furthered their advance. They hit two major roadblocks with the two world wars but their dominance continued.
America became the clear winner, with a laggard UK with the rest of the Europe limping behind it.
By the dawn of the 21st century, Europe had entered into a phase of decadence, the last stage of any empire. Germany, France and many more European countries opened their doors for outsiders who came with their ideological baggages.
The subsequent governments had to make adjustments for the sake of inclusivity and equity. The outsiders however unleashed a war inside Europe. Germany, France and UK are witnessing major pushbacks from Islamist forces within.
US - a country built by outsiders with its capitalism remained an ideal country for the world. It had watched the First World War from afar and burned its hands in the second. While it remained open for outsiders, it kept them at an arm’s distance.
It was, of course, soon too change, the huge influx of migrants changed demographies of many of its states, the politics was therefore bound to change.
The 44th president of the United States (like late Roman emperors) changed America irreparably. The 45th president tried to turn America into an inward looking country but he couldn’t. Today Ilhan Omars and Alexandria Ocasio Cortezs openly call the shots.
A wokeness (as in woken from a slumber of ignorance) Tsunami has engulfed America and Europe. Quota systems to attain racial and religious equity are being chalked out as meritocracy is drying a slow death.
Racial justice (or reverse racism) is rampant in the west. Wokeness will be the final nail in the coffin of it- the end of the West as we know it.

• • •

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