🛵 My Day with Ren
✨Reylo AU Multi-Media Textfic
✨Strangers to Lovers / Slice of Life
✨Photo Journalist Ben & Actress Rey spend the day together in a R/oman Holiday & Before S/unrise inspired AU
✨ Coming next Tuesday

#reylo #reylofic #reylotextfic @reylotextfics a modern 'roman holiday' an...
✨NSFW will be tagged with 🔞
✨RT/QT/Comments appreciated 🥰
✨Trigger and Content Warnings (CW:/ TW) where applicable
✨Time stamps show the progression of time throughout the day
#mydaywRen to mute 🔇
Excited to no longer just be squealing over this story with @pocketsofdaisy and finally share it! This was such a fun project to work on and I tried and learned a bunch of new visuals that I'm also excited to share here.

Happy to have you along for the ride 🛵🥰
1/ cw// images of smoking

Meet Kylo Ren. New York City photographer and photo journalist. He takes his craft v e r y seriously.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
2/ Meet Rey Niima: Famous actor in search of more mature projects and hoping to break away from being known as a child star.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
3/ (3 parts) Ben’s best friend Poe just wants to make sure he’s all up to date with the goings on of his family’s business. Even though Ben left years ago.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
4/ (3 parts) Ben is not amused. He might even have a few bitter opinions about it—none that have anything to do with the person featured in the article, but even so…

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
5/ (3 parts) Looks like Ben’s day just got a little more interesting.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
6/ Hux prides himself at being very good at his job. It’s not his fault other employees are such slackers

Meanwhile, Poe has an update…

#mydaywRen ImageImage
7/ (3 parts) Turns out Ben’s interview with Rey did not go so well.

Poe gets an unexpected surprise.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
8/ Seems like Ben forgot something…

#mydaywRen Image
9/ Ben may have overreacted a little at the end of their interview…

#mydaywRen ImageImage
10/ Just a little friendly banter over light-hearted disagreements 🙃

#mydaywRen ImageImage
11/ cw// mentions of sex & drugs

A banter of wills x slap slap just kiss through the gd phone

#mydaywRen ImageImage
12/ Ben should probably change his passcode 🤭

#mydaywRen ImageImage
13/ Rey pokes the bear.

Ben can’t help but take the bait. He never backs down from a challenge.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
14/ Rose is a great manager. The best. Rey would be lost without her.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
15/ (3 parts) Ben picks Rey up at her hotel.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
16/ They see some sights on their way to their destination.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
17/ Ben takes Rey to one of his favorite places in the city.

#mydaywRen ImagePoster collage of women for...
18/ Rey has been to a museum before…but not quite like this.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
19/ Ben shows Rey some photography in hopes to prove a point? Show her a part of his world? Actually have a civilized conversation?

Definitely not that.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
20/ slight 🔞 The photo in question:

#mydaywRen ImageImage
21/ Ben has questions, of course he does.

It’s not his fault he keeps getting distracted and forgets them.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
22/ (3 parts) Ben finally thinks of a question, but it’s unclear how useful it will be for the article.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
23/ Kylo Ren does not like his picture taken, nor does he use Instagram stories.

But things can change depending on the circumstances...

#mydaywRen ImageImage
24/ cw// food

(3 parts) Kylo Ren enjoys a hot dog while Rey Niima is spotted at a M/oMA…

Good thing influencer on the rise, Baz Nettie, was there to catch the evidence.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
25/ cw// food

Ben’s never seen a girl house two hotdogs in the span of two minutes.

But Rey is full of surprises.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
26/ Now it’s Rey’s turn to show Ben a bit of her world.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
27/ What a coincidence that Rey’s film is pre-showing at a theater nearby…

#mydaywRen ImageImage
28/ (3parts) Ben finds he didn’t dislike the film, not at all.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
29/ (3parts) Rey gets to see a lot of the city on the back of a motorcycle.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
30/ Poe checks in after noticing an increase of posts to Ben’s insta story.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
31/ cw// food

(4parts) Rey takes a bunch of tasteful nood pics.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImageImage
32/ cw// food

Poe approves. Meanwhile, Rey checks in with Rose…

#mydaywRen ImageImage
33/ Rey suggests they play a game. It’s all hypothetical really…purely academic

#mydaywRen ImageImage
34/ Things are starting to get a little more interesting…

#mydaywRen ImageImage
35/ “If I could go back to this morning, I would apologize for being an asshole, and admit that every mean thing I said about you was just me deflecting my own issues about something that had nothing to do with you... I don't think you're a snob. I’m...a dumbass.”

#mydaywRen Image
36/ Rey doesn't even know Poe, but Ben thinks she could play him in a film.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
37/ Ben almost divulges too much…these emotions that have crept up on him in the span of just a few hours

#mydaywRen ImageImage
38/ (3parts) Things get a little serious. Ben makes a discovery.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
39/ cw// alcohol bar

Ben takes Rey to one of his old stomping grounds

#mydaywRen Image
40/ cw// alcohol bar

Rey finds out Ben’s real name.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
41/ cw// alcohol bar

Ben is starting to think bringing Rey here was not the best idea…

#mydaywRen ImageImage
42/ cw// alcohol

Rey tries Chewie’s famous cocktail.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
43/ cw// alcohol intoxication

(3 parts) Two drinks in and Rey and Chewie are besties—to Ben’s chagrin 😏

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
44/ cw// alcohol intoxication

Rey gets a glimpse of Ben’s past…and subsequently, accidentally falls into his arms in the process 👀

#mydaywRen ImageImage
45/ cw// alcohol intoxication

For a second Ben thought…

But maybe it's the alcohol, maybe it’s all in his head.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
46/ cw// alcohol intoxication

Rey leaves his phone on the bar and he’s definitely a little tipsy if he’s asking Poe for advice.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
47/ cw// alcohol intoxication

Rey admits why she dodged the kiss.

