Let us not lose our sanity (A thread)

Yes, there is a massive corona wave. Yes, we all need to stay locked up, and venture out only when it’s necessary. Yes, oxygen supply and shortage of medicines are major issues. Yes, people are getting infected. Yes, people are dying. But...
But let us not lose our sanity. In the mad rush to over-communicate, we are creating a panic wave. Do not RT everything. I have seen tweets getting thousands of RTs even after the patient has got help. That buries newer cases. Use Inbox too but only if you can genuinely help.
I have seen angels who have helped patients, RTing every tweet thanking them. Not the right time to be a credit hog mate. Move on to the next one. Imagine surgeons blowing kisses at crowds after every surgery.

Panic is the biggest killer. More on it...
A COVID positive report does not mean that the patient is going to die. It simply means that the patient needs to be treated and that too in complete isolation. Not keeping a calm head and Panicking is sure to worsen the condition.
Avoid reading too much information online. Most of it is panic mongering content. Avoid discussing too much about it, it will only screw your sanity. Watch out for symptoms but don’t become a hypochondriac. Don’t eat every jadi booti around you. Even herbs have side effects.
Our body is a very efficient machine. And our lungs are very efficient organs. With proper training, our lungs can withstand most complications. And the simplest way to train them is by proper breathing. So exhale-inhale-exhale-inhale while sitting in a padmasanon posture.
So in a nutshell:

1) Social Media is a privilege, use it wisely

2) Don’t resort to or fall prey to panic mongering

3) Avoid online resources about COVID

4) Stay away from over discussing

5) Don’t keep looking for symptoms

6) And train your lungs

We will overcome this.
Will hide all political/troll/promotional responses to this thread.

• • •

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9 Apr
China is in a downward spiral, not just economically but socially too. There is a fight between 3 factions - Maoists, Market friendly peeps (Deng faction) and liberals. Liberals have the least clout as they believe in dissolving the CCP. The real fight is between the first two.
CCP Gen. Secy. Jinping is a Maoist and is brutally against the Deng faction which made China what it is today. So under him China is turning into another Cuba, inward looking, opposed to capitalism in both letter and spirit and controlling.
So while most analysts want you to believe that China is set to become the number one superpower in the world, it is actually moving further and further away from it. America sits at that position but it’s story is even worse. That’s in the next tweet.
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8 Apr
US, Israel and the west had great relations with Iran till it was under the Shah’s rule. After the Ayatollah kicked the Shah out and Iran became an Islamic republic, it became a staunch enemy of the west. Iran went on to become the Shia superpower in the Middle East.
The term Shia is of great importance here because an African American man born to Shia parents was destined to become the President of the United States for two straight terms. Before him, no president thought about normalising relations with Iran.
For the first time Iran was invited to a discussion table causing must chagrin to America’s all weather ally Israel. It even led to Israel’s President give a piece of his mind to the American Congress which was Republican controlled at that time. He got a standing ovation.
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18 Mar
Bihar - The El Salvador of India. (A thread)

As I watched an interview of the president of El Salvador with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, I couldn’t help but draw an Indian parallel. It’s Bihar, my home state but I’ll come to it later.
First the background. El Salvador is a poor country in Central America. The economic parameters of the country narrate a sad story of decades of corruption, red tape and an absolute lack of accountability. It is a place where dreams die. But it’s right under the belly of the US.
El Salvadorans have, for decades, dreamed only one dream - get into the US somehow and start a life of prosperity and safety. Most of their families stay in El Salvador itself and they get remittances from the ones who made it.
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4 Mar
Joe Biden isn’t exactly a vengeful man, because it takes brains to nurture vengeance. He lost his brains at least 5 years ago mostly due to biological reasons. But his administration is full of vengeful morons. They are trying to “punish” everyone who was “close” to Trump.
Trump was the first non-establishment President of the United States and the threat to the actual establishment i.e. the deep state was real. Like Terrorism is Pakistan’s state policy, encroachment is China’a, starting and continuing wars has been America’s state policy.
What the US establishment can’t afford is Trump2.0, and they are doing everything to prevent the orange man from staging a comeback. And they aren’t just doing that in the US, they are doing it everywhere. Every state head who shared a bond with Trump has a target on his back.
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2 Mar
The Red Swastika on the bonnet gleamed proudly.

He was a proud owner of a cute hatchback. He had spent Rs. 8 Lakh for the top variant of the car and another 40K more to give it the accessories it deserved.

“Are Pandit Ji, aap 51 Rs hi le lo na”, he said again.
The ageing Panditji, with a big Vaishnav Teeka on his forehead finished pouring the “jal” near the car from his Tamra-Patra. The process of pleasing the Isht, Gram and Kul Devta was complete.

“Yajman, nayi nayi gaadi khareedi hai, Brahman ko bhi prasann kar do”, he replied.
The man smiled proudly, he was a proud Hindu. He couldn’t help but wonder how beautiful Hinduism is.

“We don’t even discriminate between living and non living things. And every machine is Vishwakarma for us. “, he thought

I’ll use this line on Twitter, he muttered to himself.
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28 Feb
Elon Musk a genius. Not a tech genius but a PR genius. Everything he claims, he can do is either a refurbished concept, a failed concept or a concept that’s in the future. But where he really excels is, in marketing himself. He will Outjob Jobs in creating a cultish following.
Meet the Reva, India’s first electric car, its first model released in 2001. Electronic cars have been around for a long time. Musk markets his overpriced EVs as if he invented them. Musk isn’t even the founder of Tesla, he joined one year after the company was founded. Image
Musk markets himself as Tony Stark. Cool guy in a suit working in a high tech lab working on some cool gadget that will save the planet. Most of the people who worship him are millennials purely because he keeps opposing existing ideas while inventing nothing new.
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