Why I think we need to outlaw the Fourth of July and the CRT (Caucasian Revolution Tale)

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First of all, I have never studied this so-called document but i know it’s divisive.

Do we want our children “declaring their independence” when they can’t work out their differences?

Plus it teaches that we are “endowed by our creator” with certain unalienable rights.
Is this what we want our children to believe? That, instead of working hard for their rights, they have to wait for an endowment from a a creator who governs all?

This sounds like a government handout to me.
It literally tells kids that they are being oppressed.

This ideology makes people hate their country just like the colonists hated Britain.

We are all one
This the same rhetoric used by the terrorist BLM movement. (British Laws Matter)that’s destroying cities with riots, looting & Tea Parties.

They are being taught to destroy property and tear down statues.
It teaches kids to hate the police and the troops, too. Sure, Crispus Attucks was unarmed when those officers shot him but they feared for their lives! You saw the court transcript!
Any it’s revisionist history.

One, because it was revised
Three: You know who DIDN’T celebrate the Fourth of July?

The actual founders.
But even then, they didn’t go flag crazy. It wasn’t even a holiday yet.

The current flag with 13 stripes and a star representing each state didn’t exist until 1818. It was signed in April but it specified that the flag can only be changed on July 4.
You know what else happened in 1818?

Karl Marx was born.

It’s clear: Anyone who celebrates July 4th or flies the American flag should is not doing what the founders would have wanted so they must be celebrating Marx’s bday.

Perhaps the only thing worse than contradicting the founders would be to go against MLK

HE LOVED America.

And he would NEVER disrespect his country like that
And he DEFINITELY wouldn’t have accused his country of being racist. He would’ve AT LEAST discussed Black on Black crime instead of blaming his conditions on racism and oppression like some crazy, America-hating critical race theorist!

He would’ve said something like:
This is why we need to ban the 4th of July. It is revisionist history; it goes against the wishes of the founders and it is a Marxist holiday.

But I don’t celebrate the 4th of July for another reason

It’s not what MLK would have wanted.


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On this day, 102 years ago, an event kicked off one of the worst periods of white backlash in history.

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White folks in Bisbee LOVED the police
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Ohhh @DanCrenshawTX likes to get "facts straight" about voting rights.

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It's hard to explain because Crenshaw's district can only be accurately described as: "the white people near Houston"

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See, the 2010 census showedTexas gained 4 million new people. But Texas had to figure out how to keep their districts majority-white, so the GOP gerrymandered the electoral map so bad, a federal court said:

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This is damn near impossible. It's like asking: "Can you briefly explain how the universe works?"

However, there are some things people should know.

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First of all, you should know that critical theory, as a tool for examining social structures, has been around for more than a century.

Broadly put, no social structure is perfect, and all social structures must be examined
And we know that when you examine or "critique" something, especially a society, the critique is NEVER objective. It is always colored by the perspective of the observer. I know this sounds like something someone says when the edible kicked in, but here's an example.
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Well actually, medical Jim Crow BEEN here.

And I know white folks are gonna point to poverty and "socioeconomic status" but I'mma just post some facts:

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Census tracts with predominantly black populations are more than 2x as likely to lose hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

And it's not just "poverty."

When they controlled for income, mortality rate & ppl over 65, the disparities were even HIGHER.

Again, it's not poverty. Another study found:

"25.6% of Blacks live in zip codes with few or no primary care physicians, compared to 9.6% of Asian and 13.2 % of Whites. The disparity disappeared for Hispanics after controlling for socioeconomic factors."

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