Some miscommunication gets cleared up...

#mydaywRen ImageImage
48/ cw// alcohol

(4 parts) Ben gets a second chance and it gets…serious? But not in the way he thought it would…or hoped.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImageImage
49/ Rey tries to think of a new activity. Meanwhile Ben’s thoughts are all 😵‍💫

#mydaywRen ImageImage
50/ Chewie ships it 😉

#mydaywRen ImageImage
51/ cw// alcohol minor harassment bar fight

It’s the first Rey is approached all day after being recognized. Ben’s almost surprised it took this long.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
52/ They weave through the few throngs of people also enjoying their Monday night until they find a secluded street. That douchebag and his friends no longer chasing them…

#mydaywRen Image
53/ cw// nsfw ish 🔞

It’s 5 minutes til midnight…

#mydaywRen ImageImage
54/ Ben isn’t ready for it to be over, not yet. Rey discovers Ben isn’t as snobbish as he first came off. He might actually be a little roguish 😏

#mydaywRen ImageImage
55/ cw// breaking & entering

Ben has an unconventional idea to show Rey the city skyline…

#mydaywRen ImageImage
56/ cw// breaking & entering 🔞

Rey likes Ben’s rebellious streak 😏

#mydaywRen ImageImage
57/ cw// nsfw public sex 🔞

Some rooftop shenanigans ensues 👀

#mydaywRen ImageImage
58/ cw// nsfw oral public sex 🔞

Ben helps Rey see stars under the polluted city sky…👅

#mydaywRen ImageImage
59/ cw// nsfw public sex 🔞

Ben never would have thought what seemed to be the start of a bad day would turn into this*

#mydaywRen ImageImage
60/ God just looking at her, and the smile she gives him that could light the whole damn city.

Everything is just…brighter…better…

#mydaywRen Image
61/ cw// nsfw public sex 🔞


#mydaywRen ImageImage
62/ cw// nsfw public sex unprotected sex 🔞

(3 parts) If this is a dream…Ben is more and more convinced with each passing second how badly he wants to stay in it.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
63/ Good thing one of them had the wherewith-all to set an alarm…

Ben has some missed messages though.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
64/ Dread begins to spread as reality sinks in.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
65/ Rose is a good manager—the best.

She cares about Rey.

But Ben does too.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
66/ Ben watches her sleep. Nestled in his lap. The moment of peace stretches to meet the day. Each second moves the sun just a little bit higher in the sky—

—And the inevitable end of their dream with it.

#mydaywRen #mymanip #reyloart #bensolo #rey Image
67/ She doesn’t want to leave. Even though she knows she hast to.

He doesn’t want to let her go. Even though he knows he has to.

But for 20 more minutes, it’s just them. No obligations.

Just this.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
68/ Every touch of her lips is a spark of life. A ray of sunshine. A reminder that her brilliance is unmatched—

—and Ben can’t help but think how lucky he is to be allowed to bask in it for just this one day.

#mydaywRen #bensolo #rey #mymanip Image
69/ But the big question is…what happens now?

#mydaywRen ImageImage
70/ Neither of them knows.

But Ben can’t help but hope.

Meanwhile, Rey types her number into his phone…

"Say, 'Snob'!" 📸

#mydaywRen ImageImage
71/ Rey admits what she thought about the day.

Ben admits he’s come to an epiphany.

And one thing they both can agree on:

They can’t keep their hands off each other. ♥️

#mydaywRen ImageImage
72/ (3 parts) How Ben’s feelings for Rey went from 0-5000 in less than 24 hours is anyone’s guess.

But he’s not ready to say goodbye.

#mydaywRen ImageImageImage
73/ As Rey’s car pulls away and out of sight, Ben looks at his phone, the battery almost dead, and clicks the /nstagram app to look at his story for the first time ever.

And he sees flashes of what Ben knows will be a day he will never forget.

#mydaywRen #myedit
74/ As is no surprise to anyone, Ben and Rey keep in touch after that one fateful day…

#mydaywRen Image
75/ Looks like Rey has a new project coming up…

#mydaywRen #myedit Image
76/ Rose checks in to make sure Rey is ready for her move.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
77/ cw// nsfw sexting 🔞

Meanwhile, Rey is anxious to get to New York.

#mydaywRen ImageImage
78/ cw// nsfw sexting 🔞

Since they’ve corresponded via text, Ben’s gotten used to Rey’s snarkier (and h0rnier) side.

And he loves her all the more for it.


#mydaywRen ImageImage
79/ nsfw image 🔞

Somewhere in the near future, Kylo Ren uploads a new photo 🦋

#mydaywRen #myedit ImageImage
80/ And they're off!

The End ❤️

#mydaywRen Image
I hope you loved spending the day with them as much as I did! 🥺😭😍

Big thank you to @pocketsofdaisy @irridesca and @samalama88 for your encouragement from the start.

I appreciate the love and support from anyone who's read and interacted, thank you! ❤️

• • •

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