Biggest Expose:

Debunk of #RafaleScam issue and truth behind this created issue.


A France NGO Asso Sherpa has filed a complaint in court. They are trying to create this fake issue since 2018. In 2019 they have tried 2nd time but their fake claim was not considered by the French anti-corruption body. Now, this is the third time they have tried again.
It is not initiated by any judge. This is the biggest lie spreading today by the anti-Modi Gang.
It is this NGO Asso Sherpa who has filed a complaint.
Now let me expose this entire nexus. This NGO Asso Sherpa is Funded by The Sigrid Rausing Trust a UK-based NGO. After 2013 Asso Sherpa didn’t update their Annual reports.
Now The Sigrid Rausing Trust is similar to the Open Society Foundations, backs open borders and pro-mass migration groups across the UK, and funds anti-Israel groups in the Middle East.

The organization funds the radical left group “Southall Black Sisters” in Britain.
You will shock to learn that this NGO is a Grantee of Amnesty International and Open Society foundation. And you very well know that Why Amnesty and OFS are banned in India.

Duncan Wilson Executive Director of The Sigrid Rausing Trust was working previously with OFS
Not only That OFS and The Sigrid Rausing Trust give funds to many similar ultra-left NGOs.
Amnesty and Asso Sherpa are working together in France.
It is very clear that the whole international Ultra leftist NGOs gang is behind this which are banned in India for their anti-India activities.

All of you know that, which ecosystem supports these anti-India NGOs in India

Please Use #RafaleScamDebunk to Spread this information.

• • •

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1 Jul
Super Explosive Thread Part-2

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Let’s start.
1. In 1953 CIA has started the ‘Mind Control’ Program ‘MKUltra ’, where experiments have been done with the use of various drugs like LSD etc, Micro Chip in Dogs, and on the human mind. All the documents had been destroyed but Somehow 20K documents have been recovered from Cache.
2. There are total of 149 sub-projects under the MKULTRA project. Monarch Mind Control was one of the subprojects of the MKULTRA Program
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Thread-Part 1

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1 Office of Strategic Services (USA intelligence agency before CIA) Document shows that how the USA planned to use Motion Pictures as a Physiological warfare weapon.
2 To control the masses via commercials, movies, TV shows, documentaries, newsreels, animated cartoons, just to name a few. “motion pictures are one of the most powerful propaganda weapons at the disposal of the USA.” This weapon is used every day on people all over the world.
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So Let's Start
1. In 1992 Joe Biden blocked the help of Russia to India in which they were helping India to make a cryogenic engine for India’s space program
2. But India has continued their space program anyhow. 1994 CIA has destroyed all space programs by making false charges against Scientist Nambi Narayan and his team.
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Explosive Thread

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1.During cold war, USA and Russia were trying their best to sell their weapons and other things anyhow to third word countries like India!
2. To establish network of KGB in India, Russia had k!lled Shatriji and it’s open secret that during Indira Gandhi’s tenure, KGB had access to every Gov files and offices!
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Hindi Translation of My Thread

यह थ्रेड पढ़ने के बाद हो सकता है आपको यकीन न हो या फिर आप गहरी सोच में पड़ जाए

आप कई चीजों को काफी आसनी से समझने लगेंगे

में वादा करता हु की यह थ्रेड पड़ने के बाद आपको बिलकुल निराशा नही होगी
1 सोरोस का एक NGO है 'ड्रग्स पोलिसी अलायंस' जो ड्रग्स केस में पकड़े गए लोगो को कानूनी मदद मुफ्त में देता है? आपको यह कनेक्शन समझ आ जाना चाहिए।

इतना ही नही सोरोस ड्रग्स को लीगल तरीके से बेचने के लिए भी वकालत कर रहा है। ओपन सोसाइटी फाउंडेशन से सबसे ज्यादा फंड इसी NGO को मिलता है!
2 26/11 मुम्बई हमले का मास्टर माइंड डेविड हेडली सिर्फ आतंकी नही बल्कि ड्रग्स पैडलर भी था!

अमेरिका में कई बार पकड़े जाने के बावजूद उसको कभी ज्यादा जैल नही हुई! उसका एक कारण पॉइंट नंबर 1 हो सकता है! कुछ लोगो का कहना था कि वो USA की ड्रग एजेंसी के लिए भी काम करता था!
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27 May
One more thread which will shock just like previous one!

You won’t regret after reading it!

So let’s start!

Super Explosive Thread!
1.Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi happened on 21 May 1991 & Just after one month a NGO created with name of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation on 21 June 1991 Just 1 Month!
2.She has established an UK branch too in 1993 and UK gov had passed a motion regarding it in presence of Sonia Gandhi.
3.She also Visited USA in 1993 for work regarding Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. What was it? I didn’t found!

4. In same year 1993, Soros launched Open Society Foundation in New York!
